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2021 Pirates Virtual Auditions Are Now Open!

Has it been your dream to be a cheerleader/dancer for a professional sports team? Now is your chance! The Massachusetts Pirates are opening up VIRTUAL auditions for the 2021 Cheer Squad. To audition, please submit the quick application below, including your resume, headshot and 1-minute dance video. Your application may also be sent to contact@masspiratesfootball.com directly. We look forward to reviewing your auditions, good luck! 

Perks of the Job:

  • Paid Contract
  • Sponsorship Benefits
  • Television Exposure


For more information, please click here.

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

Honors For Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

On the Instagram account (dolphinscheer) for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders the following honors were posted:

Cheer Katie was chosen as “Veteran of the Year–2019-20. Her response,

“I know it’s cliche to say “I can’t thank you enough,” but I truly can’t. I auditioned for the Dolphins because I wanted to dance for a living and at that point, I had already gotten so many “no’s” at every audition, I can’t even imagine how different my life would’ve been if the Dolphins wasn’t my first “yes.” So when I say “I can’t thank you enough” I truly mean it in every way.”

Cheer Yelina was chosen as “Rookie of the Year–2019-20. Her response,

“What an incredible year it has been being a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader! Through all the uncertain times this has always brought me the most joy. I’ve loved the sisterhood, fans, performances, military tours, late night practices, long drives to Davie and even rehearsing my dances in the bathroom stalls at work. It has been the most rewarding and humbling experience and I am beyond thrilled to receive the Miami Dolphins Cheerleader “Rookie of the Year” award for the 2019-2020 year. Thank you to my amazing coaching staff and teammates for their unwavering support, love and encouragement”.
Congratulations ladies.

Katie, Veteran of the Year 2019-20

Yerina, Rookie of the Year 2019-20

Photos courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.


This Dance Routine will Have You Feeling Yourself!

Editor’s note: Here’s a message and a nice little video from our friends over at Sideline Prep.

First, I hope you and your family are safe, healthy and happy 🙂

Second, we know that most in person dance studios and classes are still closed for the moment…

BUT, of course, we have your back! Here is an exhilarating routine from our Annual Pro Cheer Workshop we held in January! Former Richmond Roughriders Director, Kelly Allen, taught a APFL style dance that had everyone feeling themselves!

Take advantage of this routine! Here’s what the video includes:

  • Routine with music from the front
  • Routine with counts
  • Routine with music from the back

What better way to help you along your Pro Cheer journey than learning an actual PRO dance from the PRO’s themselves?!

We want to see you kill this routine!

Post this routine on Instagram to be featured on our IG stories! All you have to do is tag us @sidelineprep and add the hashtags #procheerprep #spprocheerworkshop #sidelineprep to your video!

To get more videos like this, join our Prep to Pro Cheer and Dance Facebook Group for weekly dance videos and LIVE virtual classes!

We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

Cheers & Love,


CEO & President, Sideline Prep

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

CheeRing International Has An Opportunity For You!

Our friends over at Sideline Prep have passed along some information regarding an exciting opportunity.

Ever thought about working in a different country? Have a passion for dance? Love making a difference in children’s lives?

If you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions, let’s take your career to the next level!

CheeRing International is an organization that is located in Tokyo, Japan and they are looking to add passionate people to their team. You’ll be able to experience the Japanese culture while doing what you love… dancing, cheering and inspiring others through movement!

By the way, CheeRing International is the same company that we have partnered with for over six years to launch our Sideline Prep – Japan Division!

If you’re interested in this life changing experience? Please send them an email and your resume to at maki@cheering.jp

They are looking for an enthusiastic dance teacher to foster and facilitate the intellectual and social development of the children. Teaching dance in English includes planning, implementing and assessing lessons. You will teach children with patience and creativity. Dance Teacher duties include designing a teaching plan and using activities and instructional methods to motivate children.


  • Design and follow a complete teaching plan
  • Teach alphabet and numeracy (in English) along with personal, social and emotional skills
  • Organize learning material and resources
  • Use a variety of activities and instructional methods (songs, stories, media, structured games, basic movements etc) to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities
  • Maintain an open line of communication with students and provide appropriate information
  • Assess students performance and progress to ensure they are mastering the skills on regular basis
  • Monitor children’s interactions and nurture cooperation and sharing
  • Cooperate with administration staff
  • Create fun choreography
  • Follow and comply with teaching standards and safety regulations


  • Proven working experience as a Dance Teacher, Dance Teacher Assistant or Teacher Aide
  • Excellent knowledge of child development and latest education theories and practices
  • Creative and artistic teaching abilities
  • Teaching and organization skills
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Strong communication skills
  • Keep abreast with the latest trends and best practices
  • Passion for dance
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to adapt to last minute changes
  • BS degree in education or relevant work experience

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please be sure to contact Maki via email with your resume at maki@cheering.jp

Best of luck!

Cheers & Love,


CEO & President, Sideline Prep

11-year Professional Cheerleader/Dancer for the NFL/NBA

8-year Washington Redskins Cheerleader – 4-year Captain, Pro Bowl Cheerleader, 2-time Swimsuit Cover Model, 3-time Director’s Choice Award Recipient, 2-time Outstanding Leadership & Choreography Award Recipient, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

3-year Washington Wizard Girl, 2-year Captain, 2-time Most Valuable Wizard Girl Recipient, Wizard Girl Community StarFormer In-Arena Host, Washington Wizards – NBA & Washington Mystics – WNBA

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Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day