2021 NFL Cheerleader Audition Dates


It’s officially audition season and for those prospective NFL cheerleaders, it is time to start preparing and organizing for the upcoming auditions.  Check back here or click on the NFL auditions link at the side of the page for an updated listing.

UPDATE:  Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Football Team.

NFL Cheerleading Squads (2021)

Arizona Cardinals:  June 18.  [Details]
Atlanta Falcons:  June 12.  [Details]
Baltimore Ravens:  April 13.  [Details]
Carolina Panthers:  May 9.  [Details]
Cincinnati Bengals:  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys:   May, 2.  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers:  [Details]
Denver Broncos:  March 24.  [Details]
Detroit Lions:  [Details]
Houston Texans:  June 3.  [Details]
Indianapolis Colts:  April 21.  [Details]
Jacksonville Jaguars:  June 6.  [Details]
Kansas City Chiefs:  April 9.  [Details]
Las Vegas Raiders:  [Details]
Los Angeles Chargers:   [Details]
Los Angeles Rams:  [Details]
Miami Dolphins:  April 30.  [Details]
Minnesota Vikings:  [Details]
New England Patriots:  May 1.  [Details]
New Orleans Saints:  [Details]
New York Jets:  [Details]
Philadelphia Eagles:  April 20.  [Details]
San Francisco 49ers:  [Details]
Seattle Seahawks:  May 18.  [Details]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  May, 22.  [Details]
Tennessee Titans:  April 26.  [Details]
Washington Football Team:  May 8.  [Details]