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TTC Halloween countdown – Jena’s line jumps right off the screen

Tennessee Captain Jena sports her football costume last Sunday

Tennessee Captain Jena sports her football costume last Sunday

When I heard that sixth year Tennessee Titans Cheerleader and line captain Jena was going to be sporting a “football costume” last Sunday during the game against the Texans at LP Field, I visualized something a bit poofy. Maybe not Violet Beauregarde in Willie Wonka poofy, but something definitely inflatable. But instead, Jena’s and her mom’s creative creation featured a brown corset with white laces, and a “Laces Out” cap, referencing Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

In fact there was a bit of a movie theme throughout Jena’s line. There was a bit of Top Gun,What’s Love Got to Do With It, Backdraft, Steamboat Willie‘s best girl, Captain America, and I Dream of Jeannie. Okay, there has not been a Jeannie feature movie yet, but it most certainly is inevitable.

Here are some of the Halloween finery of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders, as we go line by line this week, counting down to trick or treat day:







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Photos of the Year – December 26

Between Christmas and New Year’s we are showcasing the year’s favorite photos from our contributors.

Of the photos of 2013, this is my favorite. It is easy to be enamored with “hair-tography” but I like this photo of Titans Cheerleader Evony from their Halloween game because the hair, expression, body language, and costume all exemplify super-hero (hence, an Ultimate Cheerleader) to me. Plus Evony is a blast to photograph on the sidelines in general, and despite her “Robin” costume, she is nobody’s sidekick. Evony is a super-hero in her own right.

Thanks to all the cheer directors, cheerleaders, dancers, and media people who went out of their way to help me out in 2013!

Happy Halloween!

Allen American Ice Angels

Allen American Ice Angels

NY Jets Flight Crew

NY Jets Flight Crew

Dallas Mavericks Dancers

Dallas Mavericks Dancers

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Seattle Sea Gals

Seattle Sea Gals

Oakland Raiderettes

Oakland Raiderettes

Carolina Panthers TopCats

Carolina Panthers TopCats

Bucs Cheerleaders Costume Contest

This year, your favorite Buccaneers cheerleaders are helping  celebrate Halloween by competing in their very first Buccaneers Cheerleaders Halloween Group Costume Contest! Led by othe four captains, Ashlee, Cassie, Kasey and Kendell, the squad was split up into groups and instructed to come up with their idea for the best group costume.

“The ladies are thrilled to be participating in the team’s Halloween-themed efforts and went all out in coordinating their group costumes,” said Cheerleading Manager Melissa Fitzgerald. “I am always amazed at how innovative they can be. Hopefully, the fans have a chance to see the squad’s fun and competitive side, as they look to earn their votes for Best Group Costume.”

Check out all the photos here.

Hurry, you’ve only got till Friday to vote.

The good, the bad, and the scary! Halloween tales from the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders annual Halloween costume game is not only a favorite event for the Titans Cheerleaders, but memories of a couple of TTC rookies demonstrate it can be inspiring for aspiring cheerleaders when they attended games when they were younger. “This game is when I thought, ‘I HAVE TO BE ONE OF THOSE,’ because (alumni TTC) Kerry was a police officer, and she is my role model!” rookie Brittni recalled. “I had to try out for Titans. Later Kerry was my UCA director; I always thought she was the coolest in the world. She could be the President!”

Rookie Hannah also shared her memories of Halloween games from her youth. “This is my favorite game!” Hannah exclaimed. “I have a picture when I was younger with Erica in her Halloween costume. And I had braces and was really awkward, I was in like 7th grade.”

Zombie T-Rac still finds a way to get in the way of the Cheerleaders

Before the game, the Titans Cheerleaders recalled some of their own childhood Halloween memories. Katy explained her neighborhood’s “Boo-ing” that would occur each October. “You take a sack of candy, with a big BOO note, that you have been booed by ghouls and goblins,” Katy explained. Kind of like a chain letter filled with candy, the Boo would be anonymously left at the front door after ringing the door bell, and the note would say to BOO three others the same way. “So when the doorbell would ring, you would wonder if you would be ‘booed,’” Katy explained.

Stormi recalled a year her mom forgot to get her a costume, so ingenious mom took the previous year’s princess costume, combined it with the year before that’s mouse costume, and, voila, “Princess Mouse” costume was born!

UltimateCheerleaders asked the Titans Cheerleaders to answer these Halloween-related questions:

– Favorite Childhood costume; and did you want to wear it other places than just Halloween?

– Favorite type of treat to find in your treat bag?

LEAST Favorite type of treat to find in your treat bag?

– Memorable time someone played a trick to scare you (or you scared someone else)

– Most irrational fear (or, a room filled with ____ would make me shriek louder than LP Field after a Titans TD)

Now, there must be some regional differences in candy formulae. Some Titans Cheerleaders listed Milk Duds as their least favorite treat. Well, they must have different Milk Duds in Nashville, because where I am from, they are delectable morsels of infinite deliciousity.

Thanks Titans Cheerleaders for getting into the Halloween spirit! Here are the Halloween edition TTC!

Yalea was 'Esmeralda'


Favorite Childhood Costume: A princess costume (did you want to wear it everywhere?) OF COURSE! My mom made me this princess costume and I would not take it off, I was always wearing it. And I would invite people over for fake parties at my house. It fell apart eventually, because I wore it all the time.

Favorite treats: Candy corn pumpkin

LEAST favorite treat: Taffy

Memorable time tricked into being scared or tricking someone else: My friend in college called me from unknown number at 1 in the morning, and I answered the phone and it was just a static noise. I had a window that faced outside to my backyard, then all of sudden I heard some scratching on the window, and my friend had a Michael Myers mask on. I freaked out! I thought, that took some thought! (Did you live on the first floor?) Yes, I lived on the first, floor, (laughs), higher floors be even scarier. Friday the 13th freaks me out, and he knew it.

Most Irrational Fear: Spiders..ah!

Yalea considered going with Super Mario, but made a good choice



Favorite Childhood Costume: A gypsy! (did you want to wear it everywhere?) Yes, I loved the costume so much I slept in it.

Favorite treats: 100 Grand!

LEAST favorite treat: Popcorn ball (also not a fan of Reese’s)

Memorable time tricked into being scared or tricking someone else: My brother hid in my closet with a scary mask

Most Irrational Fear: Snakes!

Anne P as a sailor girl

Anne P

Favorite Childhood Costume: Minnie Mouse

Favorite treats: Gummy bears

LEAST favorite treat: Candy corn

Memorable time tricked into being scared or tricking someone else: My teammates put a plastic spider on my locker

Most Irrational Fear: A room filled with non-Titans fans…and spiders

Anne P likes to have a military theme



Favorite Childhood Costume: Jasmine! I wore it around the house

Favorite treats: Twix

LEAST favorite treat: Candy corn

Memorable time tricked into being scared or tricking someone else: Senior year…a guy scared me with a “Jason” mask

Most Irrational Fear: Snakes

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Photo of the Day – October 31

Happy Halloween! Under that mask, I suspect Robin could well be Titans Cheerleader Evony

Photo of the Day – October 30

Peace out! Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Heather during the Halloween costume game

Photo of the Day – October 29

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Kristen and Whitney during their Halloween costume game

TopCats Treat Us to Halloween Memories

TopCat Captain Courtney can't mask that she adores candy corn

The October 30th home game against the Vikings was filled with tricks and treats for the TopCats, the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders. First, it must have felt like a trick to practice at 8 am in temps barely above freezing, but it was a treat that game time was sunny and generally warm enough not to shiver. Then the TopCats were treated to a last minute rally, as Cam Newton completed a 44-yard pass on fourth and 15, which, at worst, certainly would allow a Panthers field goal to tie the game. However, the Panthers missed the 31-yard field goal, which felt like a very mean trick to the enthusiastic Panther fans. TopCats coordinator/choreographer Richelle Grant felt like the game was a bad dream that certainly she would awaken from.

But the one thing Carolina fans can count on is that they will always be treated to seeing the great performances by the TopCats. Certainly if you have seen their leg kicks, you would know any of them would have nailed a 31-yard field goal.

Though not exactly scary, having that Elvis sneak up behind you is, well, creepy

And to help us get into the holiday spirit, the TopCats graciously shared some Halloween memories. They note their favorite and least favorite Halloween “treats” that they found in their trick-or-treat bags, and certainly they know what not to hand out: raisins, whoppers, dots. But perhaps Lindsey is mistaken, listing Milk Duds as her least favorite, since Milk Duds are probably the most delectable foodstuff ever concocted. Perhaps Lindsey confused them with Mounds. Read on to learn about the TopCats candy preferences, scary movies, favorite costumes, and embarrassing scary moments, which will teach us that if gorilla masks must be used, please use them responsibly!

Laura B

Laura B:
First Costume: Parrot
Favorite Childhood Costume: Ninja Turtle
Favorite Thing to Get as a Treat: Snickers
Least Favorite Thing to Get in Your Bag: Dots


First Costume: A Smurf
Favorite Childhood Costume: Dumbo the elephant
Favorite Thing to Get as a Treat: Chocolate covered strawberries
Least Favorite Thing to Get in Your Bag: Anything with peanuts
Favorite Scary Movie?: The Exorcist
Any embarrassing stories of you scaring someone or someone scaring you?: My brother hid in my linen closet wearing a monkey suit and handed me the iron.
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Special report: The cheerleader who wore a hot dog costume

By Matt Vensel
Baltimore Sun
March 7, 2011

I only do hard-hitting journalism here at Baltimore Sports Blitz, and I have a smashing special report from Ravens cheerleader tryouts on Sunday.

Remember the cheerleader who wore a hot dog costume at M&T Bank Stadium last fall while her teammates celebrated Halloween by dressing as sexy cowgirls and nurses and things like that?

Well, the readers of my old blog certainly do. Brian Krista, the images editor at b, snapped a photo of a Ravens cheerleader dressed as a sausage in October. It became a photo caption challenge sensation, and the post was picked up by SI.com’s Hot Clicks after I sent out a shameless plug via email.

We all wondered how this poor girl got stuck with the hot dog costume, and given the opportunity to interview Ravens cheerleaders at the Merritt Downtown Athletic Club on Sunday, I went after the answers you all demanded.

I asked Jaime A., a six-year veteran, for the inside scoop on Stephanie P., who didn’t try out for the team this year (Jaime said it was because of a long commute from out of state, but I don’t know if I’m buying it).

“There was bad publicity on that apparently, that it was the worst Halloween costume ever,” Jaime said.

I stopped her and pointed out that my post was the genesis.

“Oh, was that you?” Jaime said with a laugh. “No, she was the biggest champ ever. We love Stephanie. The funny story with that is that at camp, we do — not hazing — but funny, little skits and stuff to make the rookies more comfortable. So my friend Andrea and I decided to make Stephanie sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song in front of the whole team.

“And she did the best job of it at the end. She did the whole skit and yelled, ‘Go meat!’ So we were like Stephanie would be perfect for the hot dog costume. And she was like, ‘I’ll do it! I’ll do it!'”

I pointed out that in the photo, Stephanie looked totally miserable.
“I know! Her face was …” she said, stopping to make a sad face. “But Stephanie was totally awesome. She was a trooper.”

So for those who were wondering, here you go. It’s not the most exciting story, but at least we now have clarity.

Halloween with the Clippers Spirit

The Los Angeles Clippers had a home game on Halloween, so I trotted over there to see what the Spirit Dance Team had planned for the holiday. Those girls never disappoint me, and Halloween was no exception! Click here for bunches of photos from the game.

Brittany was a sailor girl

Nicole was a German girl

Teresa as a Ninja Turtle and Bianca as a toy soldier

Andi as a rocker chick

Chelsea as a race car driver

Jocelyn as Cat Woman and Rhea as Lady Gaga

Kellie dressed as a cupcake

The dancers handed out candy before the game

Recee did an on-camera spot with some kids before the game

During the game, the Spirit Dancers tore it up as usual

Best of all, this time, I got VIDEO! Woohoo!
(Actually, I got two videos, but like a moron, I went to the wrong side of the court for one of them…)

The Clippers Jr. Jam also performed in their Halloween costumes

Good times!

The dancers weren’t the only ones getting into the holiday. Clippers Forward Ryan Gomes showed off his own Halloween spirit. (I totally got in trouble for taking this photo because I had my flash on and you’re not supposed to do that during the game. Sorry! I forgot! I’m human, ok?)

I won’t do it again.

But I’m glad I did it that time.
Mmwahahahahahaha ha ha ha….

Halloween Frights and Sights

When the Raiders come to town, it’s always a freak show…and not because it’s the day after Halloween.  Raider fans typically paint their faces silver and black, wear funny outfits and act strangely.  I know. I used to be one…let me clarify…I used to be a Raider season ticket holder.  So, I am well aware of the oddities that usually accompany a visit from the Raiders, like the time I witnessed a Raider fan fighting a Charger fan in the parking lot…now, here’s the strange part…the Charger fan somehow extricates himself from the fracas and another Raider fan jumps in and takes his place in the fight.  Now, there are two Raider fans fighting each other.  Strange, but true.

Unfortunately for fans of a competitive fight, there was no such excitement on the field this past Sunday, where the Chargers defeated the Raiders, 24 – 16.  The final score was somewhat deceiving in that the Raiders never really threatened the Chargers after giving up a 21 – 10 halftime lead.

Now let us turn our attention to the real reason why we are all here…the Charger Girls in Halloween costumes!  A Halloween game is one of the most eagerly anticipated because of those sexy outfits.  Our Arizona Cardinals Correspondent, Max, made the trek out west to experience the festivities in person…even though there was Cardinals game on the same day.  Now you know this must be a special event to do that.  And it really is, because the Charger Girls go all out in dressing up for Halloween.




Since this was a special week, I decided to stay the entire game and photograph all of the girls for your benefit.  So, this week, I am going to do something different and show the girls and their Line Captain in the order that they appeared before my section.  But, before we get to that, let me start off this week by introducing my choice for Charger Girl of the Day, Line Captain Marlina.





Let’s start off our parade of costumed Charger Girls with Marisa’s line: Victoria, Nicole M., Brittany W., Marisa, Carly S., Michelle, and Natalie.








And let’s introduce Tonya’s line next: Brittany R., Vanesa, Andrea, Line Captain Tonya, Kimberly, Emily and Ashley.







Up next, Ashlie’s line: Carly N., Casie, Nicole L., Line Captain Ashlie, Belinda, Heather, and Tiffany.  By the way, I think Ashlie looks rather stunning as a Brunette.








And last but not least, Marlina’s line:  Katie, Lauren, Marlina, Jacquelyn, Melanie, and Giselle.







This loss to the Chargers, the thirteenth straight, must be frightening for Raider fans.  Let’s face it.  The Raiders are an organization in disarray, without the leadership or guidance to compete at the highest levels in the NFL.  And that’s a shame, because they were one of the flagship teams of the old AFL and Al Davis was instrumental in the merger with the NFL.  Unfortunately, the game has passed him by.

For Charger fans, we have the Charger Girls, who sustained us during our lean years.  And on this day, the Charger Girls, not play the on the field, were the sight to see. If you weren’t there, you missed something special.

To see more Charger Girl photos, please visit my blog: TheHottestDanceTeam.wordpress.com