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10th Season Anniversary Grizzlies Dance Team Reunion

Members of the Grizzlies Dance Team and Grizz Girls gathered for a special performance at FedExForum on February 13th.

2010-11 Grizz Girls Finals

Kristin Long
Memphis Grizzlies
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It’s official; the 2010-11 Grizz Girls have been selected. On Sunday, July 18 the final audition for the Grizz Girls took place at the Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica. The night was full of twists and turns as the final 30 girls gave it their all on stage to make their potential dream of becoming a Grizz Girl come true.

The process for selecting the 2010-11 Grizz Girls began at Rhodes College July 10. After the first cut, the 30 finalists spent a week at Boot Camp to help prepare them for the finals. The try out process was different and more challenging this year for the aspiring dancers.

“This year was definitely challenging because we had a week long boot camp,” said new Grizz Girl Melissa H. “We met up almost every night, learned choreography and got to mingle with the girls. It was a good experience, but it was definitely challenging and worth it.”

As for the turnout of girls this year, the returning fourth season head choreographer Tamara Moore was pleased.

“The turn out on talent definitely far exceeded my expectations especially compared to last year,” Moore Said. “We had high expectations and we felt that they were met and it was really hard to pick out the final girls.”

After a struggling week of Boot Camp the girls were back to give it their last try. With a packed crowd of screaming fans in the Millennium Theater at the Gold Strike Casino Resort cheering the ladies on, the night started off with a group dance by all the 30 finalists. After the group of finalists performed it was time for the girls to split off into groups of three for their last shot making the final cut.

Next up for the night was a special dance performance by the Grizzlies Grannies & Grandpas. The audience then got a surprise visit from Grizz as the judges met for a half hour to decide the final list. Hearts were pounding anticipating the final decision on who would be the Grizz Girls for the 2010-11 season.

Once results were in, the top 20 girls were announced on stage and presented flowers. Some familiar faces will be returning the 2010-11 Grizz Girls squad, but there will be new faces as well. There are nine veterans returning to the squad and 11 new girls joining them this upcoming season. Pure joy was on each of the girls’ faces as they stood together as a new squad. The hard work and dedication paid off for those final 20 girls as they made their dream come true.

“I think becoming a Grizz Girl will definitely make me personally just a happier being,” said Melissa H. with a huge smile on her face after her name was announced on the final list. “With the economy being the way it was last year I had a couple of downs. Now with me being on the team I can personally enjoy life more and I think it will make me become a stronger person. I am a stronger dancer now. I will get to network, meet people and be a positive influence in the city. That’s a great thing.”

Veteran Grizz Girl Jenn who is coming up on her sixth season with the Grizz Girl squad is excited to get back to the fans at FedExForum.

“The past few seasons we have had some really amazing fans,” said Jenn. “From the two guys that come dressed up yelling through the megaphone every single game nonstop to ticket holders from the first day. We have great fans. I have made some good friendships out of fans with the Grizzlies.”

The Grizz fans have something to look forward to with all the new talent the 2010-11 Grizz Girls has along with the returning fan favorites.

“They (the fans) can look forward to some great talent about and I am looking forward to just starting some new energy out on the court,” said Moore. “I think they (Grizz Girls) will come out strong and I think the fans are going to enjoy it.”

With the great talent, coaching and spirit that was on hand for the finals it will be exciting to see what the new 2010-11 Grizz Girls will bring to the court this season.

Grizz Girls Finalists Announced


Memphis Grizzlies: Local dancers attended open auditions at Rhodes College on July 10 in hopes of advancing to the Grizz Girls Finals on July 18 and a spot on the 2010-11 Grizz Girls presented by Gold Strike Casino Resort-Tunica. Click here for behind-the-scenes video and photos.

Next up for the finalists will be Boot Camp next week followed by The Finals on July 18.

2009-10 Grizz Girls

The Memphis Grizzlies website has at long last been updated with profiles and info for the 2009-10 Grizz Girls dance team. Click here to see what’s new!

Row 1 (l to r): Eunitta, Jackie, Anya, Jenn, Minnie.
Row 2 (l to r): Jenn, Linneia, Jessie, Amber.
Row 3 (l to r): LaMescia, Tabitha, Kristin.
Row 4 (l to r): Tiara, Cassie, Jessica, Susana, Kasie, Lauren

Grizz Girls in Action

Click here for a few photos of the Memphis Grizzlies dance team on game day.