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Gotham City Cheerleaders Calendar Release is This Friday

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

Port Chester Cheerleader Lives Dream With Gotham City Cheer Team

by Danny LoPriore
Port Chester Daily Voice
August 22, 2013

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. – Shana Fogz has found a way to mix business with pleasure, pursuing her professional career in business management while dancing for the New York City-based Gotham City Cheerleaders.

Shana, a native New Yorker and Port Chester resident, is currently a business applications manager for a major beer company based in New York and has been in the field for more than nine years. When out of the office, Shana is a veteran member of the Gotham City Cheer team, the unofficial cheer squad for the New York Giants.

“As a young girl I took many different styles of dance classes, but found that my true passion was cheerleading, which I did for 10 years,” she said. “After college, I hung up my pom poms and entered into the business world to focus on my career.”

Shana found her professional work stimulating, but missed the excitement of performing for crowds and dancing. That’s when she found Gotham City.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders are a team of professional dancers dedicated to sports entertainment and the New York Giants. The team will host its first annual swimsuit calendar release on Sept. 6 at M1-5 Lounge in Manhattan.

“A few years into my career, I realized something was missing in my life, which was my love of performing for a crowd,”Shana said. “I auditioned for an National Football League cheerleading team but needed more dance experience. Cheerleading for the NFL is completely different from high school and college cheerleading because it’s dance based instead of stiff movements and stunts.”

Challenged to improve her dance ability, Shana decided to take weekly dance lessons to prepare another shot at professional cheerleading. She’s been a member of the Gotham City team for several years.

“All of the ladies on our team are intelligent, well spoken, talented, and passionate about dance,” Shana said. “It’s a great honor to be a part of a team that supports the New York Giants. Each woman works hard to maintain her position on the team by attending practices twice a week, participating in charity events, and performing at various events around the tri-state area.”

Shana said the Gotham girls work hard to stay active and healthy by eating clean and working out almost every day.

“We must have strong, healthy bodies in order to keep up with the dance routines we have to perform for our spectators,” she said. “With the Super Bowl being held at Metlife Stadium this season, and having our very first calendar released in the next month, this is sure to be our most promising year yet.”

Part of the proceeds of the Gotham calendar sales will be donated to Superstorm Sandy victims in the New York City area.
“It’s only right that we give that back to the fans and local businesses that have helped us make this calendar a reality,” said Ana De Villegas, executive director of the GCC and former Washington Redskins Cheerleader.

Familiar Faces in New Places

This is more of a Sasha thing, but I’ve noticed a few ladies who switched teams earlier this year, and thought I’d give them a little acknowledgment.


Philadelphia Wings Angel Kacey is now on the New York Jets Flight Crew


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Kate is now a Gotham City Cheerleader


Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (and Miss Pennsylvania USA) LauRen is now a Charlotte Lady Cat

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Demi is now on a Minnesota Timberwolves Dancer


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Jonique is now a Washington Wizards Girl


Philadelphia Soulmate Kristina is now a member of the Gotham City Cheerleaders Ref Squad

If you know someone else who switched teams, let us know.

Greenburgh Cheerleader Looks Ahead To Career In Medicine

by Danny LoPriore
Greenburgh Daily Voice
August 22, 2013

GREENBURGH. N.Y. – Cherelle Alyssia Marie, who has been a cheerleader since her elementary school days, achieved one of her dreams this summer by making the New York-area Gotham City Cheerleaders.

While Cherelle has enjoyed success as an entertainer, dancer and cheerleader, the Greenburgh resident’s long-range plans inlcude a career in medicine. She graduated Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale then Pleasantville’s Pace University with a degree in biology.

“My professional goal is to become a physician,” Cherelle said. “I plan on applying to medical school in June 2014 and beginning in fall 2015. Currently, I am preparing for the MCAT (medical school entrance test). I’ve had a dream of being a cheerleader since elementary school. ”

The Gotham City Cheerleaders are a team of professional dancers dedicated to sports entertainment and the New York Giants. The team will host its first annual swimsuit calendar release Sept. 6 at M1-5 Lounge in Manhattan.

Part of the proceeds of the Gotham calendar sales will be donated to Superstorm Sandy victims in the New York City area.

“New York has been through a lot this past year, and we intend on highlighting the beautiful sites and talent that make up our classic state,” said Ana De Villegas, executive director of the Gotham City Cheerleaders and former Washington Redskins cheerleader. “It’s only right that we give that back to the fans and local businesses that have helped us make this calendar a reality.”

Cherelle started cheering as a young girl and it has remained a passion of hers since.

“I first became a cheerleader while attending St. Barnabas Elementary School in Yonkers,” Cherelle said. “I was a new student to the school and I decided to try cheerleading as a way to make friends and excel physically. I ended up falling in love with the sport and I continued cheerleading during high school.”

Cherelle said she made the Gotham team through auditions but underwent an intense boot camp before becoming an official member.

“The (Gotham Cheerleaders) appears at every home-game tailgate of the New York Giants,” Cherelle said. “We participate in numerous promotional appearances, including charity and sponsorship events. The team also holds two boot camp/dance rehearsals each week.”

While Cherelle cheered, she also dedicated herself to her studies, which led to a degree in biology at Pace, from where she graduated this spring. While at Pace, she participated in a research program that may be useful in revealing heart failure.

“The research was cardiovascular based and focused on determining if enzymes, such as acetylcholinesterase can be used as markers for heart failure,” Cherelle said. “Basically, we wanted to see if a increase or decrease in an enzyme could possibly be used as an early determinant for the onset of heart failure.”

Cherelle has been able to handle her love of dance performance and her studies while grabbing some television time. She was featured on an MTV show called “Girl Get Your Mind Right.” The show is hosted by Tionna Smalls, a relationship expert/ life coach. Each episode highlights a specific girl and her dating “issue.”

“The 30-minute episode featured myself, my home, and short appearances by my cousin and childhood best friend.” Cherelle said “My episode aired on May 22.”

Cherelle also coaches her sister’s youth cheerleading team at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in Elmsford.

“I’ve spent the last three school years as the head coach and I can proudly say that the team placed first at our very first cheerleading competition in January 2012 at Cardinal Spellman High School in Bronx,” Cherelle said.

She also helped found the Eta Tau chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority at Pace University. The sorority now boasts more than 40 members since its inception in 2011.

While prepping for the MCATs, Cherelle will be spending the next 11 months as a member of AmeriCorps working at Open Door Health Center in Ossining as a part of the Community Health Corps program.

“I feel as though (AmeriCorps) will be a great experience to have prior to beginning medical school,” she said.

And just one more part of a well-rounded life that gives Cherelle good reason to cheer.

Gotham City Cheerleaders Calendar Release Party is September 6th

New York Giants fans get a cheerleading swimsuit calendar, without having cheerleaders

For the first time in sports entertainment history, New York cheerleaders have put together a stunning NFL-style swimsuit calendar that is targeted towards the fans of the team they support, but who have no official cheerleaders: The New York Giants.

Entering their 3rd season as the “unofficial” dancers of the Giants, the Gotham City Cheerleaders (GCC) have produced a 12-month pin up calendar for the 2013-2014 football season titled, ALL IN, NEW YORK. The calendar takes an editorial style spin to the paradise-like locations fans have always seen with most NFL cheer calendars.

“We are dedicating this season to our fans and our city. New York has been through a lot this past year, and we intend on highlighting the beautiful sites and talent that make up our classic state,” said Ana De Villegas, Executive Director of the GCC and former Washington Redskins Cheerleader. “Everyone that has worked on this project believes in our team and sees the passion and resiliency of the woman chosen to represent us. It’s only right that we give that back to the fans and local businesses that have helped us make this calendar a reality.”

Part of the proceeds of the calendar sales will be donated to Sandy victims in an effort to continue to support those that are still recovering from the tremendous impact of the storm. Last year, the GCC also donated to the American Red Cross Sandy Fund.

“New York is a city that remains unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. It is full of opportunity and passion, which is why we chose our city as the backdrop to our first calendar. Our outlook was sophistication and class, which I think we accomplished in each shot selected for the final product,” explains Christie Artinger, Director of the GCC’s promotional team, the Ref Squad. “We as a team are proud to provide this memento to our fans and use this as an impactful avenue to raise money for a commendable cause.” Ms. Artinger was a former San Diego Chargers and NY Jets Cheerleader before joining the GCC team of directors.

The GCC releases their 2013-2014 ALL IN, NEW YORK Swimsuit Calendar on Friday, September 6, 2013 at M1-5 Lounge in Tribeca from 6 pm-10 pm. They will perform various routines and showcase some of their featured swimsuits from various designers. Tickets are open to the public and can be purchased on the GCC site: www.nyunofficials.com/CalendarPremiere

The Gotham City Cheerleaders are returning from a two month international performance on the set of Sony Max for the India Premiere Cricket League. Since their launch in the Fall of 2011, the GCC have performed on CBS, FOX5, The Wendy Williams Show, Telemundo, TrueTV, and were also featured in Sean Paul’s music video, “She Doesn’t Mind”, to name a few.

Photo of the Day – August 1

2012 rehersal – A Gotham City Cheerleader

Gotham City Cheerleaders on the Atlanta Skybridge

There is a skybridge that connects the Marriott (where the P-R-O Convention was held this year) and the Hilton (where it was held previously). Early on Sunday, before the convention resumed a few of the Gotham City Cheerleaders were kind enough to pose for me there.

The NY Giants don’t have cheerleaders, yet. The Gotham City Cheerleaders are working from the outside to create a groundswell of support, so that the team will finally join the 21st Century and institute a squad.





[GCC Skybridge Gallery]

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

The P-R-O Convention and The 23-Hour Bus Ride

Gotham City Cheerleaders BriAnna and Natalie live in Binghampton, New York. To save some money they decided to take take the bus rather than fly. Amazingly, there is an actual Greyhound bus that runs from Atlanta to Binghampton, but the journey is 23 hours long! That is some dedication

Gotham City Cheerleaders Announce Audition Dates

Big year ahead for the GCC, including their first ever calendar shoot!

[Audition Registration]

[Workshop Registration]

Gotham City Cheerleaders Head to India This Wednesday

From New York to Mumbai The Gotham City Cheerleaders will be performing for 2 months in India on set of the IPL’s sports show “Extra Innings”

New York, New York, March 25, 2013 — For the first time in sports entertainment history, New York cheerleaders will travel to Mumbai, India to perform during the country’s two month cricket season. Their goal is to bring the glamour, talent and professional cheerleading and dance experience of traditional American football to the centuries old game of cricket.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders (GCC) will perform on the popular sports network of the Set Max channel, Extraa Innings, an ESPN-type of sports coverage including game analysis, commentary, celebrity appearances and of course, professional cheerleading. The GCC will be performing on set as well as at various promotional locations, including the stadium, community outreach projects and marketing appearances in an effort to continue to build the brand of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the second largest sports brand on the globe.

In the past, the IPL experience has been extended to NFL cheerleaders such as the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. This year paves the way for New York City to travel abroad and continue to spread the prestigious tradition of American cheerleading to the IPL’s cricket season.

“Having the opportunity to follow the steps of fellow pro cheer teams to represent the class and glamour that American cheerleaders bring to sports entertainment is a true compliment. We are honored have been selected out of hundreds of talented woman in our industry and we will represent our team, our city and the cheer world with pride, while bringing to Mumbai the powerful and unique talent found in NYC,” said GCC 2 year veteran, Sarah Friedson.

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

Photo of the Day – March 20

A Gotham City Cheerleader

Gotham City Cheerleaders Present Mission: Cheerleader

[Mission: Cheerleader Registration Info]

Photo of the Day – January 3

A Gotham City Cheerleader

Gotham City Cheerleaders Donate to Red Cross

The Gotham City Cheerleaders has teamed up to raise funds for those affected by hurricane Sandy and has so far donated One Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($1,700.00) to the American Red Cross. The GCC will hold their final fundraiser at their tailgate party on Sunday, December 9, 2012 when the Giants play the Saints at MetLife Stadium. The event will take place at Redd’s Restaurant where fans can also stay to watch the game or get shuttled to MetLife.

The Gotham City Cheerleaders host regular tailgate parties at Redd’s Restaurant located on Washington Ave. all season. Redd’s has been a major supporter of the GCC and their recent efforts to help local charities. Every home game appearance since the storm, have been dedicated to raising funds and helping organize volunteer efforts to help those affected by Super Storm Sandy.

The GCC presented the American Red Cross with a donation of $1,700.00 to kick-off the fundraising efforts during the pre-game party versus the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

The GCC participates in various community-conscious events year round and has recently focused their efforts to Sandy relief-related events. They also attended the Restore the Shore alumni football game on November 25, 2012 at Belleville High School that helped raise over $2,000.00 for families of the Belleville and Nutley communities in New Jersey.

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

The Gotham City Cheerleaders

Gotham City Cheerleaders outside MetLife Stadium

The New York Giants don’t have Cheerleaders…not officially.

But Giants fans, both young and old, have taken an immediate liking to the Gotham City Cheerleaders and their dream to become the Giants Official Cheerleaders.

And the GCC couldn’t have better leadership as they set forth in their quest to dance on the sidelines of MetLife Stadium..

The Gotham City Cheerleaders are under the direction of former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ana De Villegas, while the Ref Squad are coached by former San Diego Charger Girl and NY Jets Flight Crew member Christie Artinger.

For a variety of complicated legal reasons, I can’t show you any photos of Ana and Christie from my visit to North Jersey. But that’s okay, I’ll just dig into the Ultimate Cheerleaders archives.

Ana at FedEx Field in April of 2009.

Christie at Qualcomm Stadium in December of 2011

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