Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Cover Vote

Once again, it is that time of year to decide who will be on the cover of the Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine, swimsuit issue. 21 veterans from last year’s team were in contention, and thousands of photos were narrowed down to the top 12. Click here to vote for your three favorites.

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_AmyT2
Amy T.

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Chantal2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Claire2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Elizabeth2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Erica2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Holly2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Jenn2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Jenna2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Jinelle2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Lacey2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Melissa2

2015 DCC calendar cover vote_Robin2

Vote for your favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rookie Candidates

Preliminary auditions for the 2016-17 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders took place last weekend. The field has been narrowed down to 48 dancers who will join 23 members of last year’s team to complete for spots on this season’s team. Among their ranks are finalists and training camp candidates from previous years, alumni of numerous other NFL, NBA, NHL, and other pro and semi-pro teams, and one veteran who was a DCC back in 2011 and is determined to make a comeback.

As in past years, the Cowboys have opened it up for fans to vote for their favorite aspiring rookies. They haven’t stated it explicitly (probably because they aren’t advertising the vote yet) but I assume the dancer who gets the most votes will automatically win a spot in 2016 DCC training camp. Click here to watch each dancer perform the audition choreography and cast your vote for your top ten. (Or click here for the mobile version.) You can also use this link to watch the videos (it’s an easier way to view one right after another.)

2016 DCC Finalists

Vote For Your Favorite Colts Cheer Candidate!

March 26, 2016

The voting is open and you can NOW vote for your favorite Colts Cheer audition candidate!

Learn more about this year’s cheer candidates – where they are from, school, occupation and more!

2016 Colts candidate vote

This year’s candidates come from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and even all the way from Japan!

Vote today for who you think should make the team!

No clue how long the voting will be open or how the votes count. There are about 100 ladies in the running, including more than a dozen veterans from prior years. The profiles don’t indicate which ones are the vets, but most of the professional-looking bikini shots are who have been on the team before.~ Sasha

Vote For Your Favorite Spurs Silver Dancer Finalist

On July 26th, the top 30 Spurs Silver Dancers finalists will audition in front of a live audience. Don’t miss your chance to meet the finalists, watch them perform, and watch the announcement of the 2015-16 Silver Dancers!

Where: Arneson River Theater on the Riverwalk

When: Sunday, July 26th, 7:00-9:00pm. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Admission: $5 donation to local flood relief fund through Silver & Black Give Back.

But in the meantime you can cast your vote for who you think should make the squad.


Cast your vote here.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: You Be the Judge

It’s time to vote!

The field of potential rookie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has been narrowed down from several hundred to 59, who will compete against last year’s veterans for a spot in DCC training camp. Finals are this weekend and the Cowboys want your help to narrow it down. Click here to watch videos of each candidate performing the audition choreography and vote for your ten favorites. The photos are all scrambled up on the voting page, so here they are in alphabetical order (click to view full size):

DCC 2015 Finalists

Vote for your favorite Magic Dancer finalists

The first rounds of auditions for the Orlando Magic Dancers are in the books and finals are right around the corner. Between now and then, the Orlando Magic are asking fans to vote for their favorite dancers to make the team. They’ve narrowed it down to 30. Help them pick the final squad. Click here to see who is in the running and cast your vote!