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Vote for your favorite Dolphins Cheerleader finalists!

The judges narrowed the field down to 76, and they’ll choose the final team tomorrow. Help them out by voting for your top 5 candidates to make the team. Click here to vote now!

A few rookie candidates showing those team colors

Vote for your favorite Vikings Cheerleader finalists

Who do YOU want to see on the team? Click here to cast your vote on Vikings.com!

[Click image to view full size]

Toronto Argos Cheerleader 2014 Wild Card Voting

The final spot on our 2014 Toronoto Argos Cheerleaders is up to the fans. Watch the three videos and then vote in the poll below to help us pick who gets the final blue rose!

Cast your vote here.

Vote your favorite DCC into the calendar

This year the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are asking fans to choose the photos that will be included in the team’s 2014-15 sideline calender. (The sideline calender shows the cheerleaders in uniform, performing on game day.) All of the veterans who hope to return to the team in 2014 are in the running, so click here to cast your vote!

2014 AKD Sports Model Seatch Voting is Open

Go here and click like and then vote for the face of AKD. Voting ends this Friday.

Vote for your favorite new Dallaswear Uniforms design!

Dallaswear Uniforms needs your help to choose which of these two new styles will be added to their to audition wear offerings. What do you think? Groovy? Or Shella? Click here to cast your vote. (Facebook account required.)

[Click here to check out the other fantastic options on DallaswearUniforms.com]

Vote for your favorite Suns Dancer finalists!

The judges have narrowed it down to 32 finalists. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Who do you want to see on the team this year? Click here to choose your top 16!

Poll: Which is Your Favorite Dolphins Cheerleader Uniform

It’s been a while since we had a uniform poll. So let’s try one with the MDC.

Here’s Lauren J. in the “White” and then the “Aqua”.

Here’s another look at the uniforms. This time with Kelly.

The finally tally is in:

[Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders]

YOU Pick the Pak

The Toronto Raptors organization is looking for a little input on this year’s Dance Pak members. They’ve already selected these ladies to the team:

Now they want you to help choose the final member of the team. The field has been narrowed down to 8 ladies in the running for the remaining spot on the team. Click here to read up on them and cast your vote!

Energee! Fan Vote

Milwaukee Bucks: Only twenty nine dance hopefuls survived the first round of 2013 Energee! Dance Team Audition cuts. This year the judges are looking for some help from Bucks fans to determine which talented ladies make the team. Use the form below to drag and drop your “top 10” finalists, enter your contact information and click “vote.” All voters will be entered to win the SURG Audition Prize package which includes:

Four (4) lower level tickets to the Bucks 2013 Home Opener
One (1) autographed dance team poster
One (1) $150 SURG Restaurant gift card

Fan votes will be compiled with judges’ scores to determine who makes the squad. The Energee! Live Audition Finale presented by SURG will be held at the Peck Pavilion on Thursday, July 25 beginning at 6:30 pm. The audition is free and open to the general public. Fans are also invited to the Audition Finale After Party at Ryan Braun’s Graffito beginning at 8:30 pm.

Vote on new DMD uniforms

The Dallas Mavericks Dance team has posted two new uniform options on their Facebook page, and they’re asking for feedback. Actually, if I do the math, I think the vote is over, but you can still leave comments.

Personally, I’m for the second option. I’m not entirely clear on what’s going on with those shorts, though. It looks like they’ve got belt loops and a belt buckle, but no actual belt. Either that, or the white-belt-on-white-waistband action has rendered the belt itself invisible to the human eye. I can’t tell. Mallory, if you’re listening – I’m putting a note in the suggestion box. Silver belt, please. That is all.

Click here to vote for your preference

Tweet for your favorite RPD finalist!

Houston Rockets: Meet your RPD finalists! Don’t miss The Finals on Monday,July 1, 2013 at The House of Blues to see if your favorites make the team. Its free and open to the public. The finalists will get one last opportunity to perform the audition routines for the judges panel and guests in attendance, after which the 2013-2014 Houston Rockets Power Dancers will be announced. Tell us what you think by tweeting hashtag #RPD2013.

MVC Calendar Vote: The Final Four

After four weeks of voting, the competition to grace the cover of this year’s Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders is down to the final four. Click here to cast your vote!

MVC Swimsuit Calendar Voting

Vikings.com: The 2013 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar is in the works! Now we just need to decide which MVC should grace this year’s cover…….so we are asking Vikings fans to help us with the selection process! We have paired the TOP 8 cover model finalists, selected during our audition process for the 2013 team, and now we need you to vote each week and let us know who you think the MVC representative should be on our cover. We have paired the ladies up – so week by week you can select which MVC should move to the next round for a chance at the cover. [Here] are the match ups to get us started! This year’s version of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders calendar will be unveiled during the week of July 4.

Click here to cast your votes!

Week #1 Matchup: Lauryn vs. Jeanne

Vote for the 2013 Arena Bowl Dream Team

The polls have opened for the 2013 Arena Bowl Dream Team voting. Fans have a chance to help select the Dream Team Dancer for each of the 14 AFL teams.

Brittany of the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders

Shelby of the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders

See all the candidates from all the teams and Cast your vote here.