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Photo of the Day: June 23 – Countdown to P-R-O: 4 Days


Washington Wizards Girl Joanna

Washington Wizard Girls Prep Classes and Auditions



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Where is She Now? Devon Williams

Last weekend at Sideline Prep’s DMV Workshop I had a chance to catch up with former Wizard Girl Devon Williams.


A three-year veteran of the Wizard Girls, Devon was a two-time captain, Wizard Girls Member of the Year in 2012, and the 2013 Wizard Girls MVP. She capped of her career by being the 1st Wizard Girl to have her uniform number retired.

Now Devon and her college friend and Syracuse University Dance Team teammate, Alanna Simpson, have started Fanciful Entertainment. Their company provides dancers for events and brands. They are growing quickly in the DC, MD, and VA area; and will be expanding to NYC very soon.


And Devon could use your assistance. She’s been nominated for Radio One’s Top 30 Under 30 Award. So help her out and give her a vote!

[Fanciful Entertainment]

[Vote for Devon – Radio One: Top 30 Under 30]

Photo of the Day – October 9

A Washington Wizards Girl

Redskins cheerleader, Wizards dancer battles rare form of tumor

By Autria Godfrey
September 4, 2014

LEESBURG, Va. (WJLA) – We’ve all heard about the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, a local woman is seeking to raise awareness for another cause, after a harrowing battle of her own.

Lindsey Murray had a life many young women only dream of—she was a Wizards dancer and then a Redskins cheerleader, all while maintaining a professional sales career. Then, she heard the words that changed it all.

“I was not expecting to hear the word ‘tumor’ and ‘chemo’ to come out of my specialist’s mouth,” Murray said. “To be honest, I was in a state of shock.”

Doctors told Murray not to worry about the lump she found in her breast, that it was just an enlarged rib or inflammation. She went undiagnosed for six months until, finally, an oncologist classified her grapefruit-sized lump as a desmoid tumor. It was benign but rare, aggressive and difficult for surgery.

“It’s typically seen in young patients, so most patients are actually fairly healthy with a good lifestyle,” said Dr. Alex Spira. “Nothing we know can cause this.”

Murray underwent five months of chemotherapy, only to discover the tumor had grown by 25 percent. Dr. Spira tried something new—nearly a year of an oral chemotherapy typically only given to liver and kidney cancer patients.

“At that point, every phone call I was getting from him was, ‘It’s growing a little bit,’” Murray said. “My phone rang and I was shaking. And he goes, ‘Lindsey, good news!’ And I literally just, like, fell to the ground.”

The tumor had shrunk by 82 percent, then 99 percent as of April. So grateful, Murray has joined a “Dizzy for Desmoids” Challenge, inspired by the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. She hopes to raise both awareness and funds for a cure, and has nominated the current Washington Redskins cheerleading squad to participate.

Because desmoid tumors often re-occur, Murray must now be closely monitored. But she says she wants to turn a negative into a positive and help others with the disease.

Murray’s dancing days aren’t over just yet—she’s just hung up the professional pom poms for now.

Wizard Girls Finals Showcase

The Howard Theatre was the place be on Monday night. Before a paced house the Washington Wizards Girls Finalists put on quite a show!

[Wizard Girls Finals Showcase Gallery]

Congratulations 2014-15 Washington Wizard Girls

The new squad was announced after the spectacular Finals Showcase last night at the Howard Theatre in DC.

Washington Wizard Girls Auditions

Hopefuls on the court at Trinity University where the opening rounds of the Washington Wizard Girl Auditions took place.

Wizard Girls Manager Derric Whitfield

Wizard Girls Michelle and Michell are hanging up their poms after 4 seasons. They were on hand to help with the choreography.

Former Philadelphia Soulmate and Sixers Dancer, India was up at 3am for the drive down to DC.


Wizard Girl Veterans…Oops.. .minus one!

Here’s WG Jalina who was missing from the group photo


Chimere is a former Charlotte Lady Cat

Kelly graduated with a degree in journalism from Hofstra and spent last year as a member of the NY Jets Flight Crew. She moved back to the DC area and is looking at going to grad school.

Catherine cheered for the University of South Carolina and the Baltimore Ravens

I thought Wizard Girl Amber had the best, hottest and most color-coordinated audition outfit



The Wizard Girls Finals Showcase is this Monday (August 4th). Details here.

[Wizard Girl Audition Gallery]

[Vote for your favorite Wizard Girl Finalist]

2014 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Wizard Girl Emily

The Wizard Girls brought nearly their entire squad, which was quite an accomplishment because their season had ended and their auditions were upcoming soon (actually, they’re going on right now!). I guess that’s the problem with the NBA team and the P-R-O convention…the timing can be an issue.

But the Wizard Girls always make a splash and it doesn’t hurt their their director, Derric Whitfield, is one of the most popular instructors. That means great dance routines and their squad members always help out with the instruction. And one of Derric’s Wizard Girl instructions caught my eye for her beauty, dance ability and emotion. She is our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star and her name is Emily T.

WWG Emily 09

WWG Emily 04

WWG Emily 01

WWG Emily 07

WWG Emily 02

WWG Emily 08

WWG Emily 05

2014 PRO 385

2014 PRO 406

2014 PRO 382

Photo of the Day – July 21

Former Charlotte Lady Cat Chimere strikes a pose at Wizard Girl Auditions on Saturday.

Congratulations Washington Wizard Girls Finalists

The Wizard Girls Finalists blow off a little steam after a long day of auditions. Finals are Monday August 4th at The Howard Theater.

2014 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Wizard Girl Jackie

Our next honoree is a second year member of the Washington Wizard Girls, but, if memory serves correct, a first year attendee to the P-R-O Convention. Derric Whitfield, the Director of the Wizard Girls, always provides some great, high energy choreography that members of his squad are often called upon to demonstrate for the members of his class. And this is where I first saw Jackie and her fellow Wizard Girls shine.

So without further ado, introducing Washington Wizard Girl Jackie, our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star.

WWG Jackie 04

WWG Jackie 01

WWG Jackie 03

WWG Jackie 06

WWG Jackie 05

WWG Jackie 09

WWG Jackie 02

WWG Jackie 10

2014 PRO 346

PRO 2014 069

We’ve got a few more outstanding cheerleaders to feature, so stay tuned!

2014 P-R-O Convention All Star: Washington Wizards Girl Joanna

Our next 2014 P-R-O Convention All Star is a Harvard College graduate and three year veteran member of the Washington Wizard Girls…introducing Joanna.

This is the second time that I have featured Joanna as a P-R-O Convention All Star.  If we both make it back to Atlanta next year, perhaps it will be three times.

P-R-O Photo of the Day – July 7

A Washington Wizards Girl

2014 P-R-O Convention Sideline Distraction Centerfold

Congratulations to Abbie of the Washington Wizard Girls