NFL Regular Season Week 4 – The ROAR of the Jaguars

The Jaguars are a little tardy in updating their website with ROAR photos and have only recently upload Week 4 photos.  It’s Week 6.  So, let’s not waste any time and get to the photos .  Click here to view the Jaguars Week 4 photos.

Taylor Of The ROAR–Cheerleader Of The Game

Taylor was selected as cheerleader of the game, Jaguars victory over the Jets.

This is Taylor’s second year with the ROAR, she is a fitness instructor. During her professional career she has cheered and danced for the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Lightning and Houston Texans.

Congratulations to Taylor for being selected by her teammates as an outstanding representative of the ROAR.

Jaguars Ground The Jets In Jacksonville 31 to 12

Congratulations out to the Jacksonville players and the ROAR for their impressive showing on Sunday. We didn’t attend the game but here’s some more photos from last week (see updated album below).

Emily and Dominick up front during pregame practice. (click to enlarge photos).

The dancing ROAR.

Tori, Allison and Dominick

The ladies of the ROAR

Many additional photos were posted to our album HERE

The ROAR Of The Jacksonville Jaguars, Part 3 of 3

line captain Emily

Karen and Theresa at pregame practice







Game album is HERE


The ROAR Of Jaguars – Part Two

Our album has been updated, check back tomorrow for part 3.


Sarah, line captain.

Taylor L.


Ginger represented the ROAR in the January 2018 Pro Bowl.


Unfinished album is HERE

The ROAR Of The Jacksonville Jaguars

We started processing our game photos, Titans at Jaguars, from NFL week 3. Enjoy.




Taylor B.


Gameday and Birthday Sara with Alison

Lindsey and Kaylee


Dominick and Tori

Allison and Taylor W.

Start of game album is HERE

April, Cheerleader Of The Game, Titans Versus Jaguars

This is April’s fifth season as a member of the ROAR, she is a pharmacist, and she is one of the team captains.

Congratulations to April for being selected by her teammates as an outstanding representative of the ROAR!

April, 5th year on the ROAR

April, Cheerleader of the Game, Titans versus Jaguars

April and her line mates.

The ROAR Of The Jaguars, Sarah, Cheerleader Of The Game

NFL Preseason Week 3 – The ROAR of the Jaguars

In Week 3 of the NFL Preseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars played host to the Atlanta Falcons in a game that would make an interesting Super Bowl match up…but alas, this was preseason where the football is a little…well…preseason-y.  Hey, Cody Kessler was 7 for 7.  Hey now!

Well the ROAR of the Jaguars were in mid-season form.  Click here to take a closer look.

Cheerleader Of The Game, Lindsay Of The ROAR

Congratulations out Lindsay for being selected by her teammates as an outstanding representative of the ROAR. Lindsay is in her 5th season and works as an Financial Advisor in the business world.

Lindsay, selected Cheerleader of the game. for the Jags.


The ROAR Of The Jacksonville Jaguars, Part 4 of 4







Touchdown celebration from Amy

line Captain Emily was Cheerleader of the Game, Saints at Jaguars, 080918

Game album is HERE


NFL Preseason Week 1 – The ROAR of the Jaguars

Our coverage of the NFL Preseason Week 1 continues with some photos of the ROAR of the Jaguars. Click here to view the Jacksonville Jaguars game day gallery.

The ROAR Of The Jaguars, Part Three

Jada and Sarah





Amy of the Jax Pack with Jaxson


Pro Bowl Cheerleader Ginger

Album is HERE

The ROAR Of The Jaguars, Part Two

Stay with us all week as we process game photos of the ROAR.





Winter (click to enlarge)

Alison (click to enlarge)

April and Nijah (click to enlarge)

Pregame Performance (click to enlarge)

Belinda (click to enlarge)

Game Album

Introduction To The ROAR Of The Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars opened pre-season at home versus the New Orleans Saints. Say hello to the ROAR squad for the 2018 season:

Kelston, Rachel, Amy, Captain Emily, Dominick, Allison, Tori (click to enlarge)

Emily was chosen by the squad as Cheerleader of the Game.

Taylor L., Drianca, Belinda, Captain Lindsay, Meredith, Alison, Sara

Winter, Ginger, Mandy, Captain April, Nijah, Tatum, Kayla

Kaylee, Kinsey, Jada, Captain Sarah, Theresa, Megan, Karen

Keiko, Taylor W., Sandy


Start of our game coverage album is HERE.