From The Archives – USC Song Girl Erin Gielow

I have been photographing cheerleaders since my college days at UCLA.  Through the years, I have attended many USC vs UCLA football games and have had the honor to photograph several of these titanic struggles between the Good and the Evil. I have to say that USC has arguably the finest cheerleaders/dance team in college football.  Certainly the USC Song Girls are the most renown.  And in this installment of From The Archives, we take a look back to 1996 and 1998 and feature one of the most memorable USC Song Girls, Erin Gielow.


Why was she so memorable?  Well, she had a certain flair and personality that shined through her dancing, a special quality that all exceptional cheerleaders possess.  She was one of those cheerleaders that just demanded your attention. (And yes, I know they are called Song Girls!)




Beauty and brains.  I did a search on the internet before writing this article and discovered that Erin is currently employed as a lawyer, which reinforces the perception of cheerleaders as being very motivated and achievement oriented.

And on a footnote, unfortunately for Song Girl Erin…UCLA beat USC those two years that these photographs were taken.  GO BRUINS!


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  1. Might we ever see archives photos of Wisconsin Badgers cheerleaders from Rose Bowls 1994 & 1999. Those cheeseheads celebrated victories.

  2. Hey Max, I wasn’t on the sidelines or even at the game those years, as I was working for the Tournament of Roses and not stationed at the game. Sorry, no photos of your beloved Wisconsin cheerleaders.

    Hey, when are we going to see more of the ACC?

  3. David,do you have any pictures of a Song Girl by the name of Christina(Sedita)?I’m dying to see something new on her,and your photos are always the best.

  4. Hello Richard,

    I don’t recognize the last name of the Song Girl in question. Do you know what year she was on the squad?

  5. Yes David,I only found out this lovely ladies last name recently.Christina was a Song Girl 2007-2009.She graduated after the Rose game in early 2009.I can e-mail you a picture of her if you can give me a way of reaching you.My e-mail is

  6. Sorry, don’t have any photos of Christina or the more recent USC Song Girls to share. You might try searching Flickr because I think the assistant band director has posted some photos.

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