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GFL: Galactic Dancers


From Germany our friend Michael Fischer sends word of auditions this Saturday for the Galactic Dancers. He also included some photos of last season’s squad:

The official German Bowl Football Cheerleaders GALACTIC DANCERS  are looking for new talents on September 12th 2009 Cheerleaders Audition in Frankfurt at Main featured by the cult band Rapsoul in the Jury

Germany/Frankfurt (September 6th. 2009) The hottest cheerleaders team in Germany Frankfurt at Main the GALACTIC DANCERS are looking for new members. The GALACTIC DANCERS are well known from german TV Shows like ZDF Fernsehgarten or from several sport events. Recently famous german talkshow entertainer Dirk Bach asked a candidate in his show for the name a german cheerleaders team and the answer was given by the candidate: GALACTIC DANCERS the former Cheerleader Team of the NFL Europe American Football Team Frankfurt Galaxy.

Some weeks ago the GALACTIC DANCERS performed on stage at the famous TV music show THEDOME 51 together with CASCADA who was shown her song Evacuate the Dancefloor in the sold out LANXESS arena in Cologne (Germany).
Due to their professional dance abilities CASCADA has chosen the GALACTIC DANCERS among several other dance teams which also send their applications in YOUTUBE in order to perform together with CASCADA. The trainer of the GALACTIC DANCERS is Jasmin Felsenheim. Jasmin has a lot of assignments for her dance team till the end of 2009.

In order to meet the rising demand  there will be a audition on Sunday Septemer  12th 2009 in the Wintersporthalle in Frankfurt at Main. Cheerdance is to be considered as a professional sport with the focus on abilities to work in a team and the enjoy dancing. The minimum age of the candidates is 18. American dancers who work and live in Germany are welcome too. The Galactics speak english as well.

The candidates will be tested during the casting and they will have to learn and perform a specific choreography in a short period of time.
The VIP jury will cast the candidates. This Jury will consist of CJ Taylor, Jan Färger and Steve Neumann from the local Frankfurt band RAPSOUL, the Dance Team Captain Katrin Durdel as well as the Dance Team Director Jasmin Felsenheim.
The new GALACTIC DANCERS will be trained and led by the top choreographer Jasmin Felsenheim. Furthermore they will have professional photo shootings and performance at big sports events like the games of the table tennis league in Hanau and during the American Football Finals GERMAN BOWL XXXI on October 3rd 2009 in the Commerzbank arena in Frankfurt am Main.

date:        September 12th  2009, 10 a.m.
location:    Wintersporthalle, Street: Otto Fleck Schneise
Frankfurt at Main

Berkersheimer Weg 58, 60433 Frankfurt
Tel.: 0163 / 466 3852  Fax: 069 / 509 528 103 9

If You would like to apply for this casting and become one of the GALACTIC DANCERS
It is necessary to apply in advance on the website www.galacticdancers.de
or just call the following number:
Germany +49(0)0163 / 466 3852.
In case of questions donŽt hesitate to contact us.

Jasmin Felsenheim
Dance Team Director

Coach Jasmin Felsenheim has taken over the team since last year.

Galactic Dancer Jasmin alias Little-J

Galactic Dancer Mariama lives in Friedberg, where Elvis Presley did his army service.







Galactic Dancer Sabrina, one of the rookies.

Galactics with Cascada

[Galactic Dancers Official Site]

[Galactic Dancer on MySpace]

[Michael’s Galactic Dancers’ Site]

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