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Audition for the Beltway Bombers Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad Dancers are the official dance team of the Beltway Bombers Pro Basketball Team. Auditions for the Bomb Squad dancers will be held October 9, 2011 at 11am. The Bomb Squad Dancers are a key component to the Beltway Bombers Game Entertainment. Off the court the dancers serve as role models and ambassadors for the organization. They make appearances at several community events each season. The Bomb Squad Dance Team performs during halftime at all home games and are also available before, during and after all home games for pictures and autographs.

The ladies selected to represent the Beltway Bombers will cheer on the sidelines, dance at halftime, greet fans, participate in paid appearances throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and perform in the community.

All online applications should be submitted by 4pm on October 5, 2011. If you do not apply online, you may download the application and bring it to the audition. Candidates must be 18 years of age or older on or before November 1, 2011. There is no maximum age to audition.

[Bomb Squad Dancers Auditions]


News from the Jacksonville Axe Maidens

Director of the Jacksonville Axe Maidens and our good friend Darlene Clancy fills us in one her squad and some of her alumni:

Well the Axemen season is over. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the Championship but it was a great effort. The Axe Maidens are still busy with appearances and we have the Atlantic Cup in November with the Axemen playing teams from the UK and Australia.

2011 Jacksonvill Axe Maidens

2011 Jacksonvill Axe Maidens

It’s been another successful year for Alumni Axe Maidens. Several ladies were selected to professional teams and have received accolades for their hard word.








AM Alumni – Michele, Katrina, and Marisa were selected to the 2011 ROAR of the Jaguars. They join Cara who is now in her 2nd season.



The AFL’s Jacksonville Sharks also welcomed AM Alumni Micah and Randi. They join Amanda and Bryn who are in their 2nd season as Attack Dancers. Randi and Bryn were both vying for the honor of representing Jacksonville as part of the AFL’s Dream Team. In the end Randi was selected by fan votes and made the trip to Arizona. What a great experience she had especially with the Jacksonville Sharks winning the Championship!



Amy M and DeeDee were not only inaugural Axe Maidens but inaugural Sharks Attack Dancers as well. They returned to the 2011 Axe Maidens, this time as Assistant Directors.

To date 4 Axe Maidens have been selected to the ROAR and 7 on the Sharks Attack Dance team.

I’m SO proud of what all the Axe Maidens (current and alumni) have accomplished.

[Jacksonville Axe Maidens]

[Axe Maidens on Facebook]

Lots of Stuff from Buffalo

It’s been a couple of months since we checked in with our friend Phil in Buffalo. The Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog has been busy covering games and all manner of events and appearances:

Christina's Line

Christina's Line

[NFL Week #3- Buffalo Jills]

Jessica K, Alyssa, and Jenica

Jessica K, Alyssa, and Jenica

[Jills at the Home Opener]

Myesha, Murissa, Jenny, and Melissa with a diehard fan

Myesha, Murissa, Jenny, and Melissa with a diehard fan

[Jills Week One – Away Game Party]

Jenn and Tammy

Jenn and Tammy

[Blondes vs Brunettes]

Former Jill Lonna is Miss Buffalo

Former Jill Lonna is Miss Buffalo

[Miss Buffalo]

Sara and Laura in the tunnel before the game

Sara and Laura in the tunnel before the game

[Jills Final Pre-season Game]


[Jills at the Kids’ Day Game]

 Tammy, Amanda F, Danielle, and Christina

Tammy, Amanda F, Danielle, and Christina

[Blondes vs Brunettes Kickoff]

Bri and Emily with a future Jill

Bri and Emily with a future Jill

[Softball Tourney]

SI.com: NFL Cheerleaders (Week 3)

This week it’s all about the Bengals, Bills, Bucs, Chargers, Eagles, Panthers, Raiders, Rams, Saints, Titans, and Vikings. Click here!

NFL.com gallery: Week 3

The Week 3 gallery on NFL.com features the Charger Girls, Ben-Gals, Saintsations, Top Cats, Jills, Sea Gals, Raiderettes, and the Colts, Bucs, Titans, and Eagles Cheerleaders. Click here to go there now!

This here is what Tyra Banks refers to as "the booty tooch"

From Near (like Sierra) and Far (Shannon and Kaiti), the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders Demonstrate Dedication and Devotion

Second year vet Sierra greets fans during the morning tailgate

Despite being the “unofficial” Detroit Lions dance team, the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders draw women from miles and miles away to be part of the squad. Of course, there are women from the local metro area, like second year veteran Sierra, but three of the dancers, including co-captain Shannon, roll in from practically “Another World” away, from Bay City, Michigan, up north. And, as you would expect from someone whose dad was a Cowboy (a Dallas Cowboy, that is), Kaiti drives in from the Wild West; two hours west, from East Lansing, Michigan. What prompts these young women to devote such time and effort to be part of the Lions unofficial team? Sierra, Shannon, and Kaiti shared with UltimateCheerleaders their motivations to be part of the popular DPC.

Shannon, in her second season with the squad was born and raised in Bay City, which is about a two hour drive from Detroit. “I attended college at Saginaw Valley State University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Business/Communications,” Shannon says. “I am currently employed as a customer service representative with a Michigan-based bank. I hope to return to school in the near future to earn my Master’s degree and pursue a job in human resources.”

Shannon (left) started her morning in Bay City, and by 9:30 was at the Eastern Market tailgate

Meanwhile, two hours to the west, Kaiti drives in from Michigan State to be part of the team. “I grew up in the small town of Hartland, which is about an hour outside of Detroit,” explains Kaiti. “My family has always instilled in me a big love of football! My father was an MVP player at Michigan State in the early 1970’s and was actually drafted to the Dallas Cowboys, where he played for a short time. I always knew that if I couldn’t play football myself, I would get as close to the game as possible! I currently attend Michigan State University. I am a senior majoring in Health, and I plan on attending nursing school next year to obtain my RN license. My ‘full-time job’ is school right now and I also work part-time as a bartender at a local college bar. My big goal is to become an Emergency Room nurse and work at a hospital downtown.”

Sierra was born in Detroit and has always lived in the Detroit metro area, including a time near Pontiac, the location of the Lions’ former dome field. Next semester, Sierra will begin her studies at Wayne State, as she explains, majoring in, “Criminal Justice, my minor is Dance. My dream job is to go into law enforcement, leaning towards forensic science.”

Unlike most cheer squads, the big performances by the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders occur long before kick-off, as they perform extended dance sets at tailgate locations around Ford Field. So, the DPC members don’t have to just be there early, they have to be in Detroit for hair, make-up, and in uniform to be ready to perform at 9:30 in the morning. Shannon explains, “Game day for DPC is a very long day especially for me and the two other girls that come from Bay City. Our day begins between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m.; shower, eating breakfast, and then heading out for our two hour trip to Luigi Bruni Salon to get our hair and make-up done. We spend about an hour there getting prepped and ready, with lots of hairspray and lip gloss to ensure our style will last all day. Somehow, with the excitement of the game, each other’s support, and a lot of coffee, we make it through the almost ten-hour day with very little down-time.”

Fans love getting photos with Kaiti (top) and the rest of the DPC

For MSU’s Kaiti, planning to the n’th degree is key, as she says, “My preparation begins days in advanced. I try to follow a strict sleeping, nutritional, and fitness regimen as closely as possible at all times. However, that can be challenging when you live in a big college town like East Lansing! The self-discipline pays off though as I am usually not struggling to get in work-outs or diet in unhealthy ways when it’s time for games. On game days, I wake up about four hours before I am scheduled to be in attendance for hair and make-up, because my drive is just under two hours. My wake-up ranges from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. I try to get a lot of sleep, and even pack up my game-day bag days before, just in case! I fill up my gas tank and have a new CD ready to go the night before as well, my expressway pump-up CD!” Wow, anyone under the medical care of Kaiti when she begins her career as a nurse will benefit from one well-prepared health care provider!

And although Sierra doesn’t have a long drive to get to Detroit, it doesn’t mean that sleep was abundant for her either prior to this season’s first real home game. “I was rolling around all night long, because this is the first regular season game,” recalls Sierra. “Nerve wracking!”

The game day for the Detroit Pride Cheerleaders extends from morning performances at tailgates, to greeting fans for extended periods after the game. When asked if her cheeks ever get sore from a day chock full of smiling, Kaiti responds, “My cheeks can get a bit sore from smiling, but I’ve noticed that right at the moment when I feel my smile hurting is the same time a fan will come up and say, ‘I am so happy to see cheerleaders at a Lions game, finally!’ When a lifelong season ticket holder makes that remark, it hits you what this is all about.”

Sierra and the DPC greet fans in the concourse during halftime

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NFL Weeks #2 & 3 – The Carolina TopCats

The last two Sundays, I caught the TopCats at the Panthers Lair where they were signing autographs.

Kristy and Stacey. Kristy may be the hardest working cheerleader/dancer in Charlotte History!  She was a member of the Arena Football Leagues's Carolina Cobras Snakecharmers, the Charlotte Checkers Checkmates, the Charlotte Bobcats' Ladycats, and now the Carolina Panthers TopCats! Stacey was the 20011 Pro Bowl TopCat.  She was a member of the Checkers Checkmates and Bobcats' Ladycats, where she was an all-star dancer when the NBA All-Star game was in Las Vegas.

Kristy and Stacey. Kristy may be the hardest working cheerleader/dancer in Charlotte History! She was a member of the Arena Football Leagues's Carolina Cobras Snakecharmers, the Charlotte Checkers Checkmates, the Charlotte Bobcats' Ladycats, and now the Carolina Panthers TopCats! Stacey was the 20011 Pro Bowl TopCat. She was a member of the Checkers Checkmates and Bobcats' Ladycats, where she was an all-star dancer when the NBA All-Star game was in Las Vegas.



Eiesha and Ashley

Eiesha and Ashley

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Auditions for the First Ever San Diego Socker Girls

The Sockers are members of the PASL (Professional Arena Soccer League) but have never had a dance team. The club reached out to former Charger Girl Robin Wayman to start the Socker Girls.

Robin is very excited for this new venture and feels that with all of her experience, she’ll be able to create a classy and dynamic dance team that is just as highly respected in the community as the Charger Girls.

Auditions will be held this Sunday October 2nd, 2011 and we are looking to have a great season. The San Diego Sockers are 12-time champions in their League and hold the title right now. They will be hosting the Championship game for the 2011-2012 season at the Del Mar Arena, their home field.

The Socker Girls are under the direction of seven-time Charger Girl Robin Wayman

The Socker Girls are under the direction of seven-time Charger Girl Robin Wayman

NFL Week #3 – Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders & Junior Vikings Cheerleaders

Another tough game for the Vikings, but at least the Vikings Cheerleaders provided some highlights. Photos courtesy of Reader Steve:

At halftime the MVC took to the field with the Junior Vikings Cheerleaders:

[Vikings Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Junior Vikings Cheerleaders Performance]

Bucs Cheerleader Update

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers website has been updated with Individual profiles of the 2011-12 Bucs Cheerleaders. Click here to read up on the team!

Kelli, Taylor, Jaime, and Cassie

Galactic Dancers meet NBA Champion Dirk Nowitzki

Shortly after the NBA Championship concluded , Dalals Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki visited his home town Würzburg in Bayern (Germany).

He and the ING Diba bank (German sponsor) introduced a big party in the s.Oliver arena and press conference.

The Galactics were very proud to welcome Dirk and dance for him. Some basketball cheerleaders were partially jealous “Why hasn’t Dirk taken us?” they asked! Others were happy for the Galactics and wrote positive feedback on their
facebook account, congratulations etc.

After that the Galactics and Dirk went on the parade in the city. Finally Dirk wrote in the golden book of the mayor of Würzburg.

The Galactic Dancers dance as background team for Cascada at the music event "TheDome" in Cologne

The Galactic Dancers dance as background team for Cascada at the music event "TheDome" in Cologne

Peter the bus driver was so loved the girls,that he left his bus in the city alone to make security for the girls. He received for this a ticket from police. Peter made the interior video shots in the s.Oliver arena while I took photos.

Peter the bus driver was so loved the girls, that he left his bus in the city alone to make security for the girls. He received for this a ticket from police. Peter made the interior video shots in the s.Oliver arena while I took photos.

[Galactic Dancers Gallery]

Bucs Cheerleader Spotlight

Our spotlight this week goes to cheerleader Holly Sellers for inspiring the fans to yell “DEFENSE” as the Bucs held on to defeat the birds from Atlanta.

Holly, a recent graduate from USF, is a elementary education teacher in Tampa Bay. Her radio is usually blasting with country music (HeeHaw). Her swimsuit photos have landed her on the cheerleader calendar cover a few times.

Fifth year Holly, a line captain, takes her role model status seriously and actively works with her group in a community initiative for “A Kids Place” located in Brandon, FL.

[Holly’s Spotlight Gallery]

Titans Cheerleaders Unveil Swimsuit Calendar at Release Party

By Craig Peters
Titans Online
Sept 21, 2011

Video | Photos

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Titans cheerleaders celebrated the release of their 2012 calendar in chic style Tuesday night with a meet-and-greet, fashion show and autograph session at Cabana in Hillsboro Village.

The night allowed the 25-member squad to showcase the swimsuits that appear in this year’s calendar, and celebrate the collection of spectacular images taken by Nashville photographer Erick Anderson with fans, friends and family members.

“We are so excited to be at Cabana again for our third year,” Titans Director of Cheerleading Stacie Kinder said. “(Cabana General Manager/Owner) Craig Clift has done a really amazing job, pulling out all of the stops, letting us come back and host this event again for a sell-out crowd.”

The release party is well-deserved, considering the amount of preparation and planning that go into the success of the calendar.

Brooke, who adorns the cover and is one of the squad’s captains this season, said sunrise shoots involve waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning in order to have hair and makeup ready for the great window of lighting conditions that occur at dawn. Sometimes, she said, the squad took pictures at sunset, which is her favorite time.

Brooke said the four-night, five-day photo shoot at Cottage Rental Agency in Seaside, Fla., was “awesome” because of the welcome the Titans cheerleaders received and because of the time they were able to spend with each other as a team.

“It was amazing hospitality and the beach was beautiful,” Brooke said. “We were really happy with that destination, and hopefully we can go back there again.”

In addition to the long days during the photo shoot, the cheerleaders commit hours of fitness training and careful selection of their favorite swimsuits.

“We picked out swimsuits and met with our photographer and did a lot of great preparing before we got there,” Brooke said. “You have to find something that you really love yourself in, and that our coach loves, and the photographer likes and goes with whatever setting that we’re taking our pictures in.”

Chocez, who is in her fifth season on the squad, said the trip to Seaside was a “beautiful experience” because of the location and the excitement level among the team even during the early mornings.

“It’s where they filmed The Truman Show, and they told us all about that,” Chocez said. “You’re so excited in the first place, you’re nervous, you don’t want to miss it and you want to look your best so you probably won’t get much sleep. The energy in the hair room and the makeup room—everybody’s just so excited that it doesn’t even feel like four in the morning.”

Kinder said this year’s team has 10 rookies out of its 25 members, so it was important for the team to bond while they were on location. She said the ladies did so through activities like a scavenger hunt and by staying in small groups at the cottages.

While the ladies are able to select their swimsuits, there is some teamwork that goes into producing the timeless images.

“Everyone gets to show their individuality while showing a team unity at the same time,” Kinder said.

Although this is Brooke’s sixth season with the squad, there are still pleasant surprises along the way.

“When I saw the cover, at first, I was in shock,” Brooke said. “They put it up on the big screen and I was expecting it to be maybe a group shot. I was really excited about it.”

Kinder thanked Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. for his support of the annual calendar and the fans who appreciate it.

“It is wonderful to have a swimsuit calendar, and I’m so thankful to Mr. Adams for supporting our calendar every year,” Kinder said. “Our football fans love our calendar and we’re so happy to put it out for them every year.”

In Escaping Loss To Lowly Chiefs, Chargers Receive Wake Up Call

Most NFL fans expected a blow out win for the Chargers on Sunday.  After all, they were playing the 0-2 Chiefs who had been out scored 89 – 10 in the previous two games and were without star running back Jamaal Charles, lost for the season due to a knee injury.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the AFC West Title…the lackluster Chargers played just good enough to beat the lowly Chiefs.  Philip Rivers continued his recent poor play by throwing two interceptions and generally looked out of sync.  Perhaps the loss of Antonio Gates, out due to injury, and Darren Sproles, lost to free agency, has limited Rivers’ options this year, but his inconsistent play kept the Chiefs in contention on this day.  A last minute interception by Safety Eric Weddle saved the day for the boys in blue.  Chargers win, 20 – 17.

Now I am not going to suggest the weather had something to do with the Chargers poor play, but it did affect my shooting of the absolutely fabulous Charger Girls.  The day started with overcast skies and then proceeded to fluctuate between bright sun and dark shady conditions.  I struggled to find consistent lighting all day long and would have preferred it to be either sunny all day or overcast all day.  I put on and took off my flash gear all game long and perhaps missed some important dance moves.  Oh well.  Its not usually like this here in beautiful San Diego, but we photographers have to adapt and overcome, to paraphrase the Marine Corps.  And I did.

I suspect the Line Captains are selected because of their leadership, but I would also suggest that they are chosen for their exceptional dance abilities as well.  I get consistently good shots of the Line Captains.  Oh well, enough of my musings, we got some Charger Girls to showcase.  And we begin with the aforementioned Line Captains: Tiffany, Katie, Natalie and Lauren O.

And speaking of Line Captains…this week’s Charger Girl of the Day is a native of Taiwan and a third year member of the Charger Girls…introducing Tiffany.

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From NFL Cheer Director to Deployment

So we got an update from our good friend Donald Wells. Back when the blog first started Donald was directing the Redskins Cheerleaders and played in invaluable role in getting the word out, for which we are eternally grateful.

Donald started working for the Navy in November 2010 for the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) department at the Washington Navy Yard. He said it was so awesome being able to work with our military so close and getting to bring cheerleaders out to entertainment.

And now he’s got some big news:

Yesterday I started my new job with the Navy, I am deployed to Djibouti that is located on the Horn of Africa. It was always my dream since my first AFE tour with the Redskins Cheerleaders in 1999 to work for our troops in a deployed location and now I get to do just that.

Here on Camp Lemonnaire I will be in charge of Liberty Tours (taking the troops on trips when they have a long weekend, usually one trip a month to different countries around Africa and into Europe and Asia). I am also in charge of Entertainment and Special Events. Yes, I get to bring pro cheerleaders in for a tour. And as fate would have it, in just three weeks four Redskins Cheerleaders will be coming to my camp.

The WRC were booked months ago, well before me even knowing about this position. It’s going to be great to have my first entertainment group to come in be my squad that I started on tour with over 13 years ago. Its going to be cool to see the show I developed as a spectator and not the one stressed about making is perfect, Stephanie gets that role now. Haha…

I am in shock still because just a few years ago I was working on getting routines ready for the homes games and now I get to work everyday with our US Armed Forces and try to make their lives a little better in a harsh environment.