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Throwback Cheer Launches Virtual GLAM

Are you ready for auditions?

Throwback Cheer launched in September 2012 with Fab Fitness. Jaqui, a former Redskins Cheerleader and now CEO of Throwback Cheer, LLC reflects on the past few several months:

“The Fab Fitness classes focus on lean legs and core strengthening as well as amazing choreography by alumni NFL and NBA instructors.” It has been amazing! I’m still overwhelmed by all the new & aspiring faces AND alumni who continue to come each week and put their WERK in!!

Now with auditions around the corner, Jaqui says ‘Ladies from anywhere can audition for PRO teams…I hope they all are prepping now!’ I constantly am asked about what I believe is the key to making a team, and I truly believe you can only control what you showcase at an audition. Your LOOK, fitness, technique and muscle memory are all very important; you can work on all these things year round. After that, you can only pray that the organization is looking for YOU. Regardless, I would always want to leave knowing I did my absolute best. And that experience makes each audition so special.

‘I’m excited to launch Throwback Cheer Virtual GLAM!’ Each month a minimum of 5 routines are loaded onto ThrowbackCheer.com. These routines are all taught count-by-count and then performed full out by alumni NFL and NBA cheerleaders. Anyone, including aspiring cheerleaders, college and/or semi – PRO teams, etc., can log in and access these routines 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. ‘So many ladies cannot make it to a Fab Fitness location for class…So, we found another solution.’

Jaqui declares that Virtual GLAM will not replace practice in a group setting but is amazing preparation for muscle memory and also learning directly from a PRO. ‘I’d rather make my initial mistakes at home or in a ‘safe’ place before going anywhere important and trying to ‘pick it up’.

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2 comments to Throwback Cheer Launches Virtual GLAM

  • Ken

    What can you recommend for my daughter Kyla who is a freshman in HS. She has been doing cheerleading for the last 8 yrs and loves it. How can she get better at what she does? Thanks, Ken

  • Brilliant idea! I’m really excited to come to one of your classes! Abundant blessings! 🙂