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Who is she?

Ok, I know who she is. This is rookie Redskins Cheerleader Rachel K, but she’s also…somebody. Swear to pete, I’ve seen this face before. I just can’t think where. TV? Another team? A movie? maybe she resembles someone famous. She look familiar to any of you guys?

MDC Swimsuit Calendar: Miss March – Kiley

[Kiley at MiamiDolphinsCheerleaders.net]

Eagles Cheerleaders Unveil 2013-14 Calendar in Atlantic City

Last Wednesday evening the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders unveiled their 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar at a swanky, poolside party on the roof of The Chelsea in Atlantic City.

The entire calendar was shot along the Jersey shore, and proceeds will benefit rebuilding efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Earlier in the day the cheerleaders battled first responders on the beach, alas I was working at my day job and couldn’t make those festivities.





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2013-14 Charlotte Lady Cats

Watch video from the finals here.

See photos from the finals here.

Meet the new squad here.

Photo of the Day – July 31

2011 in the rain – New York Jets Flight Crew

2013 Oakland Raiderettes

Bios, photos, and videos are online for this year’s edition of Football’s Fabulous Females. Click here to learn all about the ladies on the team!

Here we have Melissa, Michelle, Tracy, and Wendy. One is a dance teacher, one is a stay-at-hom mom, and the other two are students (one pursuing her masters in Nursing, the other pursuing a Ph D in Biomedical Engineering.)

The Raiderettes have always been one of the most, if not THE most diverse dance team in the league, not just in terms of physical appearance, but in every other way you can think of: background, education, religion, race, ethnicity, age, occupation, nationality, and on and on. It’s a beautiful thing.

2013 MDC/DCC Preview

Fox Sports (July 29, 2013): Training camp is here!

Every year at this time, we get the remote reports from camp. The news conferences with coaches. The injury updates. To hell with all that. (Actually, we got that covered, too.) But how many places give you updates on the real backbone of the NFL? To see how the NFL’s real spirit is dealing with the summer heat, [click here].

Audition Alert for San Diego dancers!

Washington Capitals Red Rockers

Congratulations to the 2013-14 Red Rockers who were selected Sunday afternoon after a long weekend of auditions. Good friend of UC and Wizards Dance Team Manager, Derric Whitfield was on hand to teach the girls the choreography. (The Wizards and Caps have the same ownership and both play in the Verizon Center.)

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Ravens 2nd-year Cheerleader Kori K. is the 2013 Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar Cover Girl

See more photos here.

2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Houston Texans Cheerleader Kayla

We conclude our coverage of the 2013 P-R-O Convention by highlighting one of the many amazing cheerleaders in attendance.  The Houston Texans Cheerleaders brought the largest contingent of cheerleaders to P-R-O and they had many spectacular cheerleaders that left a lasting impression.  And one of those was Kayla, who celebrated her birthday during the convention weekend.  So without further ado, our final 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star, Kayla.

Well that’s all for this year from P-R-O.  I hope you enjoyed our coverage.  Over thirty girls were featured in these articles and they were just a small sampling of the amazing cheerleaders that made their way to Atlanta.  If you are professional cheerleader, this is the event to attend.  P-R-O is a spectacular weekend of dance and team bonding.  And yes, you get to meet some wonderful people, some who rise to become a P-R-O Convention All Star.

Dallas Stars Ice Girls Finalists

Sasha here, politely butting in with another spoiler alert! for those who watch the Cowboys Cheerleader show. I haven’t examined this photo with a magnifying glass, but I noticed there are at least three DCC finalists in this group.

Back row: Ashley, Cassie, Cheri, Jessica, Mercedes, Candace, Whitney, Jennifer, Emma, Lauren

Middle row: DeAmber, Kendall, Kieara, Rachel, Katharina, Jade, Logan, Robbyn, Erica, Taryn

Front row: Stephanie, Rachel, Chelsea, Shanelle, Melissa, Brieana, Kendall, Belinda, Tori

Photo of the Day – July 30

A Tampa Bay Lighting Girls Alexis & Kori

Cardinals cheerleader has special past

By: Craig Fouhy
watch the video

Like a lot of girls, Megan started dancing at a very young age, “I started when I was three, my Mom put me in a tiny, tiny tot class. I picked it back up when I was nine, and I loved it, so I danced competitively at a studio from age of nine, all the way through high school, and then I was on my college dance team.”

But after college, Megan took a break from dancing, got a job and spent years away from the very thing she loved the most. Years later, when she thought about trying out to be a Cardinals cheerleader, she needed a little extra inspiration. “I had an awesome friend just basically say, you have to do this, what do you have to lose? Just do it.”

A year ago, there she was, living her dream of trying out to be an NFL cheerleader. “I remember my number being called and uh, it was 118, and they called 118, I couldn’t believe it. I’m in finals. Then I knew, I was like, I want to make this team.”

And make it she did. “It’s just been such an amazing experience and to be at this age and still be able to do this, and to do it after you know, taking such a long break, it’s been really exciting.”

That long break Megan is talking about lasted seven years. “The war was going on at the time when I graduated college, so I wanted to take a job that was going to be meaningful, so I decided to join the Army.”

That’s right, Megan joined the Army. “When I first joined, I went to basic training and from there I went to officer candidate school, so I was commissioned a second Lieutenant at the end of April in 2007, and from there I became cable platoon leader and I deployed a month later from Henning to my unit to Iraq.”

Lieutenant Megan quickly found herself a long way from home. “I was deployed to Joint Base Belad which is about an hour North of Baghdad. At first, it was, it was scary you know, but um, it’s what I signed up to do.”

In Iraq, Megan didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about dance, she had bigger problems on her mind. “Our biggest threat to the base was, where we were at was incoming mortars and rockets.”

Her job in Iraq, critical to the success of the troops who were on the front lines, “My job was to make sure that the war fighters the soldiers that were actually out doing combat missions were able to communicate.”

Today, long after her sixteen months in Iraq, Megan cheers for the Cardinals on Sundays, but she’s still involved with the military. “I’m currently a reservist. I am a signal officer for a military police battalion that’s out of Scottsdale.”

And when everyone stands up to sing the National Anthem before kick-off, Megan can’t help but think about what the flag means to her. “When you see the flag, it means a lot, you know, because our country has given us so many freedoms and to be a part of fighting for that and maintaining that, it, it means a lot. So yes, it gives me goose bumps, I can’t help it.”

2013 Laker Girl Audition Coverage

Photos! Video! Other stuff! Click here to check it out!

2013 LG veterans, trying to stay on the team.