Let Us Fast Track Your Way to Being a Pro Cheerleader

Editor’s note: Sideline Prep, a long time sponsor of this blog, has announced their Operation Pro Cheer Challenge, a personalized game plan for those planning to audition for a professional cheerleading/dance team.  Check them out.

Grab your 5 Day Game Plan to Go Pro!

Have you heard?! The countdown to Sideline Prep’s FREE OPERATION PRO CHEER CHALLENGE is on!

We kick off on Monday March 22nd @ 8pm EST!!

Wondering if you should join us?

Well… If you’re READY to…

• Dance on the sidelines, the field or the court
• Sign autographs
• Be a role model and/or
• Travel around the world to perform for our military…

Then HECK YEAH… you should join us.

We’re hosting our OPERATION Pro Cheer Challenge to help you create your own, personalized game plan for your next audition in only 5 days! We want to help you become prepared, polished and confident for this upcoming audition season! And did we mention its FREE!

During Our “OPERATION Pro Cheer Challenge”, You’ll take micro commitments to…

– Get in touch with your “WHY” and create an action you can start implementing RIGHT NOW!

– Improve your MINDSET, gain the KNOWLEDGE, achieve the PRO CHEER LOOK and enhance you DANCE ABILITY to set you up for SUCCESS at your next audition

– Connect with a COMMUNITY of like minded individuals with the same goals, aspiration & desires as you! We are family!

– CAPTURE a UNIQUE ADVANTAGE over your competition because you will know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and HOW to do it the RIGHT WAY!

– BECOME P-Cubed: Properly PREPARED, POLISHED & POSITIVE walk into auditions with CONFIDENCE! 
…. Plus, you’ll hear from our Pro Cheer Coaches/Experts AND Sideline Prep Lovelies that are now Pro Cheerleaders!!