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Meghan's line during the last St Louis Rams home game

Meghan’s line during the last St Louis Rams home game

Michelle's line performs during the quarter break

Michelle’s line performs during the quarter break

On the last day of the NFL season, here is a final shout-out to the St Louis Rams Cheerleaders from their final home game at the Edward Jones Dome. Here our photos of the lines of some dedicated captains. Meghan was in her eighth season and Michelle in her sixth. Congratulations on all of your years cheering on your Rams!

We will see what the future holds for the Rams Cheerleaders. Who knows, they may be cheering on Peyton Manning if he and the Rams find mutual ground. And when the Raiders moved to Oakland, the Raiderettes from LA cheered for them the first season, so anythign can happen!

Meghan in her eighth Rams season

Meghan completed her eighth Rams season

Michelle is

Michelle finished her sixth Rams season




Talkin’ baseball? I’m all for it! Spring training, pitchers and catchers, cactus and grapefruit leagues, bring them on!

The Houston Astros Shooting Stars Auditions are here! More info at this link…





The Pro Bowl sidelines will feature Alexis, the last St. Louis Rams Cheerleader to participate for the all-star game for the foreseeable future (one can never say never about a move back to St. Louis, right?).

And speaking of the Pro Bowl, the poor game is taking its knocks, and who knows how long it will continue. But the talented, hard working cheerleaders of the NFL need to continue to reward one of their own per squad to a sweet post-season reward. So cheer fans, if the Pro Bowl was discontinued, what would be a worthy reward for the best of the best NFL cheerleaders? Being part of Super Bowl festivities, assisting with the NFL Honors and other shows that week, and then culminating with dancing on-stage with the halftime performers? Any other ideas?

Here are some photos of Alexis at the last St. Louis Rams home game. Cheers to you and all former and current St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders!

More photos of Alexis are at this link.





Audition Flyer jpeg

Megan Savage-Reser, Director of the Denver Outlaws Dancers of Major League Lacrosse lets us know that their Auditions and Audition Workshops are coming up!

Information is available at denveroutlaws.com such as AUDITION WORKSHOP INFORMATION at this link and 2016 OUTLAWS DANCER AUDITIONS at this link, or email outlawsdancers@denveroutlaws.com.



Chicago Blitz Prep Class 1 2016

The Chicago Blitz, a proud member of the American Indoor Football League, will be looking for members for their professional dance team. Jenny Hinz, the Director of the Chicago Blitz Girlz informs us of their upcoming prep class, and additional information is below:

Are you ready to be part of a ‪#‎worldclassdanceteam‬?

The Chicago Blitz Dancers have officially announced their prep class!
Date: Thursday February 18
Time: 8:30-1030pm
Location: Dovetail Dance Studio (2853 W Montrose Ave, 60618 )
Email chicagoblitzdancers@gmail.com with any questions
Meet the director, learn some audition choreography early, get pointers, and get your questions answered for $15. Bring your smiles, we will be photographing!
‪#‎blitzgirlz‬ ‪#‎chicagoblitzdancers‬ ‪#‎dance‬ Chicago Blitz

unnamed (5)

Saturday March 5, 2016 @ 3:30pm Location: Woodland Community Center Park 212 Parkview St. Houston TX 77009
(InThe Height’s) Registration Starts @ 2:30pm

Code Red is an energetic dance squad that ignites the crowd at any event with elements of street jazz, two-step, Funk,hip hop dance, and gymnastics. The talented men and women of Code Red Cheer & Dance Team work hard to keep the crowd pumped up and to make sure you feel the action and excitement of the game at your seat to give the team that extra “push” during key on-Field action.


* Open auditions are closed to the public, family, and friends

* This round will consists of a series of 2-3 eliminations that will include, freestyle, stylized choreography and Mix choreography

* Finalists will be chosen and announced at the end of the day

* We recommend that you bring snacks, water and any items to freshen up between rounds

* Candidates will be judged on appearance, dance ability, style, strength and completion of choreography, energy, projection and potential

Audition Requirements

* Must be 17 years or older and (valid photo I.D. required)
* Must be a full/Part time college student or hold a full/Part time job
* Completed Application, release form and professional/dance resume
* Must be able to attend Energy home games & all evening rehearsals two times a week
* Must be able to attend a certain number of appearances & other related Code Red activities
* If selected to the team, a one year contract and commitment are required
* Must provide one non-returnable head-shot color photo & full body photo
* Drug test screening for finalists & back ground checks
* Walk ups day of auditions are also welcomed
*$10 non refundable Registration Fee Cash Or Money order Please day of Audition

What to wear: Wear what you look the best in at all times!
* Dance or athletic half-top
* Girls Hot pants, booty shorts, boy shorts, skirts – two piece dance ensemble (must be fitted, no full length pants or capri pants) Boys Dance or athletic wear
* Sneakers or danceable shoe of preference with non-marking soles (please no black soles)
* Flesh tone hose or tights
* Performance ready hair and make-up

What we’re looking for:
* Confidence, personality, showmanship, energy and enthusiasm
* Professionalism and maturity
* Dancers who are well spoken and can represent the Houston Energy and Code Red in a professional manner at all times
* Ability to pick up dance choreography quickly
* Consistent positive attitude
* Strong teamwork skills
* Personal appearance
* Ability and desire to commit for one full year


Houston Energy Football
Code Red Pro Dance Team
Coach A.P.

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A few days before the NFL approved their move to LA, the Rams website featured Rams Cheerleader Kenisha in their “From the Top” series. Kenisha is full of fun and energy, and as she mentions below about what her team means to her, “Everything. They are my friends. They’ve helped me through things. They’re a very special part of my life.”

From the Top with Kenisha

Jacob Born
Corporate Communications Intern

Kenisha started dancing when she was nine years old. She fell in love immediately, enjoying every visit to her dance studio in O’Fallon, Mo. She continued dancing through high school and went on to coach youth cheerleaders of the Mid-Rivers Football Association.

After graduating from Fort Zumwalt North High School, Kenisha attended University of Missouri-Columbia, where she was a member of Main Attraction Dance Team. After two years on Main Attraction, Kenisha became a member of the Mizzou Golden Girls, the university’s official dance team. Kenisha recently earned her degree in business administration from Mizzou this past spring. Though she was finished with school, she hadn’t quite graduated from dancing just yet.

Coming back to St. Louis, she auditioned for the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders. She made the team and the rookie hasn’t looked back since. In addition to being a Rams Cheerleader, Kenisha launched her career at Boeing where she works as a procurement agent.

Favorite memory as a Rams Cheerleader?
Running out through the tunnel is awesome. It was cool to have the pyrotechnics, too.

What food item would you bringing to a tailgate?
I’m bringing cupcakes.

Last movie that made you cry?

Straight Outta Compton.

Favorite movie?

The Notebook. I watch it monthly.

Celebrity look-a-likes?

I’m going to go with Beyoncé.

Favorite emoji?

The smiling one with the little eyes and all its teeth are showing. I’m always super excited.

Dream vacation?
I would go to a beach with no cellphones or internet. Just the water and the waves.

Favorite Disney Princess?

Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

Go-to karaoke song?
Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” But I do have a boyfriend.

Favorite community outreach event or activity?
I danced at Mizzou and we hosted a junior cheerleading clinic, where we would work with young girls for a month. We would teach them to dance and also give them some mentoring. I really enjoyed watching them grow.

Favorite cartoon growing up?
SpongeBob SquarePants.

How do you stay healthy?

I work out five days a week and I try not to eat carbs.

What’s the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
I would start my own business.

Most random item in your bag/purse?
I have a mascara brush, but it’s without the mascara.

What do your teammates mean to you?
Everything. They are my friends. They’ve helped me through things. They’re a very special part of my life.

Here are some photos of Kenisha from the Rams last home game in St. Louis.








The First Year Auditions for the Inaugural Year of the USA Cheerleaders Texas Division

Dallas, Texas— USA Cheerleaders, a national organization committed to supporting the United States military, veterans and their families, will launch the Texas Division with open auditions on Sunday, January 31. This is the inaugural year for the Texas Division, headed by Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and NY Jets cheerleader, Jessica Kalil, who cheered for the USA Cheerleaders New York Division before moving to Texas.

The one-day auditions will be held at the Power House of Dance on Inwood Road on Sunday, January 31. The auditions are an opportunity for anyone who meets the requirements (see below) to cheer for the first year USA Cheerleaders Texas Division.

“USA Cheerleaders is an incredible group of women that give back to our service members,” said Kalil. “Not only will the team perform for military, veterans and their families in Texas, they will also assist in fundraising, writing letters and preparing care packages for our heroes.”

The USA Cheerleaders are a dedicated group of professional cheerleaders with steadfast respect for the service men and women, veterans, their families and the United States. USA Cheerleaders honor American heroes, past, present and future with a determined sense of patriotic duty.


WHAT: One-day audition where candidates will perform a short freestyle dance before learning a dance routine and performing in front of a panel of judges. Visit facebook.com/USACheerleadersTexasDivision for more details.

WHEN: Sunday, January 31, 2015
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (registration begins at 8:30 AM)

WHERE: Power House of Dance
12300 Inwood Road, Suite 124
Dallas, Texas 75244

– Candidates must be 18 years of age by March, 2016
– Dance techniques: Double Turns, High Kicks, Splits,
– Other dance tricks preferred
– Cheer, tumbling, stunting skills a plus


St. Louis Rams Cheerleader line captain Sara during the last home game of the season

St. Louis Rams Cheerleader line captain Sara during the last home game of the season

Speculation continues about the future of NFL football in St. Louis. One recent piece of “word on the street” is that several owners think St. Louis should remain part of the NFL. But since the Rams owner Stan Kreinke is not exactly singing “Should I stay or should I go now?”, and more a tune of “Got To Get Out Of Here,” one piece of speculation is that the Rams and Chargers owners swap franchises, and Dean Spanos would own the St. Louis Rams.

In the meantime, here is captain Sara’s line from the last home game of the season. More photos are at this link.






Jocelyn is in her third season with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

Jocelyn is in her third season with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

So maybe you are attending your first Tennessee Titans game today, but perhaps you question your gridiron knowledge and do not know if you will cheer or react correctly at the right times. Predicament solved! Just watch Titans Cheerleader Jocelyn on the sidelines and do what she does!

Besides having a graduate degree and a busy career, Detroit product Jocelyn is a REAL football fan, if you do not know how the game is going, just keep your eye on Jocelyn. She will be 100% into the game!

And even if you know all about football, you may find yourself keeping an eye on Jocelyn and the rest of the TTC anyway I bet!

Titans defense comes up with a big play and Jocelyn signals the incompletion

Titans defense comes up with a big play and Jocelyn signals the incompletion