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Body Shapes and Audition Styles Tips From Satin Stitches

Editor’s note: Its audition season and Satin Stitches, a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, has published an article regarding selecting the perfect audition outfit for your body shape.  They have graciously agreed to let us share their information with our readers.

Body Shapes and Audition Styles

Posted by Deborah Nelson

With audition and pro apparel, as with any type of clothing, you want to consider what your best features are. No matter if you have a ‘perfect figure’ in someone else’s eyes, you may feel like you could look better ‘only if….’ you could slim down your hips, or had a skinnier waist or had longer legs or a bigger bust line etc. etc.

In preparing for your upcoming audition, you have been following an intense exercise workout regiment, you have been eating right, you have been getting plenty of sleep, you have been trying to stay stress free, you have been taking good care of your skin, hair, and nails and so on and so forth.

Your body is as ready as it will ever be. But still, you may look in the mirror and still see your body ‘flaws’. What you now need is the perfect audition outfit to maximize your best features. What should you look for?

As a fashion/costume designer, I have spent decades creating flattering costumes by creating focal points on costumes, to draw you audience’s eye to your best features. Your best feature SHOULD be your excited and happy face. The most flattering costumes will have upper bodice features to draw attention to your face.

Beyond this all-important focal point, secondary focal points can be employed. If you have a fabulous bust line, by all means emphasize your bust line with a bust line flattering bra-top. But don’t wear a too-low cut top that will make your audience uncomfortable. Stay tasteful. Yes, you want to look sexy. But you don’t want to cross the line into the risqué realm.

If you have a smaller bust line, then interesting bust line details such as multi-color banding, ruching and rhinestoning can add appeal.

Fit is always the most important aspect of any garment. A plain, well-fitting garment will look better than an ill-fitting designer garment.

The current trend of boy-cut legs on shorts and leotards does not flatter a short leg. The higher cut the leg line of a brief or short – the longer your leg will appear. Diagonal lines anywhere on your outfit is generally more flattering than horizontal lines. Only very slim hips can look great in shorts or skirts with all horizontal lines. That’s why the ‘V’-waistband is always a good choice.

Also, watch where the leg line hits across your derriere. Again, keep it modest, yet sexy. Different cuts of shorts and briefs can enhance or distract from your look.

Know what your measurements are – your current measurements…not what you would like to be or what they used to be. All companies provide suggested measurements for the best fit for their outfits. At Satin Stitches we have measurement charts and also a chart to show how to take your measurements. We even have a downloadable video to give you even more information on correctly taking your measurements. You want to order your correct size: you don’t want a baggy, loose short or a skirt that is too tight across your hips.

You should be able to order your audition tops and bottoms in different sizes, if needed. If you are pear-shaped, you can order a smaller top and a larger bottom and apple-shaped dancers can order a larger top and a smaller bottom.

At Satin Stitches, we also offer 3 options for bra-cup sizes. Our standard cup size will accommodate a B/C cup. Our Full cup size will accommodate a D/DD cup and our Fuller cup size will accommodate larger than a DD cup size.

Our slim-fitting skirts will work best on hips that are the measurement listed on our charts or slightly smaller. Our skirts with more hemline fullness will accommodate larger hips. Our shorts will stretch at the leg line to accommodate larger hips and/or thighs because there is no restrictive elastic. Our basic V-short and Low V-waist briefs fit a slim to regular hip line the best.

Do you have fabulous shoulders? – Then emphasize your shoulders with a halter cut bra-top or our off-the-shoulder sleeved tops – these focal points will draw your attention to your shoulders.

Sponsor Spotlight – The Line Up

Editor’s note: Audition season is right around the corner and if you are a dancer who is planning on trying out this year, you may want to consider an audition outfit by one of our longtime sponsors, The Line Up.

The Line Up is your partner behind the scenes, making your vision a reality. Our passion is creative performance apparel driven by personalized customer attention.

Your Imagination, Our Creation

The Line Up got its start 25 years ago, designing fitness apparel during the aerobics craze of the 90’s. What began as a side project has evolved into a team of 30+ talented individuals, working together to offer innovative team fashions.

Our customers are studio, high school, and collegiate dance teams, NFL and NBA cheerleaders, synchronized skaters, athletes and artistic performers from around the world. We are a small crew providing big possibilities.

Your go-to resource for coaches and performers

You need someone that shares your passion and cares as much as you do. Our team knows what it takes to perform consistently at high levels, as many of us have been coaches, performers and even customers. We are your partners behind the scenes, ensuring your details are in order throughout the costume process. At The Line Up, we sweat the details so you can shine on the floor!

Apparel at the intersection of performance and style

What you wear contributes to the quality of your performance. If you look great, you will perform great! And that’s why we strive to create performance apparel that looks amazing while allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. Design a memory that will last a lifetime and a look that turns heads!

Creative design team, innovative manufacturing technology

We’re continually investing in top-notch equipment and extraordinary talent to bring your ideas to life. Everyone on The Line Up’s team, our designers, pattern makers, account managers, and production staff work under one roof, making collaboration and innovation seamless. We know you want to be original with your look and style. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Shop Pro Tryout Apparel

Made In The USA

When ‘Made in America’ became virtually extinct in our industry, we held strong to our core values. To this day, 100% of the products we produce are made in our Minnesota facilities. Quality is the cornerstone of our work, and each product reflects our commitment to excellence – the same excellence you bring forward in every performance.


Sponsor Spotlight: Dallaswear Auditions 2018 Line

Editor’s note: Its audition season and Dallaswear, a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, has announced their Dallaswear Auditions 2018 Line that will go live on their web site tomorrow at 12:00 pm CST.  Dallaswear has provided us with a sneak preview video of their new line of audition wear.

Dallaswear Auditions 2018 line is better than ever!  The new styles for 2018 include gradient ombre sequin, cute and sexy strappy styles, unique marble prints and more. This year the signature Dallaswear Superbling™ features gradient rhinestone designs that are more dazzling than ever.  All of the existing styles have been updated for improved fit and quality. Dallaswear is also introducing an amazing new product called the Femme Flannel™! The Femme Flannel™ gives the dancer the look of a cute flannel tied around the waist, but without all the bulk.  The Femme Flannel™, a Dallaswear exclusive, is available in an assortment of plaid colors with the option of including a name or initials!  

For over 20 years, Dallaswear has been proudly made in the USA and brings the hottest styles to auditions and Pro Teams all over the world. Dallaswear designs uniforms for the Laker Girls, 49ers Goldrush Cheerleaders, Golden State Warriors Dance Team, Portland Trailblazers Dancers, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Chicago Bulls Dancers, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, Kings Dancers and many, many more. With over 550,000 color, style and rhinestone combinations, Dallaswear is the leader in stunning audition wear.  You can always spot a “Dallaswear Girl”… she’s the one who makes the team!

No Stress Audition Tips From The Line Up

Editor’s note: Its audition season and The Line Up, a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, has published a series of no stress audition tips.  They have graciously agreed to let us share their information with our readers.

Your No Stress Pro Cheer Audition Checklist 

Posted by Meagan on Jan 18, 2018

It’s officially audition season for pro cheer and dance teams! That means it’s time to get prepared – do you have your audition outfit, routine, and important dates organized in one place? We’ve compiled a a general timeline to follow before your audition, with a few tips and tricks to keep you on track and looking your best!  Our biggest tip: plan at least 3-6 months in advance of your tryout date to be prepared!  Read on to find out more.

6 Months to 1 Year Out: Plan Your Year 

After figuring out your team’s official audition times, it’s time to sit down and plan out your year. Keep track of important dates, set goals, and get organized so you feel confident and ready going into your audition! 

  • Figure out your “in hand date” for your audition outfit (we recommend one month pre-audition!) – this is when you’ll need to receive your outfit in order to get it in time to prepare for the big day.  So plan 2-8 weeks backwards from that for your order date!
  • Research if there are any prep classes, deadlines, clinics, and information sessions that you can attend – and try to make it to all of them! These will help you get to know the expectations of the team and get a feel for the audition process. 
  • Set fitness goals throughout the year to easily manage if you are staying on track. Establish your beauty routine at this time as well – spray tan, skin care, and hair. Try out different hair and makeup combinations to see what looks best on you!
  • Budget your expenses for travel, time off from work if necessary, and of course, your audition outfit.

4-6 Months Out: Plan Your Audition Outfit and Schedule a Photoshoot

Its time to start planning your pro cheer audition outfit! Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Research past pro cheer auditions to get a feel for what people usually wear and know the rules for audition apparel. To look the part, you won’t be able copy a team’s cheer uniform exactly because of copyright concerns, but you can create a similar look and feel with a different style.  Also, many teams require that your outfit be certain colors – usually the team’s colors.  
  • Plan ahead for your photoshoot. Most teams will require a headshot or photo composite, (shown below) so make sure to order your audition outfit early if you want it for these photos.
  • Find out if you need more than one audition outfit. For NBA and NFL dance teams, there are multiple rounds of auditions and many dancers like to wear different looks for each. Swap outfits with friends, or if your budget allows, buy multiple try out outfits for a variety of looks. Save your special outfit for semi-finals and finals, though!  
  • Request fabric swatches before you order. If your audition outfit will be made-to-order and non-returnable, ordering a fabric swatch is the perfect way to make sure you’re choosing the right fabrics and colors before making a bigger investment.  
  • Keep your body type in mind to ensure the best fit possible, and also choose a style that represents your personality. For example, if you need to wear an bra underneath your top for extra support, make sure the top you order has a bra band wide enough to hide your undergarments.  For more outfit tips, check out our blog “15 Things to Consider for Your Pro Cheer Try Out Outfit” 
  • Think about the outfit’s balance. “You want to think about the WHOLE outfit. Plan your outfit so that the top matches the bottom,” explained veteran Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Taylor.  Plain black shorts are always an easy option, but if you go the extra mile to match the colors of your top to your bottom, you’ll have a more polished and put-together look!
  • Think about what accessories you’ll need with your outfit– tights, earrings, undergarments, shoes, etc.! Some dance apparel companies may offer a try out package– decide beforehand what you need and what you don’t. 

2-4 Months Out: Order Your Audition Apparel

In addition to nailing down your routine, working on your fitness, and attending any prep classes, find time to order your audition outfit! Here are some of our recommendations for ordering:

  • Research options for apparel companies and their lead times. If you’re swapping out colors and fabrics, that means your audition outfit is being made for you and you won’t be able to try it on first. This also means it will take longer for you to receive it as it’s being specially created for you! Shipping times may vary depending on the company and the time of year, but made-to-order styles can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Some great companies for try out apparel are:
  • Order early to save money. Ordering your pro cheer audition outfit is more expensive the longer you wait, because you’ll have to pay for expedited shipping and rush fees. 2 day expedited shipping can add $40-$60, and overnight shipping and rush fees can cost you an extra $60-$150. 
  • Give yourself extra order time for embellishments like rhinestones, because this may add to the lead time of your audition outfit. If you choose to rhinestone your audition outfit yourself, plan extra time for that, too, so you aren’t stoning at the last minute! 

Rhinestones add gorgeous sparkle on the 424 VB Top, and on the Layla Dance Top.

1 Month Out: Practice & Rehearsal in Your NEW Audition Outfit! 

It’s almost audition time! It’s time to perfect your routine, make any last minute beauty routine adjustments, and of course – practice!  

  • Check in on the fitness goals you set at the beginning of the year and get your final beauty routine down!
  • Find a nutrition routine that works best for you – “You need to make sure you’re fueling your body appropriately to make it through a long day of auditions!” Kayla from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders explained. For some examples on the best ways to fuel your body, check out our blog The Best Pre and Post Competition Nutrition for Dancers.
  • Practice in your audition outfit! The first time wearing your outfit should not be on audition day! Make sure to move in it to ensure you feel confident and comfortable, and check that there is no unsightly pulling or bunching.
  • Do a dress rehearsal! Check that your accessories and make up look right with your outfit and ensure that your whole outfit works for a put together, cohesive look. Perform in front of friends and family in your outfit and get any feedback! 
  • Have FUN! Remember, you’re auditioning for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for your love of dance! So enjoy the experience and try not to stress over the small stuff.  

Audition Photos via Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Pro cheer and dance team auditions vary from one team to another, so it’s important to do your research beforehand! Staying on top of important dates and sticking to your audition check list will save you time, stress, and money. Most importantly, getting organized and feeling prepared will make you feel CONFIDENT going into your audition!  And who couldn’t use a little extra confidence? 

 Recommended Blogs:

Sponsor Spotlight – Satin Stitches

Editor’s note: Audition season is right around the corner and if you are a dancer who is planning on trying out this year, you may want to consider an audition outfit by one of our longtime sponsors, Satin Stitches.

Real Custom…Real Quality For nearly 40 Years!

At Satin Stitches, we pride ourselves on producing hand-crafted, couture quality custom dance costumes and uniforms, right here at our showroom and production facility in Minneapolis. We do not cut corners on the quality, fit or construction of our custom designed performance costumes. You can only appreciate and understand our superior Satin Stitches quality if you see and wear it yourself. So don’t hesitate to call or email with questions about what we can do for you!

Shop Online at Satin Stitches 24/7!

We are now offering a variety of customizable Dance, Pom, and Cheer team costumes and uniforms, along with solo audition tops and bottoms. These items are made to order and will be ready for you in a matter of weeks (subject to fabric and trim availability).  If you are interested in any of the styles we will offer, but want to order them in a different fabric/color combination that is offered in our Web Store, or with slightly different features or sizes, please contact Satin Stitches directly!

Deborah J. Nelson founded Satin Stitches® in early 1978, as a one-woman venture after working as a Fashion Designer/Patternmaker for a high-end woman’s apparel company for five years in Minneapolis, MN. By 1979, Deborah added a team of  costume design professionals to help create the very best custom dance performance costuming available. Satin Stitches moved to its current location in 1989, and expanded to double the space in 1994. Although many changes have occurred at Satin Stitches in its nearly 40 year history as a high-quality, custom dance/performance costume manufacturer, the company still remains true to its beginnings, by consistently creating both completely original and customizable costumes for all types of performers including individuals and groups of any size.
Deborah’s 40+ years of professional design, fitting, alterations, and pattern-making experience hails her as a leader in the industry. A Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major: Fashion Design) graduate and former instructor at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), Deborah continues to share her knowledge and experience as both a speaker and writer on topics related to the design, selection, and care of performance costumes and uniforms. Her articles and designs have been featured in magazines including Dance Spirit, Dance Teacher, Survival Guide, Cheerleading/Dance & Drill, Synchronized Skating, and other national publications. Deborah also presents informational seminars at dance, skating and music educator clinics across the country, is a member of United Dance Merchants of America and served on the Editorial Advisory Board of Dance Spirit Magazine for its first five years.

Detroit Free Press – Detroit Lions Cheerleader Costume Message: ‘We’re the All-American woman’

Tanya Wildt, Detroit Free Press

They’re 35 all-American athletic women.

That’s the message the Detroit Lions cheerleaders want to send with their new costumes this season, the first of which unveiled at the team’s home opener against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

“We just really wanted those to look athletic looking, but really represent the brand,” said Rebecca Smoker, director of Lions cheerleaders.”We’re the all-American athletic woman.”

The team wore a blue sheer cropped top with a mock turtleneck for the home opener. The top featured the head of the Lions logo and was paired with a blue skirt. Both the top and the skirt were adorned with rhinestones and were light and airy.

“The goal is just to have a real athletic looking, pleasing to the eye costume,” Smoker said. ” … we’re just really trying to set a trend of athleticism without going over the top.”

Pay attention this season, Lions fans. You’ll see more new costumes throughout the season, with a different look each week. Some costumes will be similar to last year, others will mix and match pieces and there may be throwback costumes for the Thanksgiving game. 

Training started in March, earlier than last year, and there’s a greater focus on fitness, nutrition and public relations, according to Smoker. 

The team takes the opportunity to serve as role models seriously — from what they wear to who they are. The squad is made up women who are already leaders in their communities.

“They’re the best of the best,” Smoker said.

In its second season, the team has grown from 28 to 35 members and has more rigorous demands. 

Sponsor Spotlight: Simma Wear Audition Top Discounts!

Audition season is well under way and Simma Wear, an UltimateCheerleaders.com sponsor, is featuring audition top discounts all week long, with a new deal each day.

“Buying an audition top is an investment! Whether you’re auditioning next week or next year, showing up completely polished can only increase your chances of making a team. Like we always say, “You’ve spent all this time preparing, might as well finish the job and show up being the best you!”

….and we want to ensure you do that!
Every day this week we will have a different sale on a select few of our audition tops. Check back every day to see if your favorite is on sale and show up to auditions feeling 100%.

Happy shopping, Simma Wear.”

Click on the images above or click here to shop the sale.

Free Shipping This Weekend Only at Simma Wear!

It’s audition season and if you are still looking for an outfit, Simma Wear is offering free shipping this weekend.




You want it…go get it!  As we continue to make our way through NFL audition season, we want you to feel your best! The least we can do is offer free shipping. You came this far, don’t let the wrong audition outfit keep you from making a team!

Sponsor Spotlight: Satin Stitches at the 2017 NFL Cheer Director’s Conference

Satin Stitches attended the 2017 NFL Cheer Director’s Conference in Philadelphia, PA in February and here are some highlights from the designers fashion show. Highlights include selections from their 2017 audition wear, modeled by the fabulous Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. Audition looks seen here are available for customizable orders at shop.satinstitches.com.


Sponsor Spotlight: Satin Stitches

UltimateCheerleaders.com is proud to present longtime sponsor Satin Stitches.

Satin Stitches Launches 2017 Audition Apparel

New Styles!

After providing solely custom costuming services as a design and manufacturing company to the dance community and abroad for the last nearly 40 years, creating very specifically designed looks for individuals and teams, we saw the increasing need for a customizable service to bring more options and convenience to our dance clients. We launched our first-ever line of customizable styles last year on our online-store to an overwhelming response from the pro dance community. Embracing that positive energy and momentum, and now in our second season, we are thrilled to add even more diverse, stunning styles to our collection and we can’t wait to see what you think!


As fashion consumers and creators, we embrace trends and styles that speak to the individual and encourage one’s unique personality to shine! Everything in our store can be ordered in your choice of color and fabric combinations, and of course, rhinestones added as you wish for that extra WOW factor!  And because we also provide custom services, we can make a completely unique look for you based on something you see in our store, or something totally new!  Whatever inspires you and your style, we want to help you to look and feel your absolute BEST SELF on your big day!

Stunning Fit & Quality!

When we sit down to create a new look, we place fit and form above all else, because we know the most important factor in creating a stunning look is to achieve a fabulous fit. Our styles are first and foremost meant to flatter and celebrate your body in all the right places and we pride ourselves on making a truly sensational design that will speak your language, both style and body. If you have questions as you are looking at our styles online, know there is a designer and fit specialist just a phone call away to assist you. Our quality is matched by our service and we want you to get the fit and style you deserve!

Sponsor Spotlight: The Line Up

UltimateCheerleaders.com is proud to present longtime sponsor The Line Up.

Audition season is upon us and The Line Up is ready with a fresh new collection of pro outfits. From edgy to feminine, there is a look to fit everyone’s personal style!

As always you can color any style your way for a customize look all your own. We are obsessed with the new sequin lace style for the ultimate feminine look!

To shop the full collection at http://thelineup.com/pro.html

Sponsor Spotlight: Dallaswear Uniforms

UltimateCheerleaders.com is proud to present longtime sponsor Dallaswear Uniforms.

Dallaswear Uniforms just recently launched their new line for pro-cheer auditions this season and they look AMAZING!  From new Sideline Jerseys, new ombre prints and endless rhinestone patterns, you will be set for auditions!  The Sideline Jersey lets you show your team spirit and gives you the option to choose the your team color/ favorite number. Dallaswear has expanded the Ombre Collection to include more styles that accommodate to your style preference.  The best part of their prints and styles is that you can really customize your outfit any way you desire.  And of course there are the rhinestones!  Dallaswear’s Super Bling™ styles have taken it to the next level with gorgeous patterns you cannot find anywhere else!
Need your audition outfit fast?  No problem!  Dallaswear offers 3 and 5 day rush options.  Yes, that is even if you order a completely rhinestoned Super Bling™ outfit! 
Dallaswear is “Where the Pros Go” when it comes to audition and team uniforms. Be sure to shop at DallaswearUniforms.com this audition season.  Cannot wait to see what unique color combinations and styles you will choose!  Good luck at auditions!

Company facts:

  • This year, Dallaswear celebrates it’s 12th year providing fashionable and functional uniforms for Pro Teams and squad hopefuls.
  • Dallaswear Uniforms was founded by Terra (Watson) Saunders, a fashion designer and former 5 Year Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
  • Terra’s been designing and manufacturing uniforms for over 25 years; even before she was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
  • Dallaswear is all manufactured at the Dallaswear factory and headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  
  • Dallaswear also designs uniforms for pro teams like the Golden State Warriors Dance Team, The Cleveland Cavaliers Cavs Dancers, The Atlanta Hawks Dance Team, The San Francisco 49ers Goldrush Cheerleaders, The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, The Raiderettes, The San Diego Charger Girls, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, The Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team, the Oklahoma City Thunder Dance Team and many, many more.  These teams choose Dallaswear because of Dallaswear’s amazing fit.  Because Dallaswear is designed by a professional fashion designer who also wore a uniform for many years, fit and function are incorporated into each and every style. 
  • Dallaswear is not only known for it’s amazing fit, but for it’s iconic look.  “You know Dallaswear when you see it!”  Dallaswear is known for their amazing rhinestone work, unique logo placement and classic lines.  Dallaswear styles aren’t collegiate, strappy or frumpy.  Dallaswear styles are perfectly fit, clean and iconic.
  • Dallaswear is the leader in audition styles because of the sexy and eye-catching style variety.  There are over 350,000 different combinations of styles, fabric and rhinestones you can create for your audition outfit on the website.  
  • Each outfit is custom made to order.  Dallaswear has the fastest custom shipping options in the business!  Dallaswear offers standard 10 day shipping in addition to 5 or 3 day Rush shipping!
  • When it comes to auditions, “You don’t want to be the girl standing next to the girl in Dallaswear… you want to BE the girl in DALLASWEAR!” 

For more information on Dallaswear Uniforms audition wear, please click here.

Sponsor Spotlight: Simma Wear

UltimateCheerleaders.com is proud to announce a new sponsor, Simma Wear.

Introducing Simma Wear: A Brand New Audition Attire Line For Aspiring Pro Dancers!

Audition season is right around the corner and we are excited to announce the launch of a brand new audition line for major league sports, Simma Wear! (www.simmawear.com) (Social Media @Simmawear)

Simma Wear was founded in the San Francisco, Bay Area, produced and manufactured out of Oakland, California, and designed by former professional dancer Simmone Miller. Simmone has danced in music videos, commercials, companies, and was formerly signed to the DDO Talent Agency and The S Agency in Los Angeles, as well as danced in the NBA. Her time spent dancing for the Golden State Warriors influenced the creation of this line, bringing fun, young, and classy colors with Swarovski rhinestone pairings making dancers fully prepared for their NBA/NFL auditions.  

“I really wanted to do something different and something that feels high end. I put a lot of thought into every detail, and every color pairing. I wanted to be sure that I would wear every piece that I am producing. Quality definitely over quantity. We produced a limited amount of each design and color and will be slowly adding more in the years to come. Prior to the Warriors I auditioned for pro dance teams before and would get cut. I definitely heard a bunch of “no’s” before a “yes” and I think that final break through was due to my look. I used to think ‘why am I not making these teams?’ but getting polished put me over the edge. Being fully prepared with the right makeup, hair, earrings, tights and outfit truly made the difference. You’d be surprised what rhinestones can do on the perfect outfit with the right hair and makeup!” – Simmone

Along with audition tops and bottoms, Simma Wear is a one stop shop for all your audition needs including audition tops, bottoms, earrings, and tights and is guaranteed fast processing and delivery time (1-3 day processing + shipping)!  All their audition attire is pre-made allowing for faster delivery than the normal custom attire, however custom rhinestone choices are available at additional cost and time. The “Make It A Kit” option is excellent for first time auditioners, that need a pair of earrings and tights to go along with their audition wear. Already have a top that just needs rhinestones? Simma Wear can add rhinestones to your top as well. You can find more information on all their services and puchase Simma Wear online at www.simmawear.com or if located in the Bay Area, California you can schedule one of their upcoming appointments.

“More than anything, I want you to feel good. You should walk into your audition feeling your absolute best, not worrying about the next girl, but feeling confident in yourself. Yes your hair, makeup, dance, fitness is part of that, but if I can help in a small way by providing audition attire that I put my heart and soul in to make sure that every color and detail makes you stand out in a good way, I’m happy. Clothing aside, I believe in you. Be fearless. Get excited. Trust yourself. The universe is truly unlimited, and so are you. Your wishes wait to come to life. Good luck at your audition.” – Simmone

Make sure to follow @simmawear on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and subscribe to there newsletter for updates and promotions at www.simmawear.com.


The Line Up – Audition Tips: 15 Things to Consider for Your Pro Cheer Audition Outfit

The Line Up, a leading fitness apparel and dance team uniform designer, has published some helpful audition outfit tips for the aspiring professional cheerleader.  As a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, we are please to reprint their advice here and for more insightful tips, please visit their blog.

The Line Up Blog
Posted by Trista on Jan 26, 2017

Audtion tips for your pro cheer audition

Over the years, the tryout process for NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers has become increasingly competitive and can feel very intimidating, even to the vet!  The key is to be prepared, do your research and be confident!  

To help, we’ve compiled a list of tips for your pro cheer audition outfit, pulled from the many years we’ve been outfitting pro cheerleaders and dancers!  From choosing a style to paying attention to the little details – we want you to help you be 110% confident!

Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

1. Know the Expectations, Criteria and Tryout Process for the Team You Are Auditioning 

Make sure you are clear about audition apparel criteria. This will vary depending on the team.  Some teams require special attire such as briefs, not shorts. Or pants and a crop. It’s common for teams to specify the color of the attire to be worn (typically team colors.) Be sure to:

  • Visit your team’s website to get more information. Get details about clinics, information sessions and audition criteria. 
  • Attend prep clinics and info sessions. These are offered to help you prepare, get to know the expectations of the team, and get a feel for the audition process.  The more prepared you feel, the more confident you will feel at opens!
  • Adhere to the rules – it shows you did your research!

2. Dress the Part …

Just like a job interview, first impressions are important. Your goal is to be noticed for properly representing the team. Make sure you are an attraction, not a distraction! Get a feel for your team of choice by:

  • Studying videos and photos of the tryout process from the previous year. If most of the candidates accessorize with rhinestones, be prepared to add bling to your outfit. If most wear shorts instead of briefs, be prepared to do the same.
  • Consulting a veteran cheerleader/dancer. They have been through it before and can provide you with valuable tips. They might even have a bra top you could borrow for prep classes!

At the end of the day, you want the judges and coaches to say “I couldn’t tell if she was a rookie or a vet!”

3. … But Add Your Own Personal Flair

You want to dress the part, but also let your personality shine through!  The style possibilities are endless!  Create your own look by simply changing fabrics or mixing and matching tops and bottoms.   Navigate the choices by styling true to yourself.  

  • Choose a style that represents you.  Are you more girly? Consider a style with lace, sequin, or ruffles.  More sporty?  Consider a style with athletic mesh, side stripes, or criss-cross ties. 
  • Choose a color combination that you feel confident in! If you aren’t a pink girl, don’t wear it. If you are, have fun with it! The style and color combos say a lot about your personality. How do you want to be seen?

Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

4. Think Beyond the Colors You See Online

If you order an outfit ‘as is’  (the same style and color combination as seen online) you run the risk of seeing your outfit on someone else. So get creative!  Simple color changes or rhinestones can transform any style. 

5. Make Sure Your Outfit Is Balanced and Visually Appealing

You can pick the cutest style of top and bottom, but if the fabric selections aren’t quite right, even the most flattering garments will fail. Here are some suggestion for what works best:

  • Limit the color combinations to three colors or less. Trying to incorporate 4 or more colors can become busy and distracting.
  • Balance the colors of your top and bottom. To do this, make sure the colors of your top are incorporated into your bottom. If your bra band is blue, the waistband of your bottom should be blue. Or, if there’s a little pink on your strap, add some pink rhinestones on your bottom as well as the top! 

6. Fit Is Fashion

Proper fit is essential. If your garment does not fit properly, the focus will be on your flaws and not your flattering features. No one wants their skills to be ignored because a bra is peaking out!

  • Check the size chart before ordering.  Check your measurements against the manufacturer’s size chart in order to determine the right size. You might find your size varies from one company’s website to another!
  • If you are between sizes, go up a size! A garment that is too large can easily be taken in. A garment that is too small is hard to let out.  Also, pieces that are too small run the risk of pushing in in all the wrong places.


Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

7. Wear Shoes that Elongate Your Leg

Research the required footwear for your team, or bring options.  Many teams require tan jazz shoes. However, if they do let you choose your own, avoid dark or heavy footwear.  It will look heavy and will distract from your form. A few flattering shoe choices include:

  • Nude jazz shoes – These are usually best, and will blend in and add length to your legs.
  • White boots – If these are allowed, choose a boot with a medium size heel you can dance in.  This heel will also add length.

8. Tights Are Common, but Not Always Required

Pro cheerleaders usually wear tights for performance, but they not always required for auditions.  So wear whatever feels comfortable for you!  One rule of thumb though: only wear tights that match your skin tone. No colors that are too dark or too light like white or black.  

Peavey is a well respected brand of tights, used by a lot of pro teams.  They come in a variety of skin tones, and are low rise.  Nude fishnets are another fun option! 

9. Consider Extra Support

Here’s a little secret: most pro cheerleaders wear a bra underneath their cute bra tops.  It’ll give you a little extra lift if you need it!  But be sure to select the proper bra: no lines, supportive, and stays hidden  in place beneath your outfit.  


Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

10. Pin It In

Pin your bra to your top to ensure your bra straps or band doesn’t show. Even the clear straps! Clear means clear, not invisible.  We also know of a lot of ladies that pin their tights so they don’t peek out too!

11. Let’s Be Honest, Bra Pads Are Your Friend

Here’s another little secret:  take a peek at our models in the pro section of the store, and most of them are wearing Bravo pads.   They’re that secret accessory that will enhance your figure and fill out your tryout top. 


Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

12. Add Sparkle as a Finishing Touch

Sparkle is popular for one very good reason: it’s eye catching!  It can also completely transform your outfit, and make a simple style more interesting. A few ways to add sparkle:

  • Rhinestones: They’ll give you the greatest amount of shine the greatest at a distance. Check out our How To Rhinestone Video Tutorial!
  • Sequin Encrusted Fabric: Try using zsa zsa (sequin fabric) in place of rhinestones. It creates an all-over sparkle and can be a more economical alternative to rhinestones!
  • Beaded Fringe: We’ve seen a few trend setting cheerleaders add their own fringe to their tops, for a little extra movement and flair!

13. Accessorize Appropriately!

Accessorize and add the finishing touches to show that you’ve thought through EVERYTHING. Literally head to toe, you are ready to be on this team. But whatever you do, don’t let it fall off!  

  • Rhinestone earrings – to add sparkle and frame your greatest asset: your smile!
  • A Cute belt – either as apart of your shorts, or tacked and pined in place!

Avoid anything distracting or that will get in your way while dancing though!  Avoid a lot of jewelry or things that will move around.  


Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

14. You May Need More Than One Look

For many NFL and NBA dance teams there are multiple rounds of auditions, and many dancers like to wear different looks for each. Don’t worry about this breaking your budget though!  Consult your other tryout friends or alumni, and borrow a top or organize an outfit swap.  Save your special outfit for semi-finals or finals!

If you do make it to finals, you might need additional outfits!  Some teams have swimsuit or little black dress rounds.

15. Do a “Dress Rehearsal”

Do a “trial run” in your full outfit, hair, and makeup to ensure you are fully prepared, feeling your best, and everything stays in place. It’ll give you time to see if those straps are falling down or shorts are riding up so you can get a fix in place!  You don’t want your outfit to be a distraction for the judges or you.


Minnesota Vikings pro cheer auditions

Audition Photos via Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

And most importantly, our best tip is CONFIDENCE.  The more prepared you feel, the more confident you will feel at opens!  Be proud of yourself for all you did to prep. Just showing up and putting yourself out there is impressive.


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MVC Debut New Uniforms

Our good friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders write us that the MVC debuted new uniforms and two new dance routines at last week’s game against the Green Bay Packers.  Check them out here.





And here are a couple of photos of their classic “Baby Helga” uniform.



Did I mention that purple is my favorite color?