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The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders New “Ice” Uniform

Our good friends from the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders sent us a copy of a blog post from one our sponsors, The Line Up, regarding their new “ice” uniform.  Check it out.

Team Spotlight: The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders’ Icy New Look
From The Line Up Blog
Posted by Trista on Sep 13, 2016

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders in front of US Bank Stadium

After three years of anticipation for the Minnesota Vikings organization and local fans in Minnesota, the football team’s new US Bank Stadium is finally here!  The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC) celebrated the stadium’s inaugural season with some new digs of their own: a stunning new signature uniform!  

The team revealed their new look yesterday with a fabulous photo gallery on their website.  Excitement has been running high at The Line Up – we’ve waited months to share MVC’s custom cheer uniform with you!  Read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes of the team’s makeover!

Finding Inspiration

The design for the custom cheer uniform began last winter, well before the stadium was finished.  Inspiration was drawn from the Vikings organization’s new branding strategy, as well as the design of the stadium itself.  MVC director Tami met with costume designers Michelle and Deb and account manager Megan at The Line Up, and gave them the download on some of the prevalent themes:

  • Modern and structured cuts, a lot of angles, and V’s in everything (ex, concession fronts, the building’s exterior shape)
  • Texture and mixed metals: gold accents, steel, brushed aluminum (ex, half the stadium way finding is gold, the other half is purple)
  • Elegant finishes (ex, white halo lighting)
  • Height (ex, world’s tallest glass pivot doors at 95′ tall, 270′ exterior west prow)
  • Shields, as opposed to swords (ex, Legacy Ship and art collection)
  • Nordic theme, highlighting a cold and snowy Minnesota winter (ex, “Defend The North” marketing campaign)

The final request was that the uniform be white, in order to pop on the field, pay compliment to the rest of the team’s purple uniforms, and embrace the wintery concept behind the branding.

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders costume inspiration

US Bank Stadium rendering

Inspiration images from the Vikings brand platform (top) , and a rendering of the stadium by HKS Architects (bottom). 

Five Sketches and Two Prototypes Later …

With these themes in mind, designers Michelle and Deb got to work. The team went through five rounds of design sketches before landing on two options.  Sample prototypes of each option were created so Tami and the Vikings team could better visualize the final result.

In the end, the team settled on the design on the right (below)!   “Overall, the theme was very Nordic – that was a word that came up a lot during design,” Michelle stated.  “A lot of white and silver, points, and fringe to represent icicles.”  Some features of the uniform included:

  • Deep V neckline, inspired by the structured angles of the stadium and use of v’s in the branding graphics.
  • Beaded fringe, inspired by the “capture the north” branding and icicles of a true Minnesota winter.
  • Lots and lots of sparkle, this uniform has 2,400 heat transferred sequins and 1,500 rhinestones!!!
  • White and silver dominate, with minimal purple and gold, to again  ice and snow.
  • Jagged skirt hem and “shield” dangles, referencing the Vikings shield and icicles.

“[The uniform] was something different than they have normally done, but still went with the Vikings look,” said Megan, account manager.  “The white was a fresh new look, but the jagged skirt still fit with their other costumes.”


Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniform designs

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders custom uniforms

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line UpMinnesota Vikings Cheerleaders uniform by The Line Up

The Making of the Uniform

Before production could start, Deb and account manager Megan went over to the Vikings practice facility to fit the dancers.  With over 40 uniforms, it was a big order!  With so many different embellishments, Megan made sure the specialty fringe, fabric, and rhinestones were ordered well in advance to meet their August deadline.

So much sparkle and detail meant a labor intensive production process.  Each uniform took 5 hours to produce (that’s 5 times longer than our average project!).  The Vikings lettering was embroidered on the back.  The sequins had to be heat transferred onto each pattern piece.  Careful attention was paid to the delicate bead fringe during the sewing process.  The purple rhinestones were both machine and hand applied for the final touch.  All this added up to be one of our most expensive costumes to date!

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

Rhinestones were placed on transfer sheets by machine (right), before being hand placed and pressed on to the skirt piece (left)

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top before all of the purple rhinestones were applied (above).

Vikings cheeleaders ICE costume in production

The top in sewing (left), and in rhinestoning (right).

A Dazzling Debut

The final result is an innovative uniform with one very strong theme: ICE!   “The fun part about working with Tami and the Vikings is that we get to be creative and expand upon their look,” said Deb, creative director at The Line Up.  “They are always willing to try something new!”

Throughout the process, Megan worked diligently to make sure the project was on track, so the uniforms could be delivered in time for their photo shoot.   The stunning pictures from the shoot were debuted on their website yesterday, and featured the dancers in their new stadium.  MVC likes to name each of their uniforms, and no one had to think twice about the name for this uniform – ICE, of course!

Congratulations Vikings on your new home – we hope to see you dancing in style for years to come!

Vikings cheerleaders receive new white Ice uniform

Vikings cheerleaders at practice

MVCs at practice, on the day they received their new uniforms (above)!

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice   Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform Ice

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders new uniform in front of US Bank stadium

The Line Up: Designing New Uniforms for the Arizona Cardinals’ Cheer Team

The Line Up
January 5, 2016

Color us proud! This last August, one of our very own local talents, Kristina Ferdig (a former Viking cheerleader and Line Up model) landed a new role as Director of Cheerleading for the Arizona Cardinals. Without skipping a beat, Kristina tackled her first task: Designing and ordering the team’s new uniforms.

This was not a simple assignment. For one, these new uniforms had to be high-quality and long-lasting, as well as stay consistent with the previous look. However, Kristina also wanted a fresh, new, feminine style. The right fit was even more important. Kristina needed her girls to feel comfortable and confident. But the clock was ticking. With less than 2 months’ turnaround time, the deadline was tight!

Kristina with Tami Krause, Coach of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders at the Vikings/Cardinals game in Phoenix on December 10, 2015.  Photo by Bruce Yeung.

Kristina with Tami Krause, Coach of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders at the Vikings/Cardinals game in Phoenix on December 10, 2015. Photo by Bruce Yeung.

The Line Up Steps Up – Collaborating with the Cardinals

Kristina turned to The Line Up and we sprang to action! We worked with the manufacturer that made the Cardinals’ NFL uniform to get the right fabric and color – making sure we met all of the NFL branding requirements. Of course, communication was essential throughout this process. As a NFL cheerleading team, many pens had to sign-off on the new uniforms. But that didn’t slow us down. The Line Up team partnered closely with Kristina, so nothing was left to chance.

Some of the unique features of these costumes included the NFL branding, a detailed logo embroidered on the waistbands and plenty of rhinestones so Kristina’s girls would shine brightly in stadiums. Despite the many moving parts, we delivered the newly-styled, comfortable-fitting uniforms on time and ready to wear. All dolled up in their new uniforms, Cardinals’ Cheerleaders can confidently showcase their amazing talent and abilities and, of course, cheer on those Cardinals!

Kristina with her team, proudly showing off in their new uniform. Photo by Bruce Yeung.

Kristina with her team, proudly showing off in their new uniform. Photo by Bruce Yeung.

Check out a few pics of Kristina during her Vikings and Line Up modeling days! Feminine, girly styles were always her favorite!

KF MVC unis

KF TLU styles

Want to see more pro teams and their recent designs? Get inspired and check out our portfolio section!

Cardinals Cheerleaders old (left) and newly redesigned (right) uniform.

Cardinals Cheerleaders old (left) and newly redesigned (right) uniform.

Dallaswear Uniforms 2016 Audition Video

DALLASWEAR UNIFORMS 2016 AUDITION VIDEO from Dallaswear Uniforms on Vimeo.

Check out some of the New 2016 Audition styles from Dallaswear! All the new styles launch on January 27th!

Happy 25th to The Line Up!

Our friends at The Line Up are celebrating their 25th year in business. Click here for a great article on the road from the beginning.

2014 AKD Sports Model Seatch Voting is Open

Go here and click like and then vote for the face of AKD. Voting ends this Friday.

Dancing its way to the top: EP dance apparel company is small business success story

By Natalie Conrad
The Minnesota Sun
December 23, 2013

From the Jazzercise outfits of the late 1980s to the professional dance and cheer teams of the NFL and NBA to the local dance teams and synchronized skating clubs, The Line Up has outfitted and glitzed them all on its way to becoming a small business success story.

The Eden Prairie dance apparel business was born in 1989 at the home of Deb Erickson. Today, it provides costumes for half of the NFL and NBA’s cheerleading and dance teams, as well as the greater Midwest, nationally and internationally through its online store. This year, the company moved into a new 16,000-square-foot facility in Eden Prairie and was honored as a “Small Business Success Story” by Twin Cities Business Magazine.

Owner and Creative Director Deb Erickson started her performance apparel business, The Line Up, back in 1989 when her Jazzercise designs caught the eye of the Minnesota Vikings cheer coach. Today, the business serves half of all NFL and NBA dance and cheer teams, along with college, high school and local clubs. (Sun Current staff photo by Natalie Conrad)

It all started when Erickson, a former textiles major, begin making her own workout clothes. Her unique designs caught the attention of friends from Jazzercise and Northwest Fitness, a former gym in the southwest metro. Soon, a Northwest Fitness acquaintance, who was the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders’ coach, asked Deb to make practice uniforms for the cheerleaders. Before long, the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Timberwolves cheerleaders called, followed by countless other professional teams. As requests outpaced Deb’s own sewing capacity, she worked with The Courage Center Homecrafter Program to help with sewing. At the time, she was still working full-time as a hard-of-hearing counselor for the state. By 1992, her hobby became a full-time pursuit and she relocated the business from home.

The Line Up got its start in the early 1990s designing costumes for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders,…and has continued to make costumes for the team throughout the years, including the current costume.

Today, the company is a national leader in custom performance apparel, with a goal of $3 million in annual sales and a seasonally-flexible staff of 30-40 people. In addition to professional cheer and dance teams, the company’s client list includes cheer and dance teams for Division 1 universities, colleges, high schools, and competitive studios and clubs. The Line Up’s product line also includes figure skating apparel and fashion swimwear.

In 2007, the company opened an online store allowing them to reach more national and international clients. The website features 1,000 items that can be personalized to fit customer needs. Sizes offered range from a child size four to an adult 5X, in addition to custom sizes. The online store represents another facet of the company’s motto: “Your imagination. Our Creation.”

“We know who our customers are and what they’re looking for,” said Cheryl Ebersohl, director of product development.

The Line Up’s use of technology and online marketing has enhanced the company’s offerings and has set them apart as a leader in the industry, according to Erickson.

“The reason we’ve been so successful is our use of technology to streamline production,” Erickson said.

The Line Up employees Anna Garcia and Joana Machuca-Temoxte use the sublimation machine to cut pieces of fabric to make performance wear for dance teams. (Sun Current staff photo by Natalie Conrad)

And the dedication to making everything onsite sets it apart from other companies that outsource for production. From the embroidery to the sequins and rhinestones, all The Line Up’s products are made in the USA and right within the new facility in Eden Prairie. The fabrics used are manufactured overseas, but everything is sewn and assembled in-house.

Bloomington resident and production manager Rozi Rose sews a performance apparel piece at The Line Up’s new facility, where all products are made and completed on site. (Sun Current staff photo by Natalie Conrad)

The business moved to the new design and manufacturing, facility in Eden Prairie in April. The new facility houses every part of the business, from design to prototyping to manufacturing and enables The Line Up to have all of its products made in the USA. The new location also includes new embroidery equipment and upgraded manufacturing tools. The Line Up was previously located in another building in Eden Prairie and originally located in a small office building in Edina.

Whether it be 30 costumes for a team or a warm-up outfit for an individual hoping to make a professional dance team, The Line Up is committed to getting the customer whatever they need to make a show-stopping performance. That dedication to quality products and customer service keeps customers coming back, according to Erickson.

“Most of the time, we find that it’s more about building relationships with customers and staff,” Erickson said. “The product is always changing, so it’s important to have that experienced staff and work with customers on an individual basis.”

Developing a custom design is typically a 12-week process, so building a compatible relationship with customers is key. This philosophy, paired with technological advancements, has put The Line Up ahead of the competition. Erickson hopes the philosophy will help the company continue to grow in the future without losing its small business roots.

“We want to continue growing, but remain small,” Erickson said. “We want to be able to double our size, but still stay committed to our customers. It’s about managing growth and intimate relationships. That’s what sets us apart.”

Recent developments for the company have included working with designer Vera Wang on costumes for the Philadelphia Eagles dance team and printing text and logos directly onto fabric for parent and fan apparel.

Dallas Wear Uniforms Go Pink

DallasWear is offering a free left chest logo added to the tops of any team order over $1000.00. The team can get their team logo, or a pink ribbon or whatever they want for the uniforms. You may use this one game a year, so you can keep them for years to come.

And just because they love UC.com readers, they’re offering free shipping for the above team orders with coupon code ULTIMATE.


Fans line up for new Patriots cheerleaders calendar

Juliet Pennington
The Sun Chronicle
August 15, 2013

[Photo Gallery]

FOXBORO – David Villegas, a 16-year-old high school sophomore from Roslindale, said luck was on his side Thursday.

Not only did he get to see New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady in action on the practice field, but he caught the first glimpse of the new Patriots Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar and got to meet several members of the squad.

“This is crazy,” Villegas said. “First, I thought Brady was hurt and there he was playing today. And then, while we were at training camp, we saw signs saying that the cheerleaders would be at Toby Keith’s – so of course we came here for dinner.”

Villegas and his family were among many training camp attendees who had no idea there was a big to-do at the Patriot Place restaurant and bar, but were happy they picked Thursday to watch their beloved hometown team gear up for the season, which moves another step closer tonight with the exhibition home opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In addition to the unveiling of the new swimsuit calendar, this season’s 24-member cheerleading squad was announced and the young women revealed, for the first time, their new uniforms, designed by Waltham-based crystal couture designer Sondra Celli – star of the popular TLC show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” now in its third season.

The navy blue, long-sleeve uniforms are adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals (imported from Austria) in red, clear and blue.

Cheerleader Director Tracy Sormanti said she approached Celli because she wanted the new uniforms to be “different and exciting.”

“The uniforms that she created are extraordinary. They are going to jump to life under the stadium lights,” Sormanti said. “We have the best uniforms in the NFL.”

Celli said that more than 100,000 Swarovski crystals were sewn by hand into the uniforms.

“As a lifelong Patriots fan, this was super special,” Celli said at the swimsuit calendar launch party. “To be asked to do it was really an honor. I can’t get over how lovely the girls are. They have great personalities, they’re smart, they’re beautiful and each one came up to me individually and thanked me.”

Celli also designed one of the bathing suits (a crystal-studded camouflage suit for November, in honor of Veterans Day) worn in the calendar.

Rachel Swanson, 22, who lives in Boston and is a first-year member of the Patriots cheerleading squad, said she “absolutely, totally” loves the uniforms.

“I cannot wait to wear them in the stadium,” she said. “I’m a sucker for Swarovski crystals, so this is great.”

Swanson was one of two cheerleaders who landed on the cover of the swimsuit calendar.

“I can’t put into words how excited I was when I found out I would be on the cover,” she said. “It’s the biggest honor in NFL cheerleading.”

And while she was thrilled to be on the cover, so were many of those who waited in a long line to buy the $20 calendar (with 30 percent of the proceeds going to the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation).

“Look at them,” said Russell Tanner, 32, an information systems analyst from Mansfield who was holding up the calendar so his friends could see the cover. “They are smokin’. Man, this was worth every penny.”

Cami Dunn, 14, a high school freshman from Taunton, said she loved the bling-bling designs of Celli and wanted to see what she did with the uniforms. She and her friend Caleigh Hebert, 15, and also from Taunton, said they both want to be Patriots cheerleaders when they are older.

“It seems fun,” Dunn said. “I love cheerleading and I like the Patriots, so it would be perfect.”

After the cheerleaders were introduced individually, a video called “Sideline to Shoreline” that chronicled the making of the swimsuit calendar was shown, and the cheerleaders mingled with those gathered in the back of the restaurant/bar, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

“I’m having a great time,” Villegas said, as he posed for pictures with various cheerleaders. “I was hungry, but now I’m in no hurry to have dinner. I’d rather being doing this.”

#Why didn’t anyone TELL me??

The new Patriots Cheerleaders uniforms, which will be reveled at the team’s on Thursday, were designed by Sondra Celli.

SONDRA – freaking – CELLI.

Now, I guess if I’d actually read the press release I would know this, but I feel like they should have put this information in HUGE RED LETTERS. And underlined it. Twice.

Do you know who Sondra Celli is? Do you?

If you don’t, google her. Google her right now.

Unlike myself, you probably have not seen every single episode of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” (both the original recipe and the Yankee spinoff) I have watched the specials. I have watched the Stanley Sisters spin-off (really not proud of that last one). I’ve even read the books written by the dressmakers. Not because of some innate fascination with the Gypsy/Roma/Traveller cultures, but because their fashion fascinates me. The wedding gowns, the bridesmaids dresses, the formal wear, it’s like…whoa. There is no way to adequately describe the over-the-topness that happens on those shows.

So, who is Sondra Celli? Sondra Celli is THE couturier of choice for gypsy bridal fashion in the US of A. Why? Because she does things with Swarovski crystals that you have never even imagined. And she does it with crystals by the truckload. I imagine her shop is like Scrooge McDuck’s money vault, except hers is piled high with glitter and crystals, not gold coins. I want to go there and put on a princess crown, and dance around in the mountains of tulle. But I digress.

Sondra serves a clientele that views “completely absurd” as the jumping off point for any design. So she sparkles gowns, pumps, tuxedos, baby booties, christening gowns, hand bags, go go boots, baby strollers, first communion dresses, sweet 16 outfits, mens shoes, hot pants, motorcycle helmets, and anything else you can imagine. If you can make it stand still, she can bedazzle it.

Yes, that is Katy Perry, in the midst of her mercifully brief “just broke up with my man, gotta change my hair” blondish phase. (Hard to believe that woman is a natural blonde. She is so stunning with dark hair. Oops, there I go, off topic again…)

Sondra Celli is famous for making wedding gowns so enormous the bride can barely walk, gowns so heavy they leave the wearer with permanent scars. Exhibit A:

Indulge me while I go completely off topic for a moment…Here is one of Sondra’s recent creations for one of her most outrageous gypsy customers. The bride wanted hot pink, leopard, and sparkles, and oh boy did Sondra give it to her! The first impression is one of intense cray, but there is some serious workmanship in there, and I don’t even think she had a week to make all of it. (Sadly, the marriage didn’t even last half that long, but that’s a story for another day. Oh, that wacky Mellie Stanley…)

So, as I ponder “Sondra Celli + Pats Cheerleaders,” this is the kind of thing that comes to mind:

I cannot wait to see how she translates her specialty into cheerleader costumes, which must of necessity be lightweight and breathable.

Now, having terrified you with all of the above, let me put your mind at ease. Yes, Sondra Celli refers to her assistants as “The Blingettes,” but she also has a whole other side of her formalwear business where she dials the glitter gun down several notches. That side of her business caters to a different clientele. One that now, apparently, includes the Pats Cheerleaders. But both sides of her business involve a lot of Swarovski, so whatever she came up with for the NEPC will definitely sparkle.

Check out Sondra’s facebook page for examples of her blingiest productions. [here]

Dallaswear is looking for models!

Terra at Dallaswear is looking for some fresh faces to model her creations. If you’re interested (and have the look and the bod) send her an email. Note: this isn’t a contest. It is an open invitation to submit your photos.

The Line Up does the Pro Bowl

Every year, The Line Up creates a complete wardrobe of practicewear for the Minnesota Vikings’ Pro Bowl Cheerleader. This year, MVC Melissa went to Hawaii with SIX different outfits from The Line Up. The company also chooses one of their new styles and makea a version of it for each Pro Bowl Cheerleader (in her team’s colors, of course.) Click here to check out the Line Up’s Pro Bowl gallery on Facebook, where many of the ladies are also wearing their team uniforms, which are also from The Line Up!

More from Dallaswear

Hot off the presses! Dallaswear Uniforms owner Terra Saunders sent me a few photos of her new 2013 stuff:

This is the Marta top.
Do we have any Project Runway fans in the house? Methinks Terra is the Uli of auditionwear. Amiright?
(For those who aren’t familiar, Uli is known for her particular talent for mixing dissimilar patterns and textures)

The Alicia top.
This one is a variation on last year’s Brisa.
Alicia gives you more opportunity to customize the colors.
No crystals on this one, but it still has beaucoup sparkle!

The Rosalyn top.
I think this is a variation on the Meg, but I won’t swear to it.
Also, I could be wrong, but I believe the colored crystals are new this year.
They really do add a little something extra. I must say, this color combination never would have occurred to me. Salmon and turquoise? Isn’t that a little “Miami Vice?” But it works.

Dallaswear’s 2013 debut

Terra Saunders’ Dallaswear hit the scene with a big bang last year. Her collection of auditionwear is an equal mix of Fun, Fancy, and Functional. (Ha! I didn’t even do that on purpose. How about Fantastic, Far out, Futuristic, ….I’m getting off topic. My point is Dallaswear is known for adding glam and lots of sparkle, and offering many options for dialing the sexy up or down to suit your taste. Look no further than the “Super Bling” items: separates that come pre-studded with tons of sparkling crystals.

And it doesn’t hurt that the clothing is modeled by past and present Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

That is the sparkliest sparkle that ever sparkled (excepting the entire city of Las Vegas.) You want to grab the judges’ attention? Get these shorts, and they’ll be able to see you from the Moon.

You’re still looking at them, aren’t you?
Especially the ones on the right. That detailing is beautiful.

This is a great option for those who lack the patience-slash-coordination-slash-creativity to sit around gluing Swarovski crystals all over everything. Yeah, it’s probably less expensive to DIY the crystals, but let’s be honest, ladies. If some of you (and you know who you are) try this at home, you’re going to wind up with your fingers glued together, some raggedy home-ec-looking mess, and a last-minute trip to the mall for a replacement outfit. Please. Let Terra handle it for you.

I was wondering what Terra was up to for 2013, so I moseyed over to the Facebook Page and ran right smack into this sneak preview:

Say it with me “….oooohhh that’s purty!”

I don’t even care what it is, it’s gorgeous. It looks like Dallaswear has some real knockouts in store for us. The new stuff is coming out soon. And I hear there are chaps. CHAPS. Yee-haw!

Side note: the next thing I came across was this:

The first thing you notice is the paint job…and then your eye moves down. Whoa! Clearly this is a work environment like no other. I just hope…I really really hope…they don’t have any men working there. I really don’t want to see that.

Sneak Peek: The Line Up’s New Auditionwear for 2013

January…bleh. The least fun month of the whole entire year. But there is always one thing to look forward to in the midst of the winter doldrums: new audition outfits! This is the time of year when The Line Up gives us a peek at their new options for the 2013 audition season. They just did a photoshoot with their new stuff, and they’ve got a photo preview on their Facebook page. **Update: The link is fixed now**

This time last year, I examined the 2012 collection and predicted the big sellers for the year. I warned you that my predictions are always wrong. And I was right. (Wait…so if my prediction is wrong, but my prediction about my prediction is right, does that mean I’m always wrong? Or always right?)

I hold firm that more people should have picked my favorites, but whatever.

The people who did looked really really cute.

To my surprise, out of all the new tops introduced last year, the one I saw most often was one of the “safest” designs. Cute top, but not as POW! as the others. In retrospect, it’s a choice that makes a lot of sense. Nobody hates this top, whereas some of the others might appeal to some folks more (or less!) than others.

This year, I won’t pretend to know what will float your boat. That does not prevent me from expressing my opinion, however. And please feel free to express yours in the comments section.

Here’s a thought. If you are in the market for an outfit for NFL/NBA auditions this year, scroll down to the three photos below and look at each one for 3-5 seconds. Then close your eyes and try to remember all of the outfits you just saw. The ones that stand out in your mind will probably stand out to the judges too.

Onward to the new oufits. Like to see it? Here it go:




Hands-down, these are my two favorites:

They are super cute and if you don’t like them – and I’m saying this with love – there may be something wrong with you. I also suspect that the red fringe top in the first photo above is really really cute, but I haven’t had a good look at it yet.

This kind of thing…well, it takes a special kind of person to pull this off. And I expect that person is probably a returning veteran who can get away with it. But anyone who wears it will definitely be remembered.

Ditto on the pirate outfit. Although this kind of thing would be really cute for a solo. Maybe throw on a beret and do the French mademoiselle thing.

Hello, what’s this? Briefs! As far as I know, up until now TLU has done briefs, but they’ve all been very basic. Just one solid color, with options for the cut and rise. I think there’s one with a belt. Looks like they’re finally venturing into the world of coordinated briefs to go with the tops.

Is it me, or are the ones in the middle really really cute?

Is it me, or am I saying “really really cute” a lot? Clearly I need to broaden my vocabulary.

And if I may pass along one thing I hear at many auditions: booty shorts may feel safer, but generally speaking, briefs are more flattering.

I’m also digging these two. Isn’t it about time we brought sleeves back? Everyone goes sleeveless at NFL and NBA tryouts. I don’t know why. Do your armpits need to be free? Whatever the reason, they’re rare enough at auditions, that anyone with sleeves will stand out. Give it a shot. Dare to stand out in a sea of sleeveless halters.

Unless I am much mistaken, the one on the left is a variation on the Bucs Cheerleaders’ creamsicle outfits. Already that’s a plus.

I will leave you to flip through the new designs on your own, and ponder your strategy for standing out from the crowd. You can’t go wrong with an audition outfit from this company, regardless of which one you choose. And looking good will give you a little extra swagger in front of those judges.

Dang that yellow fringe is foxy. I can’t wait to see who has the cojones to wear it.

Flight Crew White-Out

The New York Jets Flight Crew has a new look. And I like it. As I’ve said in the past, I enjoy a puff sleeve and/or a ruffle. In moderation. The collar adds a little “pow!” too. I have no idea what these outfits were for, if it’s a one-time only thing, or what, but I enjoyed them. If one of you has the scoop, and would care to enlighten me, I would love to know the deets.

I will say, the one thing I did not enjoy so much was (were?) the poms. I have a few personal rules when it comes to dressing a pro team:

  • Uniforms must not be ugly, skanky, boring, or lame. Duh.
  • I don’t like to see cheerleaders in black. Some black is ok. Mostly black: not ok. And I really hate black poms. I find them depressing. And not very exciting to watch on the field.
  • The outfit has to have some kind of branding. Logo, team name, or whatever. It has to clearly identify the team the dancers are associated with.
  • There must be some sparkle. Doesn’t have to look like one of those glitz dresses on Toddlers and Tiaras, but you’ve got to have some.
  • No likey when the poms are a solid color that matches the main color of the outfit. The whole point of poms is to emphasize the motions and provide contrast. So Flight Crew, if you’re going to wear all white again, we need to chat about the poms. I know a guy who can hook you up. Call me.
  • I’m sure I have more rules, I just haven’t made them up yet

On a somewhat related note, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders also recently debuted a new look. I like this one as well. Apparently in addition to a puff sleeve and a ruffle, I also enjoy a scoop neck. And I enjoy that they’ve got some color to them. I do like the white outfits worn all around the league, but after a while, they all start to blur together in my mind.

I need to start writing these down…

But that’s enough about me. What do you guys think?