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Sixers to Hold Final Round of Auditions for Sixers Dancers Finals Open to the Public

The Philadelphia 76ers will hold the final round of auditions for the 2009-10 Sixers Dancers at Chickie’s & Pete’s (1526 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19145) on Monday, July 13. The 30 semi-finalists that advanced past the first-round of auditions will compete for a spot on the team beginning at 7:00pm

The event is free and open to the public.

All finalists will perform as a group followed by performances in groups of four. The Sixers Jr. Dancers and Alumni Dancers will perform as well throughout the evening.

Sixers public address announcer Matt Cord will emcee the event. Special guest judges include CBS-3 sports reporter Don Bell, NBC-10 anchor Dawn Timmeney, NBC-10 sports reporter John Clark, CSN anchor Marshall Harris, 100.3 the Beat’s radio hosts Charlamagne and Pooch, 610-WIP radio broadcaster Hugh Douglas, one of the East Coast’s top advertising and editorial photographers Michael Spain-Smith, and Pete Ciarrocchi of Chickie’s & Pete’s.

daynasixersUnder the direction of new Coach and former Sixers Dancer Dayna Nadler Hafetz, the Sixers Dancers are entering their 14th season as an integral part of the 76ers game entertainment package. The Sixers Dancers represent the 76ers organization at home games and many of the promotional and community appearances throughout the year.

During her seven years as a Sixers Dancer, Dayna had the opportunity to perform at both the NBA All-Star Game in 2000 and NBA Finals in 2001. Also during that time, she has performed alongside Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Pink, Ludacris, and appeared on MTV’s Rock and Jock, ESPN Pro Dance Special, as well as various Comcast commercials and television specials.

P-R-O: The San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers

This was the first time that representatives from the San Antonio Spurs made the trip to P-R-O. Silver Dancers Director Raquel Garcia brought along her two captains, Tina and Monica.

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Scenes from Celtics Dancer Auditions

Celtics.com was live at the auditions in Waltham Saturday, where hundreds of girls showed up for a chance at taking the court next season as a Celtics Dancer. Click here to view the photos on the Celtics website.


Wizard of Oz Star Taps Her Heels

By Roger Schlueter

amyhollandpenellramsWhen Amy Holland Pennell delivers the classic “There’s no place like home!” line tonight, she’ll mean it more than most in the audience might imagine.

For the past three years, this multitalented 1999 Granite City High School graduate has been in Los Angeles, working her way up the star ladder. Just recently, she put the wraps on her starring role as Alice Bordeaux in John Ward’s “The Ten Commandments,” which is due out later this year.

But by a stroke of luck, she returned to St. Louis recently for another audition, and Beverley Scroggins, her high school drama coach, pounced on the opportunity. Scroggins landed her former student for the lead role of Dorothy in the Summerstage production of “The Wizard of Oz” at 7:30 p.m. tonight through Saturday at Granite City High School.
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Detroit Ignition Dancer Wins Miss Michigan Pageant


Congratulations to Nicole Blaszczyk of XSL Detroit Ignition “The Spark” Dance Team who was crowned Miss Michigan this past weekend.


Nicole is a full-time student at Wayne State University pursuing a degree in Marketing.

Nicole will now go on to compete in the Miss America Pageant in January.

[Miss Michigan]

[Detroit Ignition ‘ The Spark’]

Laker Girl Fitness Profile: Annika

How did you prepare for Laker Girls auditions this summer?

I stepped up my workout routine by doing extra cardio and really focusing on stretching, since flexibility is important at auditions. I also worked on increasing my stamina since the first day of auditions is a very long day and requires a lot of energy.

What other styles of dance do you do outside of Laker Girls rehearsals to maintain your skills?

I love taking hip hop and jazz classes, and I really need to get back into ballet too!


Do you do anything outside of dance to stay fit (ie swimming, biking, etc.)?

I love doing cardio at the gym, and I also love hiking when I get a chance to go.

Take us through your typical workout. Do you use weights, cardio, flexibility exercises? If so, please describe.

I start out with 30-45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine. Right after that, I stretch because I like stretching when my muscles are still warm. From there, I move on to my favorite weights/resistance exercises–squats, lunges, sit-ups, and various exercises on the large exercise ball.

What do you eat to stay healthy/maintain energy?

I love having eggs with avocado, and fruit on the side for breakfast. It starts my day off right and gives me the energy I need to get going. My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich or a fruit smoothie, and for dinner I love having a fresh piece of fish with asparagus and couscous! I love having original tart flavor frozen yogurt for dessert because it’s only about 90 calories per serving and absolutely delicious!

Talk about the importance of stretching, yoga or Pilates in your workout.

Stretching is absolutely essential as a dancer, and I love doing it because it is calming and relaxing for me. I love Pilates because it strengthens my core, which in turn makes me a sharper, stronger dancer. Yoga is extremely therapeutic and beneficial for me too. Its simplicity makes it great for beginners too.

How do you balance dancing vs. other fitness related activities?

I like to workout at the gym every other day (the days we do not have practice), so that I’m active everyday and I can alternate activities.


Who made you aware of the importance of staying fit?

Honestly, I picked it up on my own when I was in college and realized I had gained about 8 of the Freshman 15. I’m pretty self-motivated because I like feeling fit and in good shape. But, I’m also inspired by the trainers at the gym because of their dedication to fitness.

What do you find a “nutritional snack” during the day? In addition, tell us about your favorite meal to eat that you find healthy for your lifestyle.

I love, love, love Fuji Apples–they are a sweet, nutritional snack and they fill me up just enough to hold me over between meals.

What advice would you give to Lakers fans about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

I would say to make diet and exercise equally important–they go hand in hand and both are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t jip yourself by only doing one or the other.

Do you have an everyday helpful, healthy tips for any of the Lakers Fans?

Drink lots of water!! It gives you energy and is so much better for you than soda and most other drinks. It also helps with portion control because it fills you up.

More Laker Girl fitness profiles, here.

Former Laker Girl Has New Book Due in July

Former Laker Girl Sanda Colton from FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and most recently Dancing With The Stars Semi-Final Round Results Show with Raphael Saadiq, has done it again! You’ve seen her on the American Idol promos, the currently running Subway commercials for the ‘$5 Footlong,’ in the upcoming David E. Kelley show “Legally Mad,” The Dream’s video “Rockin’ That Thing” on stage with Rihanna and so much more!

The Spring 2009 Issue of her magazine, O.G. Magazine is now available Original Girl Magazine is a lifestyle publication Sandra created geared toward college students 18-26 years old for those who are On the Go, In the Know and Very That! Go to OriginalGirlMagazine.com to check out the Spring Issue Today! You can also see the Winter 2008 Issue there as well.

Sandra’s book entitled, BOOK ME! How To Become A Successful Working Dancer In Hollywood! is also due out this July. Featuring Over 50 Top Choreographers, Dos and Don’ts at Auditions and On The Job, Sandra hits this one out of the park! A long overdue compilation giving dancers from novice to professional tips from before you move to what to do once you arrive and how to get working, stay working and steps to move your career forward. She attacks this book like she does life, with a fiery passion! An avid writer, Sandra is also on the Board of Directors for the LA Chapter of AFTRA and is also a member of the Recording Academy, SAG and ASCAP. She put this book together to help dancers really understand what it takes to navigate through the Hollywood Dance Scene!

Sandra Colton (Pink-Cover "I Can't Dance")


[Original Girl Magazine]

Nets Dancers Auditions and Boot Camp



Open Audition to be held on Saturday, June 20

City Center Studios, 130 West 56th Street between 6th & 7th Avenue

-Registration begins at 11:00am & all dancers must arrive by 12:00pm to participate.

-Must be 18 or older & have at least 8 years of technical dance training.

-Tumbling skills are a plus, but not required.

-Wear fitted attire & non-marking sneakers or dance shoes.

-Arrive in performance ready hair & makeup.

-Select dancers from each open call will be invited to final auditions the evening of Monday, June 22 at the Nets Practice Facility.

-Final Audition choreography will be taught by Jon Rua from the cast of Tony Award Winning Broadway Hit Musical In the Heights. There will be media coverage.

-The Nets Dancers receive professional pay.



Nets Dancer Clinics (Trained dancers ages 14 & older)

Saturday, June 6, 3:00-6:00pm at the Nets Practice Facility

Learn Nets Dancer choreography straight from the court & receive tips on preparing for auditions from Team Captains & Entertainment Staff. Different choreography will be taught at each three-hour session. $50 per session if pre-paid; $55 at the door.

Nets Dancer Boot Camp (Trained dancers ages 14 & older)

Monday, June 15 through Friday, June 19, 6:30-9:30pm at the Nets Practice Facility

Get the ultimate Nets Dancer experience!

-Spend five days training with the Nets Dancers

-Learn two complete routines straight from the court

-Receive one-on-one feedback & audition tips from the Team Captains & Entertainment Staff

-Get a step ahead of the competition by learning choreography for the technique portion of auditions.

-$200 for the five-session package. Space is limited

Call 201-635-3147 to sign up for the Clinic or Boot camp today!

[NJ Nets Dancers]

On The Flipside

In the latest edition of Aubrey Aquino’s On The Flipside includes a feature on Phoenix Suns Dancer Brittany.

[Phoenix Suns Dancers]

[Aubrey Aquino]

[On The Flipside]

Ivy League Grad, Presidential Management Fellow, Cheerleader


DC Body Armor Dancer Jess majored in International Relations at Princeton. While in college, she took time out from dancing to concentrate on her studies, but she did direct a small tap dance company. She also got her first taste of journalism as a stringer for The Princeton Packet.

Before the game Jess relaxes while reading Paul Theroux’s Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown.

After graduating from Princeton, Jess earned her Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins. She was awarded a Presidential Management Fellowship at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BGB). The BGB is the agency in charge of all non-military US government broadcasting. Think Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, etc.


In her position at the BGB, Jess rotates into various positions and departments. She just finished up a stint working as an online reporter/editor for the English radio service.

Her fellowship lasts another year. After that she plans to take a job in the Civil Service.

[DC Body Armor]

Check out our list of Ivy League Pro Cheerleaders/Dancers here.

Former Laker Girl Stars in Terminator Salvation

Laker Girl, check! Back up dancer for Prince, check! Ass-kicking female in a post-Judgment Day world? After this weekend, star-on-the-rise Moon Bloodgood can cross that one off her list too.
By Harrison Pierce


Actress Moon Bloodgood is having a moment. The striking Korean, Dutch and Irish beauty has her first big starring role in Terminator Salvation, which opened Thursday in over 3,500 theatres. The feverishly anticipated continuation of the blockbuster Terminator series takes place in the post-Judgment Day, machine-ruled future only glimpsed at in the previous Terminator films. Moon’s character emerges from this dystopia as an ass-kicking babe in the grand tradition of Linda Hamilton in T2 and Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. After this weekend, moviegoers previously unfamiliar with the actress might make the mistake of labeling her an overnight success, but as she’ll attest, hard work over time is the more common route to any kind of success in Hollywood.

In fact, since her late teens, Moon’s been paying her dues as everything from a Laker Girl, to a backup dancer for music stars like Prince and Brandy, and as an aspiring actress humbly willing to accept parts with non-names like “Stripper” and “Gorgeous Woman.” Recently, she’s managed to win bigger and better roles, including one opposite Paul Walker in the hit adventure film Eight Below, and another in last year’s Hollywood satire What Just Happened?, starring Robert De Niro. For Moon, it feels like it’s all been leading up to this moment, and naturally, she’s an expectant mix of excitement and fear.

Advocate.com recently chatted with Moon on the eve of her big break to discuss everything from her role in the new Terminator film, to her days in purple and gold as a Laker Girl, to her feelings about the imminent Judgment Day decision by the California courts regarding marriage equality.

Advocate.com: Tell us about a little about your uniquely cool name, because, after this weekend, I think it’s one a lot more people are going to know…
Moon Bloodgood: [Laughs]. Thank you! Well, my real name is actually Korinna Moon Bloodgood. Moon is my middle name and my Mom gave it to me, because I’m half Korean. My last name, Bloodgood, is Dutch.

Before being cast in the new Terminator, were you a fan of the series?
Oh, huge, huge fan, especially of the first and second ones.

So, how’d you feel when you found out you got the part?

I think it’s one of those moments you wait your whole life for as an artist. I mean, you love the process, but you just get so excited because you get to be a part of something you grew up loving!

In the film you play a tough, post-Judgment Day survivalist named “Blair Williams.” Did you feel pressure to get Linda Hamilton-ripped?

I had a personal trainer and he did a lot of weight training with me. But I didn’t want to get too big. I just wanted to get a little stronger. Anyway, I’ve gotten some comparisons [to Hamilton] and it’s always flattering because — like her and “Ripley” in Aliens you love those female characters that are strong and likeable.

You have a relationship in the film with sexy Australian newcomer Sam Worthington’s half human, half robot character “Marcus Wright.” Ever dated someone you suspected was part robot?
I’ve definitely met guys that made me think Why can’t you feel anything? I don’t understand you! [laughs]. Interestingly enough, in the movie, I sense that the Marcus character has a lot of emotion and I’m surprised to find out he’s half robot.

On set, did you call your director “McG” [real name Joseph McGinty Nichol] or something a little more formal?
Well, he’s called that because his father’s name is Joseph, so it just became his nickname a long time ago. I actually have known him for a while, so he’s just McG to me. I mean, my name’s Moon so, between [co-stars] Common and Anton [Yelchin] and Bryce [Dallas Howard] — we all had crazy names on that set.

McG previously directed the Charlie’s Angels films — do you think your character could take those girls?

I definitely don’t think my character is as fun as them, but, yeah — I’d like to think I could take them. My character, I mean. I don’t think Moon could…I wouldn’t go that far.

In the machine-ruled world of Terminator Salvation, things are a bit drab — where are the gay robots to glamorize things up?
I know, where are the gay robots? Actually, you don’t know what those robots are into.

It seems like no one has time for sex in Terminator world…

Who has time to think about it when you’re just trying to fucking survive? [Laughs] Even my character doesn’t have time for sex and, believe me; I’m thinking Blair hasn’t gotten any in a while.

You know, gay audiences love hot, ass-kicking women on the big screen — are you ready for your big gay fan base?
I would love to have a gay fan base because, you know, I grew up as a dancer, so a lot of my friends were gay. When you grow up and you’re into musicals and stuff — I love that artistic world — you find a lot of gay men and women love that world too, so I hope I get a lot of new fans. I’m down…I feel it, I want it.

What was it like being a Laker Girl?
Being a Laker Girl was a dream of mine since I was a kid. But there was a time when they would warn us not to hang out with the players and it just sometimes felt, like, even though it was a job, they were telling us what to do with our private time. That felt a little restricting. I was 18 and thinking, What I do with my personal time is my business! I was a little rebellious [laughs].

Did the Laker girls get along or was it catfight city?

Ninety nine percent of the time everyone got along, but any time you get a group of girls together there’s gonna be some drama. There were never any physical fights but there’s always gossip and a couple girls who don’t get along.

Did that gig prepare you for the acting world?
Yeah, it did. In some ways it’s a similar medium and in other ways it’s very different. But it helped me develop my physicality, which later helped me with stunts. [Doing Terminator] I wasn’t afraid to run, jump or hang from harnesses. I wasn’t fearful of executing those stunts because I have that center of gravity from dance.

What was it like backup dancing for the Purple One?
I had a show at his club and I worked on some of his CD Roms — I did a lot of different things for Prince. I worked with a lot of different artists as a dancer, like The Offspring, Deborah Cox and Brandy. So yeah, I was a backup dancer for a while and wanted to do music, but five years ago, I segued into acting, which I’ve fallen in love with.

Early in your acting career you played characters billed as “Stripper” on TV’s CSI and “Gorgeous Woman” in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton — did you ever ask if your characters could have a name?
At that point, I was just happy to be working. I was like, “Fuck it, if I’m a stripper, that’s what I am.” Like, what am I gonna say? I was so used to being treated like shit as a dancer, where they saw us as a group and not as individuals. Now, I wouldn’t want to be just called “Stripper;” I have a little more of an ego, I have to admit.

When you work with a hottie like Paul Walker in Eight Below, how do you control yourself from jumping his bones?
You know, I was with somebody at the time — being in a relationship usually helps with monogamy, you know [laughs]. I recommend it. But Paul, in person, is quite stunning and, believe me, it definitely helps with onscreen chemistry. I’m lucky I got to do a kiss with him.

Speaking of jumping bones, you played a film executive trying to seduce Robert De Niro in What Just Happened? Who was more nervous filming that scene?
I think people would be surprised at how shy Bob was — well, people call him Bob, I’ll call him Robert De Niro. I think he was more embarrassed than I was and when I had to flash him some good ole’ titty, he was looking away. I think it was a courtesy to me, because he didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. He’s quite the gentleman. You think he’s this badass actor who’s fearless, but he’s quite shy in person.

Have you had a chance to meet the original Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?
I haven’t met him, no, but I did meet his kids at the premiere. They’re beautiful.

Do they look more like him or the Shrivers?

I gotta say, they’re like a really good hybrid.

I remember seeing his son somewhere and wondering how much pressure that poor kid must feel to be a body builder…
Or a politician. He’s like, “I’m fucked either way” [laughs]. I think they should just go into psychology or something.

For the gay community, the imminent decision by the state courts about Prop 8 is a bit like Judgment Day — what are your feelings on the issue of marriage equality?

I’ve always believed that people who are against gays getting married are people who don’t have gay friends. If you had a gay friend, you’d support it because you’d want him or her to get married because, you know, nobody chooses to have a life that people have prejudices against. It’s always baffled me, because my cousin was gay growing up and I was always around it.

Do you think there’s really such a thing as overnight success in this town?
I rarely see it. Everything I’ve seen — nine out of ten times —is people working really hard and taking little baby steps toward it. Once in a while somebody pops off and they’re an overnight success, but they’re very few and far between. I think all of us worked really hard to get where we are.

Was there ever a time you wanted to throw in the towel?
Are you kidding me? Almost every other day [laughs]. There are moments that I’m so happy and can’t think of doing anything else and other moments where you get why people marry and move to Montana and raise cattle. I remember being at the premiere [for Terminator] and thinking, ‘I am so overwhelmed by all this.’ You wonder, ‘Do people really like me for me?’ or ‘What game do I have to play?’ and ‘How much is this about my talent?’ It’s a really tough business and there’s a reason people crumble and have a hard time. Yeah, there are times I’m like, “Fuck it, throw in the towel? I’m gonna throw in my whole career, my car, my everything” and I’m just gonna get up and go away.

Will there be another Terminator sequel after this one and will you be involved?

At this point, and I’m being totally honest, no one knows. We’re kind of waiting to see how the movie does and how people respond to it, but hopefully they will and I’d love to be in it.

The Terminator billboards are everywhere in Los Angeles — do you love it?
I do love it, but this is my first thing of this caliber so I’m nervous and I hope people like the movie. I have a lot of emotions running through me right now.

Redhawk Becomes Sea Gal


By Katie Farden
The SU Spectator

With four wins and 12 losses last season, the Seattle Seahawks ended 2008 leaving most of their fans with dim hopes for next year. Seattle U students and alumni still have cause to head down to Qwest Field, however, even if it is only for the half-time show.

Senior criminal justice and forensic psychology major Pia Gillan recently earned a spot on the Sea Gals, a professional dance team that performs at Seahawks football games.

When Gillan first found out she made the team, she was in disbelief.

“You have to wait for an hour to find out, and that’s the worst part,” she said. “When they first called my number I was in shock, I had to double check to make sure it was me.”

Gillan has been a member of Seattle U’s dance squad, SU Dance Team, for the past two years. Her dance coach, Kate Kelly, wasn’t surprised with Gillian’s success at the Sea Gals tryout.

“She is one of the best performers I have ever coached,” Kelly said. “She just has that air about her.”

Performing in front of a large audience is one aspect of her new job Gillan says she is most excited to take on.

“I’m really excited just to be in the stadium interacting with the crowd,” said Gillan who was born and raised in Guam and danced competitively in high school for Skip Entertainment Studio. Before dancing on the SU Dance Team, Gillan spent her freshman and sophomore year playing rugby for Seattle U.

“Rugby was a lot of fun, especially because we played it a lot in Guam,” she said. “But I really missed dancing. It’s not that I didn’t like rugby, but I do wish I had tried out for the dance team earlier.”

The most unforgettable moment of her two years on Seattle U’s dance squad, she said, was her initial audition.

“I had never really auditioned before, and I was nervous choreographing my own dance,” she said of her 2007 tryout. “But I got through it.”

Gillan auditioned for the Sea Gals in late April at Qwest Field. The try outs, which held three rounds of cuts and personal interviews, proved to be far more overwhelming than the Seattle U dance team auditions.

“At the SU audition, there are about eight girls there, and everyone knows your name,” she said. “At the Sea Gals audition, there were over 200. You’re just a number.”

Gillan’s number, however, drew the coaches’ attention. She was selected along with 27 other women for the 2009 Sea Gal’s roster.

“My mom called everyone she knew. And my family keeps checking the [Sea Gals] Web site,” she said with a laugh.

The Sea Gals practice every Tuesday and Thursday at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Wash.

“Practices start at 6:30 p.m., and they don’t give you an end time because you don’t know when it will get over,” Gillan said.

She said while it’s often challenging, she works to strike a balance between school and her new job as a Sea Gal.

“It’s pretty stressful,” said Gillan, who also works 15 hours a week at Super Copy. “I just seriously have to time-manage.”

Still, the Sea Gal practices, which usually run for about two and a half hours, offer her time to unwind.

“I look forward to those practices because it’s a chance to put school behind me.”

Although Gillan is now a professional dancer, her former coach said she still retains her humility.

“She is probably one of the most down to earth people I know,” said Kelly. “She definitely deserves this.”

Behind the Scenes at the FC Dallas Dancer Photoshoot

The newly minted MLS FC Dallas Dancers recently completed their very first photo shoot in their new team uniforms. The video below gives us a peek behind the scenes at the photo session!

Find more videos like this on MyFCDallas

Luvabulls Director Celebrates 25 Years

Celebrating 25 years with the Chicago Luvabulls
Nearly 70 former Luvabulls honor Director Cathy Core for her efforts.

Chicago Bulls
April 2009


Luvabulls Director Cathy Core was recently honored for her 25 years with the Bulls organization. On April 4, nearly 70 former Luvabulls dancers were on hand as the Bulls took on the New Jersey Nets to re-unite and thank Core for her years of service.

Current Luvabulls also took part in the celebration in which Core was presented with a plaque and cake after the game.

Also on April 4, the Luvabulls and Core were presented with induction plaque into the Amsterdam Haarlem Basketball Week Hall of Fame. The Luvabulls have performed at the tournament in Holland at since the early 1990s and were inducted this year in their Hall of Fame. Click here for photos.

Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party

From the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog:

To introduce the 2009 squad to the public, the Buffalo Jills invaded Club Paradise in Blasdell, NY, only 8 minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium for their annual Congratulatory Party. The party not only allowed the public to meet the Jills squad, but gave the Jills themselves a chance to celebrate their accomplishment of making the squad with family and friends. This year’s party included a chinese raffle, a 50-50 drawing, and 3 separate dance routines put on by the Jills dancers. Taking the stage to announce the event was honorary Buffalo Jill Lydia, the host of Buffalo’s CW23 TV station, WNLO.


Lots of photos and video at Phil’s blog.

[Buffalo Jills Congratulatory Party]

[Official Buffalo Jills Website]