P-R-O: Tampa Bay Lightning Girls

(Technical problems solved and the rest of the P-R-O photos are on their way!)

This is probably the last post we’ll ever do on the Tampa Bay Lightning Girls. But don’t despair, its only because the Lightning Girls are combining with the Energy Team to form the all new co-ed Bolt Brigade.


The Lightning Girls are combining with the Energy Team to form the all new co-ed Bolt Brigade. Auditions are Sunday, August 29th, and there are still 4 prep classes left to attend.




[Lightning Girls at P-R-O]

[Tampa Bay Lightning Girls]

[Bolt Brigade Audition Information]

Lady Cats Named SIFL’s Best Cheerleader/Dance Team

The Southern Indoor Football League have announced their post season awards and the Austin Turfcats Dance Team were named the league’s Best Cheerleader/Dance Team.


The Lady Cats, in their inaugural season, are under the direction of Michelle Guidry (front row, second from left)

Michelle spent two years at Kilgore College where she was a member of the world famous Kilgore College Rangerettes. While with the Rangerettes her performances include the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, the second inauguration of President George W. Bush in Washington D.C., several halftime performances at Dallas Cowboys games and halftime performances at the Cotton Bowl.

After attending Kilgore College, Michelle went on to finish her college career at Texas State University where she earned her degree in Psychology.

Michelle spent two years cheering and dancing for the Austin Wranglers of the Arena Football League. Her second year she was honored to also direct the team and choreograph routines for the cheerleaders.

[Austin Lady Cats]

Friday Round-up

New (to us) on twitter:

Miami Heat Dancers
LauRen Merola (former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader)

Upcoming Auditions:

NBA Dance Teams

Chicago Luvabulls (Saturday, August 1st)
Memphis Grizz Girls (Saturday, August 1st)
Orlando Magic Dancers (Saturday, August 15th)
Phoenix Suns Dancers (Saturday, August 15th)
San Antonio Silver Dancers (Saturday, August 1st)
Utah Jazz Dancers (Saturday, August 1st)

NBA D-League Dance Teams

Idaho Stampede Spirit Dance Team (Friday, September 11th)
Iowa Voltage High Energy Dance Team (Saturday, August 29th)
Utah Flash Pinnacle Dancers (Saturday, August 29th)

NHL Ice Girls/Dance Teams/Promo Squads

Anaheim Ducks Power Players (Saturday, August 1st)
Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad (Tuesday, September 8th)
Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew (Monday, August 3rd)
Florida Panthers Ice Dancers (Saturday, August 22nd)
New Jersey Devils Dancers (Sunday, August 2nd)
New York Islanders Ice Girls (Saturday, August 15th)
Tampa Bay Lightning Bolt Brigade (Saturday, August 29th)
Washington Capitals Red Rockers (Monday, August 3rd)

Other Dance Teams
Allen (TX) Americans Ice Angels (Saturday August 8th)
Houston Aero Dynamics (Saturday, August 1st)

Good luck to all!

Fans Invited To Attend Silver Dancers Finals

spursaudsSilver Dancer auditions begin this weekend, but the final squad won’t be chosen until Tuesday, August 4 during the free Silver Dancer Finals event at Cowboys Dance Hall located at 3030 NE Loop 410 from 7:00-9:30 p.m.

Silver Dancer Finals are FREE and open to fans of all ages, with food and beverage available throughout the evening. Doors open at 6 p.m. and fans are encouraged to join the Spurs in cheering on their favorite Silver Dancer candidate as the final 16-member squad is chosen and announced live at Cowboys Dance Hall.

Coyote, the Spurs Championship trophies and the Spurs RV will be on site to add to the fun, and help announce the 2009-10 Spurs Silver Dancers team. Fans in attendance will also have the exclusive opportunity to meet and get autographs from the 2009-10 Silver Dancers.

2009 -2010 BlazerDancer Team Announced


Thirty five finalists took to the stage at the Winningstad Theater in Portland’s Center for the Performing Arts for the final round of auditions to determine which 16 ladies would grace the Rose Garden floor as BlazersDancers during the 2009-2010 Trail Blazers season. Hundreds of family members and friends packed the theater to support the dancers and were treated to a fantastic show.

Comcast SportsNet was also on hand again this year to record the auditions for a reality TV show set to air this fall, adding to the excitement for both the dancers and their fans.

The dancers came prepared to perform the two group routines that they had learned the previous weekend along with a solo routine. However, when the dancers arrived they were surprised with an additional dance to perform and only one hour to prepare for it. Luckily, this was a free-style “hot time-out” dance that didn’t require any choreography, but instead was meant to test the dancers’ ability to have fun and play to the crowd.

Once the show was underway, the finalists danced their hearts out for an expert panel of judges and an enthusiastic crowd. Four routines and five hours later, the auditions were over and the dancers could breathe a sigh of relief. But now came the toughest part of the audition process for the dancers, waiting until the following day to find out the results.

The next afternoon, when the dancers arrived at the Rose Garden they were anxious, nervous and excited to find out if they had captured one of the 16 spots on the team. Each dancer was led one by one into the Trail Blazers locker room where they found a locker with their name on it covered by a curtain. Behind the curtain they would find either a BlazerDancer uniform – meaning they made the 2009-2010 BlazerDancers, or an empty locker – meaning their quest to become one of the final 16 was over, at least for this year. For some, the wait was well worth it, for others the day ended in disappointment.

The lucky 16 who found uniforms in their lockers greeted each other with excited screams, hugs and tears. This season’s team has familiar faces with eleven returning dancers and two dancers who were on the team in previous years, as well as three rookies.

The Trail Blazers are happy and proud to introduce you to a group of young women the fans will come to know very well.


[Click here for photos from the BlazerDancer finals

Magic Dancer Auditions Just Around the Corner

Hellooooo Orlando Girls!

I know you’ve been sitting around, watching all these other auditions go by, thinking “Gee, when is it going to be my turn?”

It’s now.
Your turn is RIGHT NOW.

Auditions for the 2009-10 Orlando Magic Dancers are scheduled for Saturday, August 15th. That gives you two weeks to take a few dance classes, get your outfit together, and do about a million crunches. In addition, the team is offering audition prep classes on August 5, 6, 7, 12, and 13. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to feel confident going into auditions. (Or, as confident as a person can feel when auditioning alongside a couple hundred other women.)

Click here to find everything you need to know on OrlandoMagic.com.


I don’t think I need to impress upon you what a fantastic opportunity this is. The Magic Dancers dance, of course. But wait – that’s not all. They dunk! They boogie with their daddies! And last year – they went to the NBA finals. (Perhaps you heard?)

And although my favorite Magic Dancer, the supremely cool and talented Miss. Megan Clementi, has retired (moment of silence, please…), the silver lining is that leaves one more pair of empty go-go boots on the squad.

Just think – at next year’s playoffs, YOU could be the one dangling precariously from the ceiling in pointy-toed boots! Personally, I would pay money for that experience.

Congratulations 2009-10 Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dancers!

On Tuesday night, 28 young women threw their hearts into it as they auditioned for the 2009-10 Clippers Spirit. They did a jazz routine choreographed by Cheryl, Asst. Director/choroegrapher. Director C. They did an insanely fast hip-hop routine. They did solos. Then they did them all over again. They gave it all they had. DeAndre Jordan seemed to have a tough time with it. (Luckily his new pal Blake Griffin, this year’s #1 NBA draft pick, who just joined the Clippers, was on hand to offer an opinion or two.) Here are the judges. Gee, I wonder which two are DeAndre and Blake?


The judges took their time considering the candidates, while the dancers sweated it out. This morning, Clippers Spirit Director Audrea Harris announced the 16 ladies who would join the team this year. All ten veterans who auditioned, made it back on the team this year. They are joined by six rookies who will hit the court at Staples Center for the first time this fall.

Congratulations Ladies!

The returning veterans:
Teresa, Lauren, Recee, Shannon, Nicole, Jessie, Brittany, Nikki, Melissa, and Jacqueline

And now for the newbies:
(You may recognize her from the Chivas USA ChivaGirls)

(You may recognize her from the San Diego Charger Girls)

(You may recognize her from the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush)

(I recognize her from somewhere, but I can’t think where…)

(You may recognize her from the San Diego Charger Girls)

(You may recognize her from the Anaheim Arsenal A-List Girls)

MVC at Ride For Life

By Krisan, 3-year veteran

On Saturday, July 18, 2009 the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders joined hundreds of Viking biker fans for the 15th Annual Ride For Life.


Despite the fall like, football season weather in July the turnout was phenomenal! All the fans who attended Ride For Life last year welcomed the cloudy, brisk weather this year from last year’s torrential down pours! The Ride For Life is an appearance we always look forward to every year to help raise money for the Vikings Children’s Fund Charity.

We rallied for the morning registration, breakfast buffet, and mingling at the Blue Heron Grill in Hugo, MN. We were so thrilled to share our new 2009 – 2010 Vikings Cheerleader calendar with all the fans and feel they were equally as thrilled. It was a fun walk down memory lane as we reminisced with fans about passed Ride For Life events and welcomed fans who joined us for the first time. We even witnessed a fan wearing a “purple #4” jersey.

In style, is a way to describe our traditional journey from the registration point up to the Outdoor Amphitheater in Hinckley where all the action was happening! As Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, we were treated to a limousine ride and lead the sea of bikers to our final destination. It was such a site to see hundreds of bikers who had already gathered in Hinckley and an honor to cheer with them as we welcomed the caravan of riders from the Blue Heron Grill. Todd, the owner of the spirited Vikings Bike, which you all see on game day zipping out the tunnel, was amongst our favorite bikes there!

We had an AB FAB (absolutely fabulous) time enjoying the food, prize giveaways, music from Zed Leppelin, remarks from John Heinz as the emcee with our Viking fans. Everyone who attended the Ride For Life also had the opportunity to meet Vikings Alumni players, including Benchwarmer Bob, and Viktor the Viking! There was a fun excitement in the air as we chatted with fans about the upcoming season and training camp!

What a day! We are already looking forward to next year ‘s Ride For Life event.

[Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders]

From The Archives – Raiderette Kelly Morris

In this installment of From The Archives, I introduce my all time favorite Raiderette, Kelly Morris.  These photographs were taken in the mid 1990’s with my old film camera and a 300 2.8 super telephoto lens (you know those big white lenses, the sports photographers use to shoot football games).  Back in the “good ol’ days” before 9/11, you could take in pretty much any camera equipment that you wanted…at least that was the case at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Though Raiders fans have a rather surly reputation, safety and security were never a problem in the Coliseum because of the number of uniformed LAPD officers that patrolled the sidelines.  In fact, the season ticket holders in the row in front of me, were LAPD.  So, I never felt unsafe at the Coliseum, though there was once incident where those off duty LAPD officers spotted a Raider fan with a handgun in his pants…he was promptly escorted out by the uniformed LAPD.

But enough of my Raider anecdotes and on to the photos of my all time favorite Raiderette Kelly Morris.






The great thing about a Raiders home game was that the Raiderettes mingled with the fans before the game, signing autographs and posing for photos.  They were accessible, friendly, and very good looking.   You could really get up close and get to know them; it was a very close knit experience.  The Raiderettes and their fans were family.   Those were the days, back in the 90’s…it was a different time and place.

Wizard Girls in China

Five Washington Wizard Girls: Jessica, Nina, Samantha, Alexandria and Lyndsay  are back from a 10-day goodwill trip to China. Also making the trip was Wizard Girls Assistant Director Brianne who once again donned the WG uniform.

The Wizard Girls barely have time to catch their breath. In two weeks they’re off to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to shoot their 2010 Swimsuit Calendar.

[Wizard Girls in China Video]

[Wizard Girls in China Photos]