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Clippers Spirit Finals Tonight!

Open calls for the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team took place on Saturday. Over 250 dancers took a shot at making the team. After three rounds of dancing and three cuts, the group has been narrowed down to 29. That includes ten veterans hoping to return to the team, a former San Diego Charger Girl, a former Washington Wizards Dancer, and probably a few other things I haven’t found out about yet. Only 16 of the remaining young ladies will be asked to join the team. Who will it be? All that will be decided tonight, at finals!

Good luck tonight, ladies!
It’s all about the Eye of the Tiger.
(And remembering the choreography.)

In the meantime, as always, i took tons of photos. Click here to view some of them in my flickr gallery.


Auditioning for the Pistons Dance Team: One Dancer’s Story


Dancing Towards a Dream: Part One
By Matt Waymire
< "http://www.connectmidmichigan.com/sports/sports_story.aspx?id=329161">Connect Mid Michigan
July 25, 2009

AUBURN HILLS — There are those who can dance, and there are those who were seemingly born to dance. And it’s easy to see which category Flint Northern alum Santana White falls under.

“I’ve been dancing since I was two around the house,” said the 24 year-old White. “Christmas-time I would gather my family together, everybody would watch me dance. So, it comes naturally. The last two years of high school, I decided to try out for Majorettes. We called ourselves the best band in the land, basically. We won a lot of competitions.”

“It was a great joy, it was really, along with other parents,” added Diana White, Santana’s mother. “And I even was a band booster, so I traveled along with the band, and was heavily involved in their activities. And it makes you as a parent, proud. ‘Cause you want to be supportive of your children.”

And just like her daughter’s days in high school, there was Diana in the stands for Tuesday’s auditions…and it didn’t take long for mother and daughter to see the daunting competition that lay ahead. Altogether, there were nearly 150 young women auditioning for a mere 15 openings. And thus began a long, grueling day.

“In order to be able to dance at the level that they’re dancing at, for this professional team, they have to be physically fit,” said Rebecca Girard, Dance Team Director for Automotion. “You have to be able to endure through the tough choreography, and it’s so much harder than people think it is. So, athleticism and physical fitness are really key components.”

But there was another key trait to be displayed, as well: the ability to learn quickly, VERY quickly. The girls were taught an intricate dance routine which they would have to perform individually in front of judges.

After a number of run-throughs, it was Santana’s turn to step to the plate and perform the routine, which would determine whether contestant number 484 would survive the day’s first round of cuts.

“It was challenging but, you have to learn it so quick when you’re just…you’re trying to look like you’re smiling and enjoying it, and still remembering the steps,” said Santana. “It was challenging, but fun. I’m just praying and hoping for the best, I’m not sure. A lot of talented young ladies here, we’ll see.”

After a brief time to relax, Santana and the other ladies learned their immediate fate through a simple piece of paper, which contained the numbers (484) Santana was hoping to see.

Coming up in our next installment, we’ll see how Santana fares in the second round of auditions, and also learn more about what it takes to become a member of the Automotion dance team.

Dancing Towards a Dream: Part Two
By Matt Waymire
< "http://www.connectmidmichigan.com/sports/sports_story.aspx?id=329304">Connect Mid Michigan
July 26, 2009

AUBURN HILLS — In part one of our feature, we met Flint native Santana White, who made it through the first round of cuts in her quest to become a member of the Detroit Pistons’ Dance Team “Automotion.”

So it may surprise you to find out that Santana hasn’t danced in front of a crowd in nearly three years. So how in the world did she shake off all that rust?

“I just pulled out my Michael Jackson greatest hits, Beyonce and all that, and just started dancing around the house,” said a smiling Santana. “It’s natural to me, but of course I’m still nervous. But dancing…you can either dance or you can’t, usually. That’s how it goes.”

But make no mistake, Santana’s been plenty the past three years, working as a promotional model for companies like Mattel and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. And as it turns out, her work in this avenue directly corrolates to the numerous other traits that an Automotion dancer must possess.

“Number one, they have to be great ambassadors, and really in touch with the public relations and the community service aspect of the job,” said Dance Team Director Rebecca Girard. “So dancing is almost secondary really, if you think about it. But they need to have great personal business skills.”

That aspect of the audition took place on day two, but first thing’s first. Santana needs to survive two more cuts of dancing tryouts on day one…and the routines only became more demanding, and more complex.

Though she struggled at times in front of the judges, Santana still put forth a solid effort, and she anxiously awaited her individual critique.

“484 (Santana’s number), I need some confidence from you, as well, but a smile on your face,” said Tricia Crawford, an Automotion choreographer. “Also, watch some of your arm placements. Sometimes they’re being thrown there instead of placed there, so really watch your arm placement. Then separate your styles a little bit more. Jazz kinda looked the same as hip-hop, and vice-versa. So try and separate the two different styles.”

After waiting over an hour, the numbers of the girls who advanced were finally announced. But unfortunately, the number 484 was not among those called.

With that, Santana’s Automotion journey came to an end. She was obviously disappointed, but the positives still far outweighed the negatives.

“It was a good experience, even though it didn’t, you know…the results I didn’t get that I wanted, but it was a good experience,” said Santana. “I haven’t danced in a long time, so…it was fun. I got to meet interesting girls, and it was an interesting experience.”

So even though her goal of joining Automotion is put on hold for now, Santana believes she will be dancing somewhere in the very near future…and gearing up for the 2010 Automotion tryouts all the while.

Redskins Cheerleader Dawn Visits USS Harry S Truman

Earlier Sasha posted an article from the Washington Examiner written by former Redskins Cheerleader Ambasador Jessica about the Redskins Cheerleaders visiting the USS Harry S Truman . Well, she’s got a longer post up over at her blog:

I met Dawn about two and half years ago. We were both attending a prep class for the Washington Redskins cheerleaders and we happened to be sitting next to each other. I wanted to hate her. I really did. She has beautiful long black hair and green eyes, dimples and a perfect figure. But she was instantly nice to me and I realized there is nothing to dislike about her. We were both new to the D.C. area and had a lot in common. She is hilarious, smart and a great person. I think the first conversation we ever had she told me about her deep appreciation for the military, and that unfortunately she lost a very dear friend who served in the Marine Corps.


It was then that Dawn and I became friends and she’s been my biggest cheerleader ever since (pun intended). She even attended my commissioning ceremony. She is on her third year with the Washington Redskins cheerleaders and is doing so many good things. Not only does she get to cheer on our Skins in front of 90,000 fans at FedEx Field, she takes advantage of the opportunities to interact with the local community as well as members of our Armed Forces.

Read the rest at GIJess.com

Mavs Audition Video and Photos


All weekend hundreds of ladies have been competing for a spot on the Dallas Mavericks dance team.
Aaron Smith
The 33 News

Basketball season will be here before you know it. All weekend hundreds of ladies have been competing for a spot on the Dallas Mavericks dance team.

They’re not cheerleaders, they’re dancers so please don’t confuse the two. The Dallas Mavericks dance team competition started with two hundred fifty women Saturday. Now just these seventy-five ladies are left.

Melody Denoia is competing and says, ” I danced for the Mavericks from ’02 to ’06 so that’s a total of four years.”

Hillary Bordeaux also has experience saying, ” I was a professional cheerleader last year for a different squad but this is also totally different.”

Different because the routines change quickly with no notice, sometimes they have freestyle.

Alyssa Sarasani says, ” Its pretty intense because they teach at a very fast pace but the routines have been at a style that I really enjoy.”

Groups of five perform in front of judges. For some the last minute routines spell mistakes.

Laura McKie says, ” I messed up on the end which we just learned but I kept a smile on my face so hopefully they keep me around.”

Jasmin Flores also messed up, but recovered saying, ” I bobbled a few times during the performance but I think I recovered it well, obviously I recovered it well because I’m still here so i’m just thanking jesus right now.”

Its pressure. but so is a schedule of forty games, sometimes three a week.

Just because you were a Mavericks dancer last year that doesn’t mean anything this year. Everybody got to try out every single year. It keeps them on their toes. While looks are nice directors say the chosen few will need more to wear the maverick logo.

About forty ladies remain after todays eliminations. The final team will be chosen on July 31st.

Make sure you check out The 33 picture gallery for pictures from the tryouts.

Storm Chaser Joins Cavalier Girls

Danielle Bruno is the fourth former Storm Chaser to become a Cavalier Girl

From MahoningValleyThunder.com

The Mahoning Valley Thunder is pleased to announce that Danielle Bruno, a three-year member of the Storm Chasers dance team has been selected to join the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers dance team-the Cavalier Girls. Danielle participated in an open tryout which began last Saturday (July 18th) and commenced Thursday evening (July 23rd).


Danielle joins a long list of Storm Chasers who have joined NBA dance teams after having danced with the Storm Chasers. Three girls have previously danced for or are still dancing with the Cavaliers. Two other former Storm Chasers went on to dance for the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons respectively. Another two former Storm Chasers spent the 2008 season dancing for the AFL’s Cleveland Gladiators.

Bruno is a New Castle, Pa. native who will finish her third season dancing with the Storm Chasers at Saturday night’s Thunder season finale. After having danced for the team throughout the 2007 season she took over as Coordinator prior to the 2008 campaign. Danielle brings over 18 years of dance experience to the Cavalier Girls. Over that time, she has studied jazz, lyrical, African and hip-hop dance. Danielle is responsible for choreographing routines, organizing public appearances, and coordinating the Storm Chasers Dance Clinic during the season.

2009-10 Cleveland Cavalier Girls

Buffalo Jills at the Opening of Bills Training Camp

Phil, the proprietor of the The Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog was at the opening of the Bills Training Camp. Jills Omarlla, Eileen, Katie and Ayeshia were there as well.

[Jills at Training Camp]

[Buffalo Jills Official Website]

Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team Finale

Saturday afternoon was another hot and muggy day, but the weather didn’t stop the Philadelphia Fight Vixens Dance Team as they performed on the field three times during the match against the Jacksonville Axe Men.

The Vixens sold 50/50 raffle tickets and promoted the silent auction, helping to raise money to find a cure for ALS.

With the loss to the Axe Men, hope of a home playoff game were dashed, so this would be the last game performance for the Vixens this year. The dancers were a big hit with the fans, and we look forward to their return next season. There are also rumors that based on the popularity of the Vixens and the Axe Madiens in Jacksonville, additional rugby dance teams will debut next season.

[Photos from last Saturday]

[Vixens Dance Team]

Automotion Auditions

Detroit Pistons: Automotion held their annual auditions Tuesday at The Palace. Over 150 hopefuls gathered to showcase their talents before a panel of judges late into the night. The final roster spot will be determined by fan vote on Pistons.com starting Monday.
Photos | Video

Redskins Cheerleaders entertain sailors, families for USS Harry S. Truman

Jessica Andrews
The Examiner
July 25, 2009

When it comes to entertaining our Armed Forces, the Redskins Cheerleaders are tops. Their smiling faces are not just seen about town, visiting the troops at Walter Reed and Bethesda naval hospital, but they are all over the world, having performed over 30 Military Appreciation Tours since 1999. They’ve also been a regular staple at Fleet Week New York City since 2003.

Last week the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) in Norfolk Virginia, had a family day cruise. They are deploying soon and this is a way they give back to the sailors and their families. The cheerleaders were invited for the weekend, performing several dances and signing photos for the sailors and their families.

Melanie Coburn, Director of Marketing for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders says “We are so grateful for our service men and women and are honored to be able to give back to them throughout the year.”

They book about one or two overseas visits a year for the troops and have a special variety show, dancing to the always popular “Proud to be an American,” and wearing patriotic costumes.


(Photo courtesy of cheerleader Sabrina: left to right – Talmesha, Sabrina, Christi, Melanie, Chelsea, and Dawn enjoy watching the planes take off from the flight deck.)

Don’t miss their calendar release party this Thursday, at Public Bar in Washington D.C.

Heat Dancer Audition Coverage


Miami Heat: Your Miami HEAT Dancers have been chosen! Twenty-five of the most dazzling and talented women the Miami HEAT has ever seen have been selected to defend the title of the NBA’s Most Popular Dance Team. Congratulations to Odaymis, Natalia, Ashley F., Samantha, Julissa, Tiffany,Ashley Allen, Natalie, Michelle, Luanna, Maria, Erika, Yesenia, Shea, Taliah, Edwina, Susannah, Taryn, Katie, Stephanie, Julie, Sarah, Sari, Jenny and Shara!

Video: Auditions Recap, Boot Camp Recap | Photos: Auditions, Boot Camp

Scenes from Mavs Dancer Auditions


The NBC affiliate in Dallas/Ft. Worth has a few photos from last weekend’s Mavs Dancer Audition. Click here to have a look.

2009-10 Golden State Warrior Girls

The 2009 Warrior Girls have been selected! This year’s team includes ten veterans and eight rookies. Congratulations ladies!

2009 Laker Girl Auditions


Loads of new photos have been posted on Lakers.com. Click here to check ’em out!

New York Islanders Ice Girls Tryouts


[NY Islanders Ice Girl Auditions]

Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar Premiere Party Set

All Chiefs fans are invited to an exclusive evening with the Chiefs Cheerleaders as they officially unveil the 2010 Chiefs Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar at McCoy’s in Westport on Wednesday, July 29th. This Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar Premiere Party event kicks off at 8:00 PM with Jack FM radio personality Nycki Pace serving as mistress of ceremonies. Admission is free and all ages are welcome.

Members of the Chiefs Cheerleaders will be conducting special performances throughout the evening. For the first time, fans will also have the opportunity to purchase the brand new 16-month 2010 Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar and have it personally signed by one of their favorite Chiefs Cheerleaders.


Fans will be able to enjoy food and drink specials all evening at McCoy’s. Conveniently located at the corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania, McCoy’s will be the hottest spot in Kansas City on Wednesday, July 29th when the Chiefs Cheerleaders host this exclusive event. We’ll see you there!

[Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders]